How Does A Refrigerated Van Work and Cost to Rent or Buy?

Refrigerated Van Cost

Refrigerated vans and trucks are important for the transport of food and beverages across the world.

In the United States, they are used mainly to transport food between different points and also to transport other perishables such as medicines and beverages.

In this post, you will discover the answers like how do refrigerated trucks work, and other freezer van and trucks.

How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Refrigerated Van?

It costs between $1,000 and $1,500 a month to lease a refrigerated van in a major city like New York.

The amount you will pay will mainly depend on the value of the vehicle plus the number of months you want to lease it for.

Keep in mind that the longer you desire to lease a vehicle, the less your lease amount will be.

In terms of renting, in New York and many other major cities, you need about $200 to get a good refrigerated van rental.

In addition to this $200, you should be prepared to pay about 25 cents per mile.

So if you end up traveling 100 miles, you will end up paying an additional $20 to the $200.

The weekly cost of renting a refrigerated van is about $750 per week (five days) plus 25 cents per mile.

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Small Refrigerated Vans for Sale: To Lease or Buy?

Torn between leasing and buying a small refrigerated van? Well, you are in the right place.

In this post, you will discover the pros and cons of both leasing and buying a small refrigerated van.

Pros and cons of leasing


  1. Lower monthly payments

Monthly lease payments for vehicles are almost always cheaper than the monthly payments for ownership.

For example, to lease a small refrigerated van, you might be asked to pay around $900 monthly.

In contrast, to purchase the same vehicle you might be asked to pay around $1500 monthly.

  1. Free maintenance

When you lease a vehicle, you most probably lease it from a company that leases plenty of similar vehicles.

Such companies usually have agreements with certain auto-shops to service and maintain their vehicles at a cheap cost per unit.

Therefore, even though you get to fuel and use the vehicle you leased as you please, you still get free maintenance. When you purchase a vehicle, you have to pay to service/maintain it.

  1. New vehicle when your lease expires

At the end of your lease period (two or three years), you can easily lease a new vehicle.

In contrast, if you purchase van now, you will have to use it for a long time because it won’t make sense to get a new one after two or three years unless you are expanding or it has something that you really want.


  1. Mileage limitation

When you lease a vehicle, you have to follow all the terms and conditions included in your lease agreement.

Probably the most important condition is the number of miles you can drive per month or per year or for the duration of your lease.

If you drive more than your set limit per month or year, you will most likely be penalized for every extra mile you drive.

  1. Not a long term solution

When you lease a vehicle, you only take temporary ownership of it.

While you can use it fully for your business, there are limitations on modifications, mileage, and usage.

Pros and cons of buying


  1. You get total ownership

When you purchase something you get total ownership of it. You get to use it as you please.

No limitations on usage, modifications, or mileage. This is definitely the opposite of the situation when you lease something.

  1. You don’t need to make further payments once you are done

In case you have all the money you need to pay for your vehicle once, you can do it and you won’t need to make any further payments as is the case when you lease something.

Leasing always means paying a certain amount monthly until the end.


  1. Higher monthly payments

Since purchasing means you get total ownership, it is always more expensive than leasing.

Therefore, if you choose to pay monthly to purchase a vehicle, you will need to make a deposit and to pay higher monthly amounts than you would if you chose to lease the same vehicle.

How much does it cost to lease a refrigerated van?

Learn how do refrigerated trucks work to keep industry going!

Facts about Used Refrigerated Van for Sale

Some people do not like used vans because they think such vans have a higher probability of breaking down quickly.

Some don’t like them because they just don’t like old stuff.

What any people do not know is that many used refrigerated vans on the market are just as good as new refrigerated trucks.

They move okay and they keep temperature-sensitive stuff fresh and safe.

You just have to purchase them in the right place.

By purchasing a used refrigerated van from the right place, you increase your likelihood of getting one in excellent condition.

One that you can drive to anywhere you like without harming the safety and/or freshness of your cargo.

Among the best places where you can purchase used refrigerated trucks are websites such as, commercialtrucktrader, penskeusedtrucks.

The prices for used refrigerated vans range from $33,000 to $65,000.

Top Light Duty Reefer / Fridge Vans Rental Companies

  • Refrigerated Rental Vans

This company builds and rents freezer and refrigerated vans. You can rent a freezer or refrigerated van for a day, a week, or a month from this company.

According to the company, its vehicles are specially built to protect goods against heat.

  • Hertz

Hertz is a renowned vehicle rental company. The company rents all types of vehicles included fridge vans.

According to the company, different fridge van models are available for different transport needs.

One of its most popular fridge vans is a Ford Transit van capable of transporting foodstuffs at even negative 20 degrees Celsius.

  • Polar Leasing

This company is involved in the renting of reefer vans and refrigerated trailers. The company has a nationwide presence and a rents a variety of different types of vans.

  • Ryder

This renowned company, Ryder also rents light duty refrigerated trucks. You can rent a 22 or a 26ft. reefer truck from this company.

  • Penske

Penske rents refrigerated trucks across the USA. The most popular Penske refrigerated trucks include a 16ft. cabover truck, an 18ft. truck, and a 26ft. truck.

Some Penske refrigerated trucks come with a lift gate to make loading and unloading easy.

How Does A Refrigerated Van Work?

Is fine to be looking how do refrigerated vans work as these wonders on wheels may seems like magic to uninitiated.

