Facts about Parcel Van for Delivery from Enterprise, Penske and Their Costs

What Makes Cargo Vans the Ideal Solution?

Parcel vans are utilized to transport parcels across the country.

They come in various sizes and have different features.

They are basically cargo vans because cargo vans are simply vans with a cargo hold that can carry cargo or parcels. 

There are various types of cargo vans on the market. They cost between $80 and $150 a day to rent.

They are often between 12 and 15 feet used to transport cargo.

The cargo is often packaged in the form of parcels or boxes.

Parcel vans are often the most economical way to transport small cargo.

This is because they are lighter than big trucks and, therefore, have a better fuel economy.

How much are Enterprise 12 foot and 15 foot parcel vans rental?

The average daily cost of renting an Enterprise parcel van is between $100 and $250 depending on the location, the parcel van size, the demand, and the distance you want to travel.

How much does a parcel delivery van cost?

A used parcel delivery van costs about $25,000. A new one costs about twice this amount.

Top Companies Offering Parcel Van for Rent

  1. U-Haul Vans

The U-Haul cargo/parcel van has a volume of 245 cubic feet.

This is a quite decent parcel van but it is the smallest parcel van among the specs reviewed in this post.

Nevertheless, the company makes up for the smallness or compactness of its parcel van with its low prices.

U-Haul is available nationwide. You can get a U-Haul in just about any town across the United States.

To rent U-Haul’s parcel van, expect to pay a base rate of $19.95 and a per mile rate of about $0.69.

  1. Penske Vans

The Penske cargo/parcel van has a volume of 404 cubic feet. 

In terms of volume, this is the biggest parcel van carried by a nationwide company in the US.

It has a high roof and this means it can carry more stuff than most of the other vans covered in this post.

While this Penske van may not be the cheapest parcel van to rent, it is definitely rented at affordable prices in many locations across North America.

To rent Penske’s parcel van, expect to pay a base rate of $99.99 and a per mile rate of about $0.99. Read about their 26 footer here!

  1. Home Depot

The Home Depot cargo/parcel van has a volume of 277 cubic feet. 

Many people do not know Home Depot rents vans. If you didn’t know, now you know.

The Home Depot 277 cubic feet van is a powerful and reliable van capable of carrying and delivering parcels quickly across town.

It is quite cheap to rent. To rent Home Depot’s parcel van, expect to pay just $19.95 for 75 minutes.

If you use the truck for longer, you will pay an extra $5 for every extra 15 minutes. View more Home Deport prices here!

  1. Budget Vans

The Budget cargo/parcel van has a volume of 284 cubic feet.

The Budget parcel van is the second biggest parcel van rented by the four nationwide parcel van rental companies covered in this post.

It is perfect for transporting or distributing a fair number of parcels or relatively heavy/voluminous cargo.

Budget being Budget, its per day quotes for this van in various locations across the US are very competitive/affordable. Budget vans are generally very cheap to rent. Try getting a quote now and see.

What is typical 12ft box truck dimensions?

Do you pay more for small cargo van with lift gates?

In some cases you do pay more for cargo vans with lift gates.

However, you generally do not need to pay more for cargo vans with lift gates.

This is because there are businesses all over the country that have a lift on the back of each of their cargo vans.

What is typical 12ft box truck dimensions?

A typical 12 ft truck such as the Penske 12 ft moving truck measures 12 ft long, 6 ft 6 inches wide, and 6 ft 1 inch high. It offers 78 square feet of space and has a volume of 450 cubic feet.

What is the cheapest cargo van?

The Ford Transit Connect Cargo van is the best cheap cargo van.

The van goes for between $24,000 and $28,000. Used models of the cargo van go for less than $10,000.

How much can you fit in a 9 foot cargo van?

A good example of a 9 ft cargo van is the U-Haul 9’ cargo van. Its cargo space has a volume of 245 cubic feet.

And it has a maximum load of 3,880 pounds. So you can fit a lot of stuff into it. It is perfect for deliveries and for carrying tools for small jobs.

What are most popular brand used as parcel vans?

Most parcel vans on American roads are Ford vans.

What benefits do high roof cargo van rental have?

A high roof cargo van has more cubic feet than a standard roof cargo van of the same length. This means that more things can be fitted into it.

In other words, it can be used to carry more cargo compared to a standard roof cargo van.

Should A Small Business Consider Used Parcel Vans for Sale?

Absolutely. Used parcel vans for sale are cheap and affordable. They can be easily afforded by small businesses.

This means if you are a small business, you can purchase a used parcel van without affecting the liquidity of your business too much.

A used parcel van is more appropriate for a small business compared to a new parcel van because it costs less.

Purchasing a new parcel van will take away a lot of money from a small business and this could affect operations.

In contrast, purchasing a used parcel van is unlikely to affect operations too much.

Affordable Cheap Cargo Van Rental With Reliability

Not everybody can easily afford van rentals. Nevertheless, not all cargo van rentals are expensive. Some are relatively cheap like Budget and U-Haul.

Budget is one of the cheapest cargo van rental companies in the United States and it is available just about everywhere in the country.

Furthermore, you can actually book/reserve a Budget truck online.


Do you pay more for small cargo van with lift gates?Parcel vans are simply cargo vans.

They are perfect for transporting small cargo from one point to the next.

They are also perfect for doing deliveries.

Some cargo vans are surprisingly spacious despite looking very compact. A good example is the 12 ft cargo van from Penske.