Peterbilt Flatbed Tow Truck Reviews

Peterbilt flatbed low trucks are high-performing workhorses built for everyday efficiency, safety, and durability.

These heavy and medium-duty machines are useful to many tow truck drivers and popular in the rental market.

The tow truck’s easy installation, step user manual, and incredible strength make it an excellent choice.

The Peterbilt flatbed models are chosen majorly because of two things:

  1. Suitable For All Kinds of Vehicles

When compared to other types of tow trucks, varieties of vehicles are easily towed on the flatbed found in Peterbilt’s tow trucks.

If the car can fit perfectly into the truck base, it can be transported using a Peterbilt flatbed tow truck.

  1. Provides Convenience

When towing trucks are used, the drivers have to take out the truck’s driveshaft. This method takes a long time and process.

Using the flatbed that comes with every model of the Peterbilt eliminates this extra process as you only need to drive into the base of the truck. Your vehicle is secured safely and can be towed.

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Peterbilt Flatbed Model 579

The new model 579 is described by Peterbilt as a new era of class because it sets a new engineering standard for technology, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort among other flat bed tows in its heavy-duty class.

One of the model 579 standout features is its improvement in aerodynamics, fuel economy, a more immersive digital dash, and its latest lane-keeping assistance technology.

The new model Peterbilt 579 offers the most advanced aerodynamic package in a flatbed low truck and this is particularly useful because this technology improves the fuel economy of the truck.

Also, the model 579 is packed with all the latest tech from the durable PACCAR Powertrain, PACCAR MX Engines to the 12-speed Automated Transmission…

… and the 40K tandem axle, all of which guarantees that your truck runs more efficiently and gets more uptime.

The Model 537

The Peterbilt Model 537 was built to keep up with every task possible in the medium-duty truck range.

Model 537 enhances productivity by being dependable, configurable, and fuel-efficient.

This Peterbilt model provides ample room for improvement and versatility with adjustable roof height, hood length, and a full range of suspension options to ensure ultimate driver productivity.

The model 537 features an immersive digital display with a state-of-the-art 7-inch digital display, stability control, side object detection, and collision mitigation.

Also, the vehicle ensures a smooth and efficient drive with a new PACCAR TX-8 activate transmission.

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The Model 379

Peterbilt 379 tractors are pretty standard on major highways around the world. This model remained one of the most popular for a long time and was produced from 1987 to 2007.

For 20 years, the manufacturer has made so many variations of 379s that it is quite problematic to find two identical copies.

The company was happy to consider customers’ wishes about the equipment, and everyone could order their version of the model.

In addition, manufacturers created great opportunities for tuning which allowed owners to change a lot in the iron horse on their own.

Another common feature is the lightness and comfort of the aluminum cab. The number of passengers it can accommodate is three.

All seats are comfortable, adjustable, and equipped with air suspension that smooths out road bumps.

The manufacturer has provided two types of cabins – with a berth and without.

So, the Peterbilt 379 is used for both long-haul transportation and comfort with a fitted Air conditioning, heating system, radio with the ability to connect removable media – all this makes the driver’s life pleasant.

Thanks to the enormous rear-view mirrors, the roadway is perfectly visible.

The highest-class optics allow you to move in the dark successfully.

The unique chassis design makes the truck extraordinarily maneuverable and powerful brakes to quickly stop the multi-ton colossus (maximum weight – more than 36 tons).

As for the engines, there are a lot of variations here. Diesel engines with 10, 12, or 15 liters are of two brands – Cummins and Caterpillar. Their power ranges from 225 to 565 “horses”.

Mechanical or robotic gearboxes have several stages from 4 to 18 with a maximum speed of 100km per hour making the truck to be in high demand by long-haul companies, logging companies, and many other industrial sectors.

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Peterbilt Flatbed Tow Truck Reviews

Considering The Prices

The price of a new flatbed tow truck starts at about $150,000 with older models going for about $120,000 and its pricing could depend on several factors, including:

  1. Engine Specifications
  2. Weight
  3. Class.

How To Save On The Total Cost

It is evident that the cost of the tow truck is relatively high; moreover, it is also necessary to consider all the reasons for purchase.

For example, if a breakdown or accident occurs far from home, it is essential to subject the vehicle to a long and complex repair.

In this case, you could spend a few nights in the hotel or pay the return costs by alternative means.

Undoubtedly, to save on the tow truck, the best solution is to take out a policy that includes roadside assistance and accessory coverage in the car policy to increase the insurance guarantees and avoid spending a fortune in case of need.

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Which model Peterbilt tow truck flatbed is the best and why?

The New 2020 Peterbilt Flatbed Truck, Wrecker Tow Truck, Rollback Tow Truck 337 is the best Peterbilt tow truck available on the market right now.

However, older models of the Peterbilt also provide adequate value because every Peterbilt tow truck ensures the safety of your vehicle while giving you effective service.

Its classes, services, and various price ranges make it easier to use.

Is a flatbed tow truck better and safer?

It not only tows your vehicle but also ensures your vehicle’s safety while doing this.

Because, throughout the journey, it provides that the wheels of your car are off the ground, preventing wear and tears of your previous baby.

An excellent idea if you want to avoid replacing your tires prematurely.

How much weight can a flatbed tow truck carry?

Tow trucks come in different categories depending on their weight and towing efficiency.

However, 24-foot, three-axle low trucks can carry a maximum load of about 50,000 pounds, and A 36-foot, four-axle truck can carry about 65,000 pounds in weight.

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Who can afford Peterbilt’s heavy-duty tow truck?

The cost of the tow truck is relatively high. Moreover, it is also necessary to consider all the reasons for purchasing the tow truck.

As far as trucks are concerned, it is possible to analyze the prices applied for trucks with mass up to 2,500 kg, a category within which most of the vehicles for private use fall, except some SUVs and off-road vehicles with higher tonnage.


Tow trucks are essential to drivers.

Among the most satisfactory products comes the Peterbilt fleet, which is not only pocket-friendly, efficient but comes in different models and functions, suiting perfectly for every kind of tow job you have.