Is simply a van with a cargo space that works like a refrigerator, they are primarily used to transport food products that need low temperatures to stay fresh.

The vans work just like household refrigerators. They have an airtight compartment that is insulated to prevent heat from getting in.

They also have a refrigeration unit that continually absorbs the heat inside the compartment to bring the temperature of the compartment and the things in it to the level you desire.

As you may expect, the refrigeration unit in every reefer van has a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor.

The evaporator part is inside the compartment of the refrigerator and it is the part that absorbs the heat cyclically and lowering the temperature to the level you desire.

Are refrigerated vans insulated?

Yes, they are insulated. The vans work just like household refrigerators.

This means that they have everything that you would expect in a household refrigerator.

The only significant difference is that every component of a van refrigeration unit will likely be several times bigger than the same component in your home refrigerator.

For a home refrigerator to work, it must be insulated to prevent heat from getting in.

The case is the same with refrigerated vans. They are insulated to prevent heat exterior to the vehicle from getting in.

Since refrigerated vans travel long distances during the day, it is especially important that they are insulated to prevent the hot sun from affecting the temperature in their airtight refrigerated cargo space.

The material most commonly used for insulation in refrigerated vans is high-density polymer foam because it is extremely effective.

Are refrigerated vans insulated?

How do refrigerated vans work to keep things frozen and cold?

What temperature should a refrigerated van be?

Generally, the temperatures inside are maintained at between zero and 8 degrees Celsius.

This is because this is the right temperature for keeping most food products fresh without freezing them.

In a freezer van, temperatures are often maintained at a much lower level of minus eighteen.

Do I need a refrigeration van?

You need a freezer van especially if you are in the food transport businesses. Various types of food need to be transported at low temperatures not to go bad.

If you have such types of foods and you want to transport them from one point to the next, you should rent a refrigerated van.

What is a reefer sprinter?

A reefer Sprinter is a refrigerated Sprinter van. In other words, it is Sprinter van with a cargo space that is closed, insulated, airtight, and refrigerated.

The refrigeration unit in a reefer Sprinter is called a reefer unit.

Like any other refrigeration unit, it continually absorbs heat from the airtight compartment and expels it out.

This continually lowers the temperature or keeps it down to ensure the inside of the compartment stays cold no matter the weather outside.

Reefer sprinters are perfect for transporting food items, drugs, and other things that require transport in a cool or cold environment.

Who is the largest refrigerated trucking company?

The Prime Inc. is by far the largest refrigerated trucking company.

The company started in the early seventies in Missouri and has grown to offer transport solutions to clients across the United States.

The company is the undisputed leader in refrigerated trucking as it has many more trucks and employees than its nearest competition.

Despite being one of the best refrigerated trucking companies, Prime Inc. has relatively low trucking costs.

This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in the Midwest and in the rest of the country.

The company also delivers or picks stuff from Canada and Mexico.

What is dry van and reefer?

A dry van is any truck trailer that is completely enclosed meaning that it offers protection against the elements to whatever is transported inside it.

The reason why it is a dry van is that it keeps cargo dry when it rains or snows.

While this unique vehicle will keep your cargo dry when it rains, its back area is not temperature controlled.

This means that you cannot use a dry van to transport cargo that requires low temperatures for transport.

In contrast to a dry van, a reefer is a trailer that is refrigerated.

In other words, it is a trailer that will keep your cargo cold throughout your journey regardless of the weather conditions.

Refrigerated vans are typically used to transport products that are temperature sensitive.

How many hours does it take to pre cool a van?

It takes about an hour to pre cool a van. Some vans can take as many as two hours.

Therefore, if you want to transport a temperature sensitive cargo, you should pre cool your van to avoid wasting time cooling your van or exposing your temperature-sensitive cargo to fluctuations in temperature.

The purpose of pre-cooling a refrigerated van is to ensure that temperature inside the compartment is right and perfect from the start.

If the temperature inside the compartment is higher than the required temperature, cargo sensitive goods such as food and medicines can go bad very quickly.

What is Swift refrigerated?

Swift is an American company that is one of the leaders in the refrigerated trucking business.

They are best known for quality services and extremely professional drivers.

Its temperature controlled trucks come in different sizes perfect for different cargo sizes.

Which reefer unit is better Thermo King or Carrier?

If you want a reefer unit that is more reliable and that is going to work hard no matter what, you should go for a Thermo King reefer unit.

But if you want one reefer unit that has better electronics, you should go for a Carrier reefer unit.

So for reliability go for a Thermo King and for better control go for a Carrier.

How many hours does a Thermo King reefer last?

Ford transit van refrigerated Vs sprinter?A Thermo King refer unit can last for more than 40,000 hours (approximately eight years).

Once it gets to 40,000 hours, it may start becoming unreliable.

Ford transit van refrigerated Vs sprinter?

The Sprinter refrigerated van is better than the Ford Transit freezer van.

This is because it is not only bigger but also it drives better.

So if you have a choice between a Ford Transit and a Sprinter, choose the Sprinter for more cubic feet in the cargo space, for better driving, and for better reliability.

How Do Refrigerated Trucks Work – SUMMARY!

You can get a used refrigerated truck for sale from Ryder, Penske, or any other company.

You can purchase it to use it or rent it from these companies.

The truck will keep your cargo refrigerated during transport or you can use it for emergency storage.