Do Pop Up Gizmos Works? Find Out How To Keep Your Pop Up Camper Cool

What are pop up gizmos?

To be very brief, pop up gizmos as accessories for popup campers and hybrid campers.

How do I keep my pop up camper cool?

They are covers that are placed on top of the soft roof(s) of popup or hybrid campers to reflect sunlight and keep interior temperatures low especially during summer.

They also minimize heat loss during winter.

How do you insulate a hybrid camper?

The gizmos are available in three main styles and can be easily and quickly installed on top of the soft roof(s) of most pop campers.

The styles include the standard version, the high-wind version, and the super high wind version.

From the names of these styles, it should easy to tell that they also offer protection against the wind.

How do you make a pop up camper warmer?

Do pop up gizmos work?

They work by reflecting the sun’s rays and the heat that comes with them.

This prevents the heating up of the part of the camper they cover. The part if often too hot to relax or nap in during the day.

However, by covering it with a pop up gizmo, you should be able to easily reflect the sun’s rays and heat and make the part cool for daytime relaxation, napping, or even reading.

Is DIY or homemade solar bunk-end covers any good?

How much is a canvas for a pop-up camper?

If you want to replace the canvas on your pop up camper, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $750 and $1,500 depending on the size of your camper.

You should also be prepared to pay between $250 and $500 to get the canvas installed.

How do I keep my tent trailer cool in the summer?

Who makes pop up gizmos?

They are manufactured by a company known as PopupGizmos that is based in the state of Texas.

The company’s website is not the best but all indicators are that it is a legitimate company that makes high quality covers to offer thermal protection to your hybrid camper.

Should I cover my pop up camper?

Advantages during summer

The Gizmos reflect the hot sun away during summer.

By installing one on your camper’s soft bunkend roof, you will reflect away heat ensuring the end remains cool and comfortable.

How do you stop condensation in a pop up?

In other words, installing a pop up gizmo will allow you to use the bunkend part of your camper even during the day.

Without installing a Gizmo cover or something similar, the bunkend of your pop up or hybrid camper will be too hot for you to sleep or relax. Among many benefits are protecting canvas from dirt, sap and bird droppings.

Is it good to cover your camper in the winter?

Advantages during Cool Weather and winter

Gizmos prevent heat loss during winter or cool weather.

By installing one on your trailer’s bunkend roof, you will minimize heat loss to the extent that the end will remain warm and comfortable.

Covering up the soft roof of your beloved outdoor partner, your bunkend will most likely be too cold for you to sleep or just relax in.

Can you leave TV in camper over winter?

Popular Models

  • Standard Covers

The standard or original covers of Popup Gizmos have been on the market for more than fifteen years.

They are attached by clamping them down and on the edges of the bunks.

How do you insulate a hybrid camper?

These covers can stay in place in light wind. They can also handle moderate wind. Enough clamps are provided to hold them tight on bunks.

Standard covers can be bought as a triple, double, or single bunk cover. One standard cover costs $40.

Do pop up campers stay cool in summer?

  • High Wind Covers  

High wind covers are made of the same material as standard covers.

The only difference is that they have a bungee cord sewn into their four corners for tighter attachment to your camper’s bunkend.

They can handle higher wind speeds than standard covers because of their attachment style.

How do you control humidity in an RV?

The performance of each high wind cover is, however, affected by the location of your trailer and its orientation to the wind.

If you can, you should place your trailer under a tree or in the shadow of a rock or a building. This will reduce the wind power.

Moreover, if you can, you should position your bunkend to face the wind. This will reduce the power of the wind to remove your popup high wind cover. One standard high wind cover costs $54.

How do I keep my tent trailer cool in the summer?

  • Super High Wind Covers

If you are camping or going to camp in a very windy area and you want something to reflect the sun and reduce heat loss, you should get these covers.

This design is no different from the above covers. However, they are made with a five cord system that can secure them tightly around a camper’s bunkend.

Installing the five cord system is easy for most people. 

The advantage of this system over the clamping and the bungee cord system is that this system reduces ballooning significantly and, therefore, handles high wind very brilliantly.

It is especially perfect for those who want to camp in desert environments or on the beach. Just one super high wind cover costs $90.

How do you insulate a pop-up camper?

  • Livin’ Lite Covers

Livin’ Lite covers are high wind covers of various measurements designed for Livin’ Lite campers.

Various sizes are available for different Livin’ Lite models. The cheapest one costs $200, while the most expensive one costs $230.

