What Do You Get When Rent or Own Penske 12 Foot Truck?

Penske 12 foot truck

The Penske 12 ft truck is the smallest size moving truck that Penske rents in its many locations across the country.

It is perfect for taking your kid to college, moving a studio apartment, or moving a one bedroom home. In this post, you will discover all you need to know about this wonderful truck.

How to rent or own Penske 12 foot truck?

What You Get When You Rent 12 Foot Moving Truck from Penske

When you rent the Penske 12 ft moving truck you get a truck that is very capable of moving a small apartment.

The truck has a 450 cubic feet loading space and a loading capacity of 3,100 pounds.

These numbers indicate that it can move one or two rooms, a small studio apartment, or a college dorm.

In addition to getting a spacious little truck, renting this truck also gets you peace of mind when moving because it means you can call Penske for roadside assistance in case of any problem with the truck.

What You Get When You Rent 12 Foot Moving Truck from Penske

How much does a Penske 12 foot truck cost?

A used 2018 Penske 12-foot truck costs approximately $30,000. It sounds quite expensive but it is not exactly. Penske moving trucks are among the best maintained moving trucks across the USA.

So you can expect a used Penske moving truck to cost a lot because it is going to serve you for a long time.

Do Penske 12 ft trucks have a lift gate?

No they do not. The 12FT truck from Penske does not come with a lift gate. However, bigger Penske moving trucks do come with a lift gate.

While the fact that this Penske truck does not come with a lift gate may seem bad, it is not.

Normally, you should be able to easily load or off-load stuff from a small truck such as a 12FT truck without needing a lift gate.

How much does a Penske 12 foot truck cost?

How much can fit in a 12 foot moving truck?

The 12FT Penske moving truck has a loading space that is 450 cubic feet big. In terms of weight, it can carry 3,100 pounds.

What these numbers mean is that this truck can be used to move a small studio apartment or a one or two-room house.

The Capabilities and Dimensions of Penske 12 truck

This Penske truck is 12ft long, 6ft and 1-inch high, and 6FT and 6-inch wide.

It terms of loading space, it has a volume of 450 cubic feet.

And in terms of loading capacity it has a limit of 3,100 pounds. It is a very sizeable truck capable of moving even a small studio apartment.

Its fuel tank is a 33-gallon tank and it can travel 12 miles per gallon.

Therefore, compared to bigger trucks like 26‘, it is extremely fuel efficient.

Do Penske 12 ft trucks have a lift gate?

The 12 Truck Moving (Credit: pensketruckrental.com)

What is Penske One Way 12 Foot Box Truck

The Penske one-way truck is a one-way truck that allows you to move a long distance without having to return the truck to the original location where you rented it from.

You simply drop it off at the nearest designated Penske location when you are done.

The best thing about this Penske 12FT one-way truck is that it is equipped for handling both city and highway conditions.

Moreover, it comes with anti-lock brakes to make stopping safer and automatic transmission to make the driving experience much better.

To ensure you are comfortable during long one-way moves, this truck comes with power steering, air conditioning, a radio, and USB input.

How much can fit in a 12 foot moving truck?

Popular Questions about 12 Ft Trucks

How big is a 12 foot box truck?

It is fairly big. Its cargo interior is 12 feet long. This is why it is called the 12 foot Penske truck.

The floor space is 76 square feet and the loading volume is 450 cubic feet. The total load capacity of this truck is 3,100 pounds.  

What does Penske 12 truck interior like?

The interior is quite spacious. It is more than 6 feet tall and more than 6 feet wide. It is also quite spacious.

Moreover, it comes with a cargo tie rails to allow you to safely tie your furniture or cargo. The interior also includes great lighting to make loading or unloading very easy.

How much can fit in a 12 foot moving truck?

Is Penske 12′ cheaper than U-Haul?

Not really. Generally, you will find it cheaper to rent a 12FT moving truck from U-Haul than from Penske.

While Penske is not very expensive, U-Haul has a price match policy which means that whatever quote you get from Penske can be matched by the company.

However, in most cases, you often do not need to ask for a price match. Because your U-Haul 12FT truck quote will be cheaper than your Penske 12FT truck quote.

Does a 12 foot Penske truck have a ramp?

No, it does not. The 12 foot Penske truck does not feature a ramp. If you want to carry heavy stuff into this Penske, you will need to do it with your own strength or to ask someone for help from someone.

How many miles per gallon does a 12-foot Budget truck get?

The 12 foot Budget truck gets 14 mpg (14 miles per gallon). It is quite fuel efficient for a big truck.

It is slightly more fuel efficient than the 12 foot Penske truck, which has a fuel economy of 12 mpg, and also makes it perfect for one-way moves.

The Capabilities and Dimensions of Penske 12 truck

How do you pack a 12-foot moving truck?

You pack a 12-foot truck just the way you would pack any other truck.

You start by loading the largest and heaviest stuff first and then the loading stuff. If there is any furniture you can take apart before loading, do it.

This will allow you to pack more stuff. Make sure you secure everything you load to avoid movement and damages during the move.

Will a couch fit in a 10-foot U Haul Vs 12ft?

Yes, it can. There are some couches that are small enough to go into a 10-foot U-Haul.

However, if you are in a dilemma between getting a 10FT or 12FT U-Haul truck, you should get the bigger one.

This is because it is better to have some space left than to hire something with no space left.

What is Penske One Way 12 Foot Box Truck

Between a 15ft vs 12 footer, which gives more value for money?

The bigger truck gives more value for money than the small truck. The reason why is that the bigger truck usually has more demand because it is spacious and it usually costs more to rent/hire.

Moreover, when a day comes when you want to resell it, the bigger truck will fetch you more money than the smaller one.


The Penske 12FT truck is one of the best small moving vans on American highways. It is surprisingly spacious and good enough for moving small apartments and homes.

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How big is a 12 foot box truck?