Can You Put AC In A Pop Up Camper? And How Much Does It Cost To Run a Window or Rooftop Air Conditioner Per Month?

Pop Up Camper AC

Because they are basically made of canvas and are not hard-bodied, pop up campers are not insulated.

For this reason, they can get really hot during the day and very cold at night.

What To Consider Before Choosing a Pop Up Camper AC

To prevent them from becoming too hot, owners usually purchase and install an AC of some type.

In this post, I will share with you details about the best pop up camper ACs and other important information about pop up campers.

Why You Need AC for Your Pop Up Trailer?

How Much Is An Air Conditioner for A Camper?

It depends with its cooling power. Less powerful ACs are generally cheaper than more powerful ACs.

You should expect to pay between $600 and $1000 for a quality and powerful AC for a camper.

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How much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU rooftop air conditioner per month?

It costs approximately $45 a month to run a 5,000 BTU AC. This is based on the cost of electricity per watt.

In places where electricity is more expensive, it costs more to run a 5,000 BTU AC.

How To Add Air Conditioning To A Pop-Up Trailer

How many BTU do I need for my RV?

If you have a standard-size RV, you need a minimum 15,000 BTU AC to keep it cool.

Many high-quality RVs usually have an AC that is perfect for them because their designers know exactly how much BTU is enough for the space.

So if you already have an AC, then it is most probably going to keep your RV cool enough for you.

It is only when you are buying a portable AC for a camper without an AC that you need to know how many BTU you need.

Should I buy Pop up camper with air conditioning?

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Can you put AC in a pop up camper trailer?

Yes, you can. You can put an AC in a pop up camper. But not just any AC.

The best air conditioner for pop up camper is a portable AC. There are many portable ACs perfect for pop up campers including some rated as high as 15,000 BTU.

How many square feet will a 5000 BTU AC cool?

A 5,000 BTU air conditioner can only effectively cool a room that is less than 150 square feet.

Any room bigger than 150 square feet will not be effectively cooled. This means that you can only use a 5000 BTU AC to cool a small or compact camper.

What is the smallest rooftop RV air conditioner?

Does cool air really work for RV?

Yes. Properly positioned windows can cool an RV in most places. However, there are locations with very little wind action that cannot cool an RV.

Nevertheless, in most cases, cool air can really cool an RV with windows facing each other.

Is Black Decker AC really the best brand?

Black Decker ACs are known to be some of the best air conditioners currently available on the market.

They are made to last and have very good cooling power. So if you see a Black Decker AC that you like, do not hesitate to get it if you can get it now.

Do they make air conditioners smaller than 5000 BTU?

Which brand of portable air conditioner is the best?

The LG brand from South Korea is known for making the best portable air conditioners.

The brand’s LG LP1419IVSM portable air conditioner is regarded as one of the best portable air conditioners.

It is a 10,000 BTU conditioner that can provide cooling even to relatively large rooms.

Window mounted AC unit Vs rooftop air conditioner?

Both window and rooftop ACs have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are simply looking for an AC that is powerful, go for a rooftop AC.

This is because rooftop ACs tend to have more cooling power than window mounted ACs.

However, if you are looking for overall value, you should go for a window mounted AC because window mounted ACs are cheaper, easy to install, and do not increase trailer height.

Is roof mounted air unit the best for small pop up?

Pop Up Camper AC – Best RV Air Conditioner Brands

  • Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU

This AC is one of the smartest ACs available on the market. It is smart because it has a smart design that delivers maximum air flow and superior cooling capacity.

Also simply known as the Brisk, this air conditioner for pop up camper, is also very robust.

It is made in such a way that it can handle even the most challenging outdoor conditions. It can also function as a heater if need be.

To make it more effective, it has a multi-speed blower to spread heated or cooled air around.

The best thing about this Dometic RV air conditioner, in my opinion, is how silent it is.

It works very silently making it perfect especially for pop-up campers, which tend to be small.

But before you think of installing this machine as your AC, you should make sure your pop up camper has a hard-body roof or hard-sided roof.

Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to install this AC as it is a roof-mounted AC.

  • MIDEA MAT10R1ZWT 10000 BTU

This wonderful AC is a three-in-one machine that is capable of cooling, circulate air, and dehumidifying.

You just need to choose one of its three main settings and it will swiftly start doing the job for you.

The best thing about this MIDEA air conditioner, for me, is its LCD remote control.

It makes it very easy to control this 10,000 BTU AC. Because this is a 10,000 BTU AC, you can rest assured that it has more than enough power to cool any typical size pop up trailer.

The second best thing about this MIDEA machine is that it pushes air in four different directions making sure every corner of the room feels the same.

One more thing to point out about this machine is that it can be timed to kick on at a specific time.

It is a wonderful AC that can work well in a pop up with at least one hard-body wall.

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  • Black + Decker BPACT10WT 10,000 BTU
pop up camper ac

Portable RV Air Conditioner Credit: Pinterest

This is one of the cheapest air conditioners with a capacity of over 5,000 BTUs.

