Truths About Getting Reefer or Box Truck Refrigerated Loads!

Reefer Box Truck Loads

You are likely to acquaint yourself with the term “reefer freight” during the start of the trucking business.

The delivery of temperature-controlled goods is among the most significant areas of the transportation industry. 

The delivery vehicles traveling on the country’s roads include several refrigerated trucks transporting perishable goods.

Truths About Getting Reefer or Box Truck Refrigerated Loads!

What Exactly Are Reefer Box Truck Loads?

The term “refrigerated freight” refers to the cargo you must transport in vehicles equipped with temperature regulation systems.

This kind of freight often transports commodities that need to consume quickly. 

Reefer trailers, typically 53 feet in length, are equipped with walls, floors, doors, and roofs insulated as standard features. 

They often have a temperature control mechanism affixed to the trailer’s front wall. 

What Exactly Are Reefer Box Truck Loads?

In addition, they include a fabric chute that permits air that has been conditioned to a specific temperature to pass to the back of the trailer.

It guarantees no significant difference in temperature between different truck areas.

What Are Reefer Box Trucks Used For?

The vehicle is built in the conventional manner of a semi-cab; however, the trailer that the truck pulls is the reefer itself. 

As a result, a semi-truck designed to carry perishable goods and pulls a refrigerated trailer is a “reefer truck.”

It is essential to distinguish between these trailers and cooling vans, which are only insulated and have vents installed on their roofs.

How To Find Reefer Loads for Owner Operators

What Are Reefer Box Trucks Used For?

#1 Frozen Food Companies

Businesses rely on reefer units to maintain a consistent temperature in their facilities.

This suggests that you can modify the temperature setting of a reefer unit to hold a product’s temperature. 

Still, you cannot adjust the temperature of the product itself. The required degree of freezing might be varied for frozen meat.

Products that require to be maintained at a temperature consistent with refrigeration, such as frozen meals, fresh vegetables, meats, plants, and anything else that you just kept at this temperature, are often included in shipments classified as refrigerated. 

Freight that you must maintain at a specific temperature may be divided into frozen, refrigerated, and maintained (heated).

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What Exactly Is A Refrigerating Unit?

#2 Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Commodities

Companies such as pharmaceuticals, food items, and industrial chemicals often require transportation methods that include temperature control. 

Companies that provide reefer transportation services are responsible for the shipment of freight that you must keep at a temperature that is managed in a specific manner and, in some instances, must adhere to very stringent parameters while in transit.

A cooling system fitted inside trailers carries refrigerated freight to assist cargo maintenance at the right temperature throughout transporting the load from one location to another. 

When cargo is inside the refrigerated trailer, you may often adjust the temperature of the space to maintain conditions ranging from frosty to icy. 

Is It Worthwhile To Fill Up The Reefer?

#3 Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Material

This protection is especially vital for shipments of fragile items or other quality items in which the outside temperatures and environment may cause a load to get damaged. It is also helpful in situations when the loads are destroyed.

How To Find Reefer Loads for Owner Operators

When it comes to getting reefer loads for owner operators, to ship fresh meat and fruit, the most time and effort-effective strategy are to work directly with shippers. 

Working directly with shippers might provide you with reliable paying loads while enabling you to avoid the participation of load boards and brokers. 

Using this method, you will be able to keep more money from each high-paying load, increasing your firm’s profitability.

What Is The Going Rate For Reefer Loads?

  • Get In Touch With The Shippers

The most successful method for acquiring box truck loads is to get in touch with shippers individually and brief them on your company’s services.

You will ultimately have the client’s details if you are ready to put in the work necessary to finish this step of the process. 

These clients will be the foundation upon which your trucking business is built, providing you with consistent paying loads to haul and assuring the company’s continuous prosperity.

If you give them exceptional service, they will use your company regularly and be happy to pay you prices that are comparable to the market if you do so.

When it comes to loading and unloading cargo, shippers and carriers alike may find themselves, at times, becoming stuck in a rut when it comes to how they handle the process. 

Are free load boards for reefers reliable?

  • Take Care Of Safety

Food delivery is carried out as quickly and safely as is humanly possible to guard against temperature changes and the damages that they may cause. 

Professionals who deliver perishable goods using refrigerated trucks are familiar with the best ways to ensure food delivery is carried out quickly and securely.

You will access tens of thousands of high-paying reefer loads daily and find high-paying loads.

These load boards are all shown to you in real-time and are ready to be reserved.

  • Collaborate with the shipper and broker partners with the best experience and qualifications in perishable freight.
  • Gain access to technical solutions that are simple to use and provide, among other things, in-depth information on a variety of brokers, routes, pricing, and trends in the flying industry.
  • Invest in the equipment you need to keep your refrigerated (reefer) trucking firm successful so that you may spend more time engaging in activities that bring you joy while simultaneously growing your financial standing.


What Exactly Is A Refrigerating Unit?

The vehicle has a typical semi-cab configuration. But in reality, the reefer is the trailer for the truck. 

Therefore, a semi-truck equipped to transport perishable freight and pulls a refrigerated trailer is known as a “reefer truck.”

Is It Worthwhile To Fill Up The Reefer?

Drivers of refrigerated trucks earn, on average and generally speaking, more per mile than drivers of dry vans and flatbeds. 

Reefer drivers can enhance their compensation in two different methods, which helps each trip earn more money. This possibility is combined with driving an average of 150 to 200 extra miles each week.

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What Is The Going Rate For Reefer Loads?

The current national average for reefer prices is $2.97 per mile, although this charge varies significantly depending on where in the country you are.

These days, most shipping charges are moving in an upward direction overall.


The market for reefer freight rebounds from economic downturns more rapidly than the markets for other modes of transportation because there is a more significant demand for it than there is supply. 

It doesn’t matter what sort of load a driver is searching for—dry van loads, hotshot loads, or refrigerated loads—load board services may be of significant assistance to them all.

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