You can also get a custom-made cover for your trailer if you want it. You simply need to give the company a call.

How do I keep my pop up camper cool?

  • Interior Bunkliners

These bunk liners are easy to install and quite effective in preventing the loss of heat inside your bunk.

The liners are oversized intentionally but can be trimmed for a cleaner look and they will still ensure your bunk does not lose its warmth even when the temperatures outside go down.

You simply have to combine these bunk liners with a simple heater and your bunk will remain warm enough for you to sleep or stay in even during winter. A single bunk liner costs $35.

How do you keep a pop-up camper from sweating?

  • Ice Chest/Cooler Cover

If you have an ice chest in your camper and you do not want the ice to melt as first as it normally does, you should get an ice cooler cover.

This cover will reflect heat away and ensure your ice remains solid for longer.

Different ice cooler covers are available for different cooler sizes.

The cheapest one costs $16, while the most expensive one costs $30.

How do you stop condensation in a pop up?

To Buy Vs DIY Pop Up Gizmos

If you search online Do pop up gizmos work, the answer you will get on most search results is that yes they work.

So if you want heat reflectors that work, you should get a Gizmo cover. There is no harm in getting one since most are quite cheap.

You can make the covers yourself but it will take a lot of your time and time is money.

You will also need to look for and purchase materials and you may end up getting the wrong ones.

So to avoid wasting time and money, you should simply buy a Gizmo cover if you want a heat reflector for your pop-up trailer.

Do I need a dehumidifier in my camper?

FAQs about Gizmo Gears

How do I keep my pop up camper cool?

You can keep it cool in two main ways – using a portable AC or a pop up gizmo.

You obviously know what a portable AC is. You can set it to cool your camper to the temperatures you desire.

If you get an excellent portable AC, it will change the temperature of your camper quickly whenever you desire.

A pop up gizmo is a cover that your place on the roof of the bunk-end are of your camper. The cover can keep the bunk-end cool by reflecting the rays of the sun and heat that normal comes with it.

How do you control humidity in an RV?

How do you insulate a hybrid camper?

If you want to cool your camper, you can insulate it in several ways.

First, you can use reflective covers. These covers reflect the rays of the sun plus its heat and, therefore, prevent the part they cover from getting heated up.

Pop up gizmos is one of the most popular manufacturers of reflective covers. The brand calls the products pop-up gizmos.

Second, you can use blackout curtains to keep your camper cool.

How do I keep my pop up camper cool?

The curtains will block light and absorb heat but not to let it out inside the camper. This will keep your camper cool and friendly.

Lastly, you can insulate your trailer using materials (blankets) that you can put on your floor and under the mattress of your bed.

Doing these things will protect you from the cold coming from underneath.

How do you insulate a hybrid camper?

How do you make a pop up camper warmer?

If you want to make your pop up camper warmer, there are three things you can do.

First, you can use a furnace. Many expensive pop up campers feature a propane fuel furnace.

This is their main heating system. An excellent furnace will quickly increase the temperature of your camper to the level you desires.

Second, you can use a portable heater. This is an option that is very popular and you most probably have a heater in your home.

How do you make a pop up camper warmer?

Heaters use electricity to increase the temperature to a more desirable level. They are cheaper and relatively safe compared to propane furnaces.

Third, you can use an electric mattress pad to make your RV warmer.

The pad will most probably only make your RV bed warm and cosy and not the rest of your RV as would a furnace or a heater.

Lastly, you can use Reflexctix covers to cover your windows and prevent cold drafts. Cold drafts can make your RV to feel much colder than normal.

Therefore, by covering up your windows, you will feel less cold.

If you add this solution plus a furnace and a heater, your camper will feel warm and cosy whenever you want it too.

Is DIY or homemade solar bunk-end covers any good?

Is DIY or homemade solar bunk-end covers any good?

DIY bunk-end solar covers are perfect for RVs. This is because they work brilliantly to ensure RVs do not cool. However, for them to work, they need to be installed properly and using the right materials.

If you are going to buy the right materials to make these covers, you might as well buy ready-made solar bunk covers. They are relatively cheap.

Should I cover my pop up camper?

Should I cover my pop up camper?

Yes, you should. You should get a cover to protect it from the high winds and to reflect away sun rays.

This will make it last longer. Failure to cover your pop up camper will mean it is not given extra protection from the elements.

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Is it good to cover your camper in the winter?