The most amazing thing about it in the context of this post is that it is a portable air conditioner.

Because it is portable, it can virtually be used in any type of pop up camper. There is no need for the camper to have a hard-body roof or wall.

It simply needs to exist and you will simply walk in with this after setting it up and then switch on this AC to get it to start working.

With a capacity of 10,000 BTU ASHRAE, this compact Black and Decker air conditioner is extremely powerful.

This makes it perfect for cooling pop up trailers or tents during summer.

pop up camper ac

Portable RV Air Conditioner Credit: Pinterest

Compared to most portable ACs, this black + decker portable air conditioner one is relatively quiet.

Moreover, it can be made even more quite by switching on its sleep mode. So if you want quietness to really relax or cool, you simply need to flick a switch.

According to the manufacturer of this machine it can cool rooms as big as 150 square feet.

This makes it perfect not just for pop up campers but for living rooms, bedrooms, officers, and even small dorms.

One more thing I have to mention about this portable RV air conditioner is that it is very easy to install and to use. In fact, you do not need any special skills to get this set up and working.

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  • Atwood 15027 Ducted AC

With a capacity of 13,500 BTU, this is one of the more powerful ACs on this list.

It is a rooftop AC that can handle even tough outdoor conditions while at the same time cooling your home.

By weight, this Dometic Atwood AC is lightweight and compact. This means it can be installed on virtually any type of hard or steady roof.

It is relatively quiet which means it can cool your pop up without making a lot of noise or reminding you it is there.

This is especially great when you want to have an afternoon siesta as you will simply need to set the right temperature and sleep.

Unlike most ACs, what makes this AC very unique is that it consumes less power despite being one of the more powerful and effective ACs.

  • Emerson Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU

This Emerson AC is a powerful AC known for designed to provide cooling to any room below 150 square feet with the right cooling.

The machine has two cooling speeds and fans to distribute cooled air in eight directions for maximum cooling.

The thing that stands out the most about this machine is how it is quiet and how it conserves energy/saves money.

Not many ACs can provide as much cooling as this one does using less energy than this machine.

This AC’s dehumidifying effect is also a big highlight as it keeps the environment comfortable especially during summer.

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Does Air Conditioning Actually Work In a Pop Up Camper?

Yes, it does. There are many air conditioners that are powerful enough to work in spaces or rooms with poor insulation like pop up campers.

All the above ACs can work really well in pop up rigs as long as they are properly installed.

One more way to look at this is to ask yourself why air conditioning should not work in pop up campers yet it works in luxury tents, which are made of the same main material as campers (canvas).

What To Consider Before Choosing a Pop Up Camper AC

Types of Pop Up Camper Air Conditioners

  • Wall mounted AC

Wall mounted ACs are those that can be mounted into one of the walls of your mobile home. Some of them can be mounted into the window.

Not all pop up campers can accept wall mounted ACs. This is because many pop up do not have a hard-bodied side making it difficult to mount an AC on any of their canvas walls or windows.

So a wall mounted AC can only be installed in a camper with a wall that can handle it.

The advantages of window AC in pop up camper include the fact that they are generally cheaper and less noisy than rooftop ACs.

Why You Need AC for Your Pop Up Trailer?

  • Roof mounted AC

A roof mounted AC is one that is installed on the roof. It is one that often comes already installed in a pop up camper.

If your camper does not have an AC and you want to install a roof mounted AC, you should make sure it has a hard-sided roof.

If the roof is not made of a hard material, it will be virtually impossible to install a roof mounted AC.

Roof mounted ACs are preferred by many people because they are typically more powerful and often very silent.

How To Add Air Conditioning To A Pop-Up Trailer

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  • Portable household AC

A portable ac for pop up camper is one that does not need to be put into the wall, window or roof. It is often on wheels and has a handle. It can be moved anywhere.

Therefore, if you need it closer to you, you simply move it. This makes it perfect for cooling specific parts of your pop up without wasting a lot of energy.

Most new portable household ACs can be set to switch on off at a specific time.

Should I buy Pop up camper with air conditioning?

What To Consider Before Choosing a Pop Up Camper AC

The most important thing to consider when choosing  a camper AC is the size of the camper.

The size will let you know how many BTUs you need to keep your camper cool.

Generally, most pop up campers need an AC with a capacity of at least 6,000 BTUs for effective cooling.

Why You Need AC for Your Pop Up Trailer?

Because pop up trailers are made of canvas, they can get really hot during the day especially in summer.

To ensure your pop up trailer does not overheat during the day, you should get an effective AC for it.

What is the smallest rooftop RV air conditioner?

How To Add Air Conditioning To A Pop-Up Trailer

The easiest way is to purchase a portable AC and install it within five minutes.

Portable ACs stand on their own and can be positioned anywhere. In contrast, wall-mounted and roof-mounted ACs need to be installed carefully to.

How much is an air conditioner for a camper?

