Are Palfinger Liftgate Really Cost Effective?

Palfinger Liftgate Sideloader

PALFINGER lift-gates have been produced and sold successfully for more than 50 years.

Lift-gates facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, meaning for the user more comfort and optimization of his work.

PALFINGER offers a range of over 40 products ranging from 500 to 4000 kg.

To aid this, the national after-sales service network guarantees optimal intervention coverage.

The most widespread uses of tailgates are: mass distribution, courier services, waste management, and rental.

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Is Palfinger Liftgate The Cost-Effective Solutions?

For more than 50 years, PALFINGER lift-gates have successfully facilitated the loading and unloading of industrial vehicles in complete safety.

They are known for their operational efficiency, flexibility, extreme ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

With more than 40 different models and 170 product features, PALFINGER offers lifting capacities from 500 to 4000 kg.

A comprehensive service network guarantees all customers a reliable experience throughout the lifetime of the liftgate.

Some of the most important applications of Palfinger lift-gates include:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Food and beverage distribution
  • Rental fleets
  • Municipalities and emergency services

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Are Palfinger Liftgate Really Cost Effective?

Courtesy: Palfinger

Logolists of Transport

Whether you are a large transport company or a craftsman, PALFINGER lift-gates will ensure reliability and durability for all types of industrial vehicles.

Compact in size, easy to assemble, and simple to use, the PALFINGER lift-gates allow safe, comfortable loading and unloading and fast trucks, trailers, and semis trailers.

Food Distribution and Beverages

Indispensable reference in the food industry and beverage transport, Palfinger lift-gates make it possible to meet loading requirements at all heights, ensuring the safe handling of goods.

Withdrawal horizontal on the models concerned is ensured by hydraulic cylinders that operate reliably regardless of the climate or the degree of hostility in the environment.

Fleets Rental

PALFINGER lift-gates for construction companies’ rental and logistics are extremely versatile and lightweight, thus providing quick access for efficient deliveries within urban places where time is running out.

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Municipalities and Emergency Services

Specific applications require dedicated solutions.

In terms of user-friendliness and customization, PALFINGER has a variety of solutions that meet the very special daily needs of those who save lives, such as firefighters, emergency services, or civil protection.

To name just a few of the many special features:

Quick lowering, “Heavy Duty Interlock” and foldable platform

Access Systems for Mobility Passengers Scaled Down

PALFINGER also produces ramps and other systems access for buses and rail vehicles for people with reduced mobility in a wheelchair.

Systems access meet the highest quality and safety standards strict, and its experienced team provides solutions specific to customers for new and existing vehicles.

MBB Medilift MBB Mediramp


  • Fully automatic electric ramp
  • Designed for use in buses or trams within

low floor

  • Convenient and safe entry for wheelchair users
  • Easy and quick maintenance

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  • Fully automatic electrical access system
  • Designed for use in buses or trams with low floor
  • Lifting of wheelchair users
  • Used in historic old towns around the world
  • Convenient and safe entry for wheelchair users
  • No assistance required by staff or other passengers

MBB Trainlift

  • Semi-automatic ascent. Equipment integrated into the train.
  • Specially developed and produced for the needs of manufacturers of trains
  • Allows wheelchair users to enter and exit the train safely
  • Lift height up to 1200 mm

Palfinger Crawler Cranes

Palfinger’s latest release is making a splash in the lifting vehicle world.

Presented at the end of September 2018 in Hanover during the IAA trade fair, this new concept of an auxiliary crane mounted on crawlers captivated the public.

Nothing can intimidate the Palfinger crawler cranes, it can access difficult terrain, including slopes of up to 60%.

Its compact solution (40cm less than a standard truck) allows it to operate in conditions of limited space.

Its mobility on tracks gives it incomparable versatility: at ease in an urban construction site environment as in a steep working configuration.

In addition, with the aid of stabilizers, the tracks, as well as the crane module, can be separated.

The latter can therefore be used as “stand-alone” equipment placed on a truck bed.

Goodness, you can opt for this product if you are considering a cost-effective product.

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Cost Effective Crane Models

  • PK 135.002 TEC 7

It is the latest addition to the large tonnage range from PALFINGER.

The PK 135.002 TEC7 is a true jewel of technology, perfectly combining the ratio of lifting force and payload.

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 crane stands out for its great versatility and is suitable for lifting heavy loads and high-precision assembly work or for operations requiring large spans.

The crane is ideal for carrying out tasks such as handling containers, setting up elevators, or roofing work and is quite cost-effective.

Lightweight in design, the reach of the PK 135.002 TEC 7 crane can be extended using three additional articulated arms, which can be mounted on three different sliding arms: the fly-jibs PJ 240, PJ 190, and PJ 150, all provided with the profile in P [P-Profile].

The assembly can be carried out on two typical carrier vehicles: a 4-axle truck with a GVW of 32t where the available payload is 2,500-3,000 kg but also on a 5-axle truck with a GVW of 40t where the payload can even reach 8000 kg.

Palfinger Liftgate Sideloader

  • The PH T. Range

The PH T.range is a concentrate of PALFINGER know-how in the Polybenne.

Optimized mechanics, reduced transport height, and various control modules meet the expectations of each of our customers, whatever their use.

Whether in agriculture, construction, or recycling, the PH T range offers an ever-larger payload thanks to its reduced dead weight.

In terms of performance, both in terms of ease of use, speed of operation, and reliability, numerous patents allow us to affirm that the PH T range is unmatched on the market today.

If you are looking for a cost-effective product, this is just for you.

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  • PH T 18-24 TEC 5: Innovations & Intelligent Functions

Exclusively worldwide, PALFINGER Tippers of the TEC 5 series are equipped with a control box associated with a touch screen.

This not only makes it possible to view the movements of the body and the status of the various safety systems but also to automatically switch to the rear camera display to facilitate the hooking-up maneuver.

They benefit from the latest innovations developed by PALFINGER, which make it faster, more comfortable, and safer to use.

The new solutions, some of which are patented, meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Compared to its effectiveness, it is cost-effective.

The touch control developed by PALFINGER is perfectly suited to handling the lifting arm.

The cabin control with its mono-joystick precisely controls the movements of the bucket while the screen informs the operator of the arm’s position in his environment. PAD touch sets a new standard for the control of lift arms.

  • PH T 18-24 SLD 5 & SLD 3 Simple and Fast

The SLD versions of the Polybins in the PH T range have been specially developed to meet users’ expectations, for whom ease of use and maintenance are paramount.

The SLD 3 version concentrates the essential needs without neglecting the characteristics which make PALFINGER successful: low dead weight and high loading capacity.

The SLD 5 version provides more flexibility and comfort: soft stop, two-speed, articulated stem, etc.

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The Palfinger models are cost-effective when its output is compared to price.

It is packed with features such as reducing its weight and increasing stability and also handle operations at great range.

The HPSC (High-Performance Stability Control) function offers the possibility of accurately evaluating the loading position.

Stability is enhanced by sensors, which allows these models to operate remotely, giving you work satisfaction.

Try out a Palfinger Monday and ease your pockets today!

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