Which Car Rentals That Accept Debit Cards And Reliable?

Can Your Rent a car With a Debit Card and Which Car Companies Accept?

It is common knowledge the most accepted means of payment for car rental is credit cards.

It’s what rental companies prefer, but unfortunately, many circumstances make it difficult for people to use credit cards, and that’s how the option of paying for car rental services with debit cards came into play.

So back to the main question, can you rent a car with a debit card? YES, it is.

So which are the car rentals that accept debit cards, as payment for rental services?

The sweet news is that almost all car rental companies accept debit cards for payment these days, the only time debit cards may or may not be allowed is at the point of pick up or reservation.

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Top Car Rentals That Accept Debit Cards

  • Dollar Rent a Car

The Dollar’s is one of the reliable car rentals that accept debit cards from diverse customers. 

According to Dollar’s current policy, to use a debit card for payment, you must book 24 hours ahead.

Dollar does not accept debit cards as payment for premium cars and above, so what that means is that your vehicle options are limited.

Dollar also requires performing a credit check to confirm your creditworthiness before permitting you to use your debit card for payment.

The accepted debit card issuers by Dollar are Visa card, MasterCard, or Discover.

Also, an authorized hold of $500 is put on your debit card which you will not be able to access until you return the vehicle. Dollar is available in different locations.


  • Well renowned and trustable company.
  • You can join their Dollar Express where you access membership benefits like cheaper rates and other rewards.
  • Best rates.
  • Low age limit of 20 years except when renting at an airport.


  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You need an extra means of identification; that could include your government issued passport, recent utility bills, or a non-government ID such as your work ID.
  • You would be required to present proof of your return ticket which must also be in line with your rental location and time.

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  • Budget Car Rental

Yes, Budget is a car rentals that accept debit cards, however not in all locations.

The locations of Budget that do not accept debit cards include the Metropolitan NY Tri-State area, Hartford, CT, Philadelphia area, or New Orleans area locations as well as other locations across the country.

Budget also has a restriction against drivers under 25 years of age making use of debit cards for car rentals. 

An authorized hold is placed on your account, equivalent to your estimated rental cost or a minimum charge of $100.

The permitted airport locations to use debit cards are New York, NY; Islip, NY; White Plains, NY; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; and Hartford.

They have the widest range of vehicle options and their rates are very affordable.

They regularly give out promotions in different seasons so you can check their website whenever you want to rent to see the available ones.


  • You can prepay or pay at pick up with a debit card.
  • Debit cards are permitted at airport locations.
  • Wide range of vehicle options.


  • Valid Driver’s license.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Verification documents.
  • Passport and ticket.
  • Bank statement.

Budget Car Rental Accept Debit Card

  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car

This is one of the biggest names in the car rental industry, and the really great thing about them is that they allow payment with debit cards without conducting a credit check.

Not all of its locations accept debit cards, but most outlets in the U.S and Puerto Rico do. Debit cards are also accepted in Canada except in airport locations.

It gets dicey with Enterprise when it comes to their requirements because while they don’t take credit checks, their requirements are not so easy.

Therefore, you should try to check their exact locations for the exact policies and requirements.


  • No credit check.
  • Accepted in airport locations.


  • Two latest utility bills.
  • The total rental cost when picking up plus a minimum deposit.
  • Two referees.
  • Copy of your latest pay-stub.
  • Proof of insurance.

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  • Sixt Rent a Car

This is another car rental company that has been in existence since 1912.

They also accept debit cards without conducting credit checks, however, they decide who to permit to use this method of payment based on discretion.

This means that after you meet their requirements and submit all necessary items, it’s up to them to decide if they want to allow you to make use of your debit card or not.

The age limit for this company is 21 years.

The accessible vehicles are limited for debit card payments and they have different requirements for different categories of renters; local, international, and non-local.

Another thing about them is that they only permit rentals for short stays (not longer than 28 days).


  • No credit checks.
  • Wide range of accepted cards including Master Card, Prepaid Debit Card, Verve, Interswitch, and E-Tranzact.


  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of itinerary tickets to coincide with your car rental schedule for out-of-state hiring.
  • Two official forms of identification.
  • Two latest utility bills for in-state customers.