Pop up camper air conditioners. Credit: Pinterest

Should I buy Pop up camper with air conditioning?

We do not suggest you buy your camper with pre installed AC, but do some DIY installation, especially if you are getting one model.

However if you are getting a used camper from a reliable source, with pre-installed pop up camper with AC may be okay to buy.

Benefits of 5000 BTU RV roof air conditioner

A 5000 BTU AC unit is a small and compact unit and comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

First it’s cheaper to buy and less expensive so for a smaller camper, you get a bargain.

Same vein, it consu,me far less energy than say, 7000 BTU and even 10,000 BTU which further drives your cost down while enjoying a cool indoor.

Generally is good for guys on tight budget.

Do they make air conditioners smaller than 5000 BTU?

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What is the smallest rooftop RV air conditioner?

The Dometic Penguin 2 is regarded as the best smallest rooftop air conditioner for RVs.

It is a high-output air conditioner that can keep even a relatively large RV cool despite its small size.

This is because it is a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. The AC is UV-resistant making it long lasting and streamlined to minimize drag.

Its base is reinforced to ensure durability and it can work with ducted and non-ducted RVs.

Is roof mounted air unit the best for small pop up?

Do they make air conditioners smaller than 5000 BTU?

Absolutely! If you want a budget under 5,000 BTU AC, you can certainly get it on the market. There are many available especially for compact spaces such as RVs.

They include models from famous portable AC manufacturers such as Frigidaire, VIVOHOME, and Hoffmann.

Is roof mounted air unit the best for small pop up?

Not really, a small pop up is probably not going to have a solid roof on which you can put a rooftop AC.

Moreover, it is not going to have enough space in which a rooftop AC is going to work effectively.

The best AC for a small pop up is a compact portable AC. It will provide your pop up with just the perfect amount of cooling in the right area.

What is the largest BTU RV air conditioner?

What is the largest BTU RV air conditioner?

The largest BTU RV air conditioner is the Airxcel Mach 15 air conditioner. This AC has a 15,000 BTU capacity. It is absolutely powerful and capable of cooling even the very big fifth wheel travel trailers designed for large families.

How many amps does a pop up camper use?

Most pop-up campers come with ether a 50 amp or a 30 amp electrical system. Big RVs tend to have a 50 amp electrical system, while small RVs tend to have a 30 amp electrical system. Since pop up campers are relatively small RVs, they tend to have a 30 amp system.

How do I keep my pop-up camper cool?

You can keep it cool in two ways. First, you can keep it cool by purchasing a powerful portable air conditioner.

There are many portable air conditioners on the market. The very best ones can effectively cool even large pop up campers.

Second, you can keep your pop up camper cool by purchasing a pop up gizmo cover.

A pop up gizmo is a reflective cover you can put on your camper’s soft roof to reflect away sunlight and heat. It helps prevent overheating.

Do portable air conditioning units work well?

Yes, they do in the right spaces. For example, a portable air conditioner rated 5,000 BTU can work well in a mini or micro RV but not in a standard or mid-size RV.

A bigger AC rated 15,000 can work well in a standard or large RV.

So it is all about getting the right portable AC for your RV or home.

If your RV has separate rooms, it is best you consider purchasing two or three portable ACs to ensure every rooms gets properly cooled.

Are there any portable air conditioner that don’t require venting?

Yes, there are many portable air conditioners that do not need venting. They are called ventless air conditioners and they are very effective in dry areas.

Their effectiveness is somewhat reduced in humid areas. Examples include the Luma Comfort EC110S and the Honeywell CL201AE.

Do all portable ACs have to be vented out a window?

Not exactly. In fact, most modern portable air conditioners do not need any venting. This is because they are designed as vent-less ACs.

Only a few old school design portable ACs need to be vented. Examples of modern portable ACs that do not need venting include the LG1217GSR and the Whynter ARC-14S.

How can I cool my RV without AC?

Yes, you can. You can cool your RV in several ways without using an air conditioner. The first way you can do it is to open your windows.

Opening your windows fully will improve ventilation and this will promote cooling. The second way you can promote cooling is to purchase a portable fan.

Do small campers have AC directly from manufacturers?

Yes, they do. A good number of small campers are built with an air conditioner inside. Examples include the Colorado Teardrop Mount Massive, the Jayco Jay Feather Micro, and the Forest River R-Pod.

The Forest River R-Pod deserves a special mention because it has a powerful 13,500 BTU AC despite its small size.

Do portable air conditioners work without a window?

Yes, they do. There are many portable air conditioners that work without a window. They are generally called ventless portable air conditioners because they do not need a vent.

Examples include the Zero Breeze Mark 2, the Black & Decker BEAC75, the Hessaire MC37M, and the HomeLabs Air Cooler.

Can you stay warm in a pop up camper?

You can do so by purchasing and using a portable heater or a portable furnace.

You can also do so by purchasing an interior lining for the soft walls of your camper. This will insulate the walls and minimize heat loss.

What is the largest BTU RV air conditioner?