What are The Average Pop Up Camper Weight for Small, Medium and Large Sizes?

Pop Up Camper Weight Overview!

Campers are towed trailers with a floor plan that includes a sleeping area (or multiple sleeping areas), a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and multiple features for a luxurious camping experience.

You do not need to spend hours setting up a sleeping tent or to build a fire to make food when you go camping with any solid camper. Most campers weigh around 5,000 pounds or more in weight.

Pop-up campers are special campers. They are special in the sense that they are ultra-lightweight and compact.

They are built lightweight and compact for easy towing. Most pop-up campers or pop-ups can be towed even using a family car.

In this article, you will learn everything important you need to know about the weight of pop-up campers.

What are pop up campers?

Pop-up campers are special lightweight campers that are designed to be very easy to tow. All of them have an upper part that can be folded down or in when they are being towed.

This part is deployed or popped up when the camping destination is reached and the stabilizers are well set on the ground. This is why they are called pop-up campers.

Because pop-up campers are compact and very lightweight, they typically have fewer features and amenities than standard campers.

They also have less furniture. Because of this, they are way cheaper than standard travel trailers. So if you want a cheap travel trailer, you should get a pop-up camper.

If you want one that has everything, you should be ready to spend more money and you should go for a standard travel trailer and not a pop-up one.

The typical amenities you will find in a pop-up trailer include a refrigerator, a comfortable sleeping area, a dinette, a cooking stove, and a microwave.

While most such campers have their kitchenette inside, others have their kitchenette outside (you simply need to open the compartment where it is hidden to reveal it).

Most pop-up campers sleep two people comfortably. However, there are some expensive ones that can sleep up to five people comfortably.

How much does a pop up camper weight?

It is important to know the weight of a typical pop-up camping vehicle. This is because it will help you to know whether your current vehicle can safely tow it, and the maximum weight of clothes and supplies you can pack for your trip.

As mentioned earlier in this article, pop-ups are very light compared to normal campers. A typical pop-up will weigh about 2,000 pounds.

However, there is a good number of pop-ups that weigh less than 1,000 pounds and a good number that weigh more than 2,500 pounds.

What do small pop ups weigh?

Small pop-up campers weigh less than 1,000 pounds. There are pop up camper weights as little as 600 pounds in weight.

A good example of a small pop-up is the Clipper by Coachmen. This vehicle weighs about 800 pounds.  The Go Pop-up by SylvanSport is also a small or mini pop-up.

Small pop-ups are perfect for individuals and couples who are on a budget because they are cheap. However, they often do not have many amenities so they are only picked by those who do not mind this.

The best thing about these pop-ups is that they are quite easy to tow. In fact, even a mid-size SUV such as the Honda CRV or the Ford Escape can be used to easily tow such campers.

What do medium pop-ups weigh?

Medium pop-ups weigh around 2,000 pounds. However, anything that weighs more than 1,000 pounds is no longer considered a small or mini pop-up camper.

A good example of a medium pop-up is the Jayco 8SD Jay Sport. It weighs about 1,500 pounds.

Unlike mini pop-ups, medium ones typically come with many amenities including plenty of storage, a kitchenette, a dinette, a sleeping area, and so on.

Medium pop-ups typically require a bit of a powerful vehicle for towing e.g. a mid-size SUV or a big van.

Pop Up Camper Weight
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What do large pop-ups weigh?

Large pop-ups are a modern interpretation of the classic pop-up camper. While they are lighter and smaller than classic campers, they are longer, wider, and heavier than mini pop-ups.

Because they are bigger than mini pop-ups, they come with plenty of features and amenities. A good example is the Forest River Flagstaff Tent.

This RV weighs about 3,500 pounds. It comes with a kitchenette, a dinette, a living area, a bathroom, multiple sleeping areas, and so on.

In my opinion, the biggest difference between large and mini pop-ups is that large ones can sleep many more people.

For instance, the Flagstaff Tent can sleep up to eight people in contrast to most mini pop-ups that sleep only two people.

When buying a large pop-up camper, you should know that you will need a very powerful SUV or truck to tow it.

If you do not have a powerful vehicle, you will need to buy it. Good examples of powerful SUVs include the GMC Yukon and the Chevy Tahoe.

What is the average cost of a pop up camper?

It depends on the type. The mini ones have fewer amenities and, therefore, cost much less than the bigger ones that typically have more amenities.

The average cost is about $8,000 for used campers and the average pop up camper cost for new ones is about $12,000.

Pop Up Camper Weight FAQs

  • What is the lightest weight pop up camper?

The Go Pop-Up camper from SylvanSport is regarded as the lightest pop-up trailer. It weighs around 800 pounds.

  • What cars can tow a pop up camper?

Because most pop-ups are lightweight, they can be towed by just about any vehicle. The best vehicles for towing them, however, are big SUVs.