Other car rental services that accept debit cards for payments include:

  • Avis
  • Alamo
  • National car rental
  • Advantage

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General Requirements for Car Rental with Debit Cards

The policies around using debit cards vary by company but there are general things that would be required of you irrespective of the company or location you intend to rent a car from.

  1. You need to have a bank-issued debit card.
  2. You also need sufficient funds in your debit account to cover your authorized hold.
  3. Additional information is usually required for verification purposes.
  4. You need to show proof of insurance.
  5. Most companies will run a credit check on you.
  6. Present a return ticket, especially if you are using an airport location.

Here is a whole view of some of the companies stated above.

S/NCompanyVehicle RestrictionAge


Accepted IssuerAuthorized Hold
1.DollarYes20Visa card, MasterCard, or Discover$500
2.EnterpriseNo21Visa card, MasterCard, or Discover$100
3.BudgetNo25Visa card or MasterCard$200
4.Sixt  Rent A CarYes21Master Card, Prepaid Debit Card, Verve, Interswitch, and E-Tranzact.$200

The Problem with Debit Cards

Car rental companies tend to raise their brows at people who want to rent without a credit card because it passes across the message that you don’t have a credit report, and in that case, it’s risky to trust that you will be able to pay up your car rental charges.

This risk is something that many companies are still not ready to take and that is why not all rental companies accept debit cards and those that do, make you pass through a lot before allowing.

Another reason why debit cards are not readily accepted is that they require authentication before any transaction can be made.

Unlike credit cards, your debit card requires a pin or card number before any transaction can take place.

What this means for rental companies is that they cannot charge your account for incurred unforeseen costs, and hence, the hesitation.

So yes, while many companies will allow you to rent their car without a credit card, the issue is the process is not the same smooth, easy one as using your credit card.

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Your Questions & Answers!

Who are the car rental companies that accept debit cards without a credit check?

Most Avis car rental locations will accept a debit card without a credit check. A number of Thrifty car rental locations will also accept a debit card without a credit check.

Which are the cheapest car rentals without a credit card?

The cheapest car rentals without a credit card include Enterprise, Dollar, Budget, Avis, and Alamo. All these companies accept alternative forms of payment for a car rental.

Are there car rentals with no deposit required?

No. A quick search online reveals that there are no car rentals in the USA that require no deposit. All of them require a deposit.

How does Budget car rental debit card work?

You can rent a car with a debit card at Budget locations if you are 25 years of age or older, and you are ready to allow the company to place a hold on your card during your rental period.

However, you have to be aware that some Budget locations will not accept debit cards during reservation but will accept them during payment.

What does Hertz debit card policy entail?

Hertz locations accept reservations by debit card. However, you will have to allow the company to place a hold on your debit card for the duration of your rental.

The hold normally includes the total cost of the rental plus other costs such as fuel cost and potential late return cost.

Do Enterprise car rental debit cards really exist?

Sixt Rent A Car

Searching for reliable car rentals that accept debit cards online!

There are Enterprise locations that accept debit cards.

However, most of them generally do not accept debit cards.

Those that do accept debit cards usually do a credit check first.

How does Avis car rental debit card work?

When you use a debit card to pick a car from an Avis location, the company will put a hold on your account for an amount equal to the estimated cost of your car rental plus security deposit.

Once the rental is over, the hold is released in case you choose to pay in cash or via other means.

If you just use your debit card, only the part of the funds held not used will be released.

Does Thrifty car rental allow debit card use in every location?

Yes, you can use a debit card to rent a car at Thrifty locations. However, not every Thrifty location accepts debit card reservation.

Can you rent a car with a debit card from Alamo?

Yes, you can. You can rent a car from Alamo using a debit card.

Summary of car rentals that accept debit cards!

You can definitely get a car with your debit card, simply confirm the policies peculiar to your location and ensure to meet all the requirements.

If for any reason, you find out you cannot use your debit card anymore, you can check out companies that accept cash or other card types.

Ultimately, if your debit card is all you have, try to start your car rental process as early as you can, that way you can get all you need.

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