Can You Rent Pallet Jack With Much Discount from Top Services Like Home Depot or Enterprise?

Can You Rent Pallet Jack Discount

Pallet jacks are very important in in warehouses. With a pallet jack, a worker can easily lift and move goods placed on pallets.

In this post, you will discover everything important you need to know about pallet jacks.

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What Exactly is This Pallet Machine?

A pallet jack aka a pallet truck is a special trolley that can be used to lift and wheel pallets from one point to another.

The trolley is wheeled and has tapered forks that can be pushed into a pallet and a pump that can then be used to lift the pallet and the goods on loaded on it.

Boxes on manual forklift

It is kind of like a forklift. The only difference is that if you are using a pallet jack, you will have to use your strength to pull it between different points.

When using a forklift, all you need to do is to drive it between different points.

Pallet jacks are most commonly used in warehouses and other places where wooden pallets are common. This is because they can be used to easily move pallets with goods on them.

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How much does it cost to rent a pallet jack at Home Depot?

You can rent a Home Depot pallet jack for four hours, one day, one week, or one month.

It costs $28 to rent a pallet jack for four hours, $40 to rent a pallet jack for a day, $160 to rent a pallet jack for a week, and $480 to rent a pallet jack for a month.

Is a pallet jack the same as a lift gate?

No, it is not. While both can lift cargo, they are quite different.

A pallet jack is used to lift, transport, and then lowers pallets within a warehouse or between a warehouse and a trailer bed.

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The main purpose of a pallet jack is to move heavy pallets in a warehouse.

In contrast, a lift gate is permanently attached to the rear of certain trucks. It is lowered when a truck is parked to load heavy cargo.

The gate is then raised to lift the cargo to the level of the truck’s cargo bed.

A worker or workers can then easily carry or push the cargo the rest of the way. The main purpose of a lift gate is to make it easy to load or unload a truck.

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Do pallet jack rental services offer discount deals?

Absolutely yes. There are many businesses across the country that offer pallet jacks at discounted rates.

Basically, you can say the majority of pallet jack rental companies offer discount deals. This is because if you rent a pallet jack for a longer period, you will always pay less per day than if you rent it daily.

How much does a manual pallet jack cost vs electric?

Manual pallet jacks cost about three-hundred dollars per unit. They are very much cheaper compared to electric pallet jacks that usually cost about $2,500 per unit.

Electric pallet jacks are much more expensive because they are easier and much more convenient to use.

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Types of Jack and Brands

There are many types of pallet jacks on the market. Here are the most common ones.

  1. The manual 

The manual pallet jack is probably the most common. This is because it is cheap and very easy to use. It comes with a hydraulic pump to lift and to lower pallets.

It is manual because moving a lifted pallet with cargo has to be done by human strength while using its handle as steering.

The best thing about this jack is that it is lightweight and compact and, therefore, it can be carried in the back of any van together with the cargo.

Manual hydraulic forklift

  1. The electric walk-behind

The biggest difference between this pallet jack and the manual one is that this one uses electricity.

The operator simply has to stand behind it to electrically lift and move a loaded pallet from one point to another. There is absolutely no need to use human strength.

Because the electric walk behind is electrical and not manual, it has a much higher lifting capacity than the manual pallet jack. The only issue with this jack is that it needs to be recharged frequently.

Manual pallet forklift

  1. The rider pallet

The rider pallet jack is even better than the electric walk-behind pallet jack. This is because the operator does not need walk behind it.

He or she simply operates it while standing on its standing board. Everything else is electric. The lifting and lowering is electric and the transportation/movement of loaded pallets is also electric.

This pallet jack is perfect for moving cargo on pallets over long distances e.g. in a massive warehouse.

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  1. The weighing scale 

This pallet jack is a manual pallet jack. However, unlike the simple manual pallet jack, this one can weigh a loaded pallet.

It is commonly used on factory floors and loading bays where it is important to weigh a product or a cargo load before moving it from one point to the next.

Weighing scale pallet jacks often have a printer to print a receipt after weighing.

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Top 4 Equipment Rental Companies Offering Pallet Lifts

The top three equipment rental companies offering pallet jacks in the United States are:

  1. Equipment Depot

This company has many locations across the United States including several locations in California, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York.

It rents different types of pallet jacks and other equipment at competitive rates.

  1. Total Warehouse

This company rents pallet jacks and forklifts in different locations across continental United States including San Diego, Anaheim, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

The company is best known for its exemplary customer service and for its highly reliable pallet jacks.

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  1. Home Depot

This is probably the best known nationwide tool rental company. Home Depot has locations across the country. It rents different types of quality pallet jacks including a 6000-pound rated pallet jack.

You will mostly find heavy-duty pallet jacks at home depot. The daily rental rates for different pallet jacks are very affordable.

  1. US Aerials and Equipment Rental

This company rents Hyster, Clark, and Yale brand pallet jacks in New York. It is one of the leading pallet jack rental companies in the New York Metro area.

The company can deliver equipment 24/7 and it is minority owned. In addition to pallet jacks, this company also rents boom lifts, scissor lifts, and atrium lifts.

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FAQ about Pallet

What type of jacks does Home Depot rent?

Home Depot rents different types of pallet jacks including electrical ones and manual ones. A good example of a pallet jack rented by Home Depot is the MTA Pallet Jack 6000 LB rental. This pallet jack has a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds.

What is the difference between a forklift and a lift truck?

The terms forklift and lift truck are interchangeable. In other words, forklifts are lift trucks.

Experienced transport, warehouse, and logistics experts call forklifts lift trucks. However, while the two terms mean the same thing, all lift trucks are not forklifts.

Forklifts are lift trucks with forks in front. Some lift trucks do not have forks in front. Therefore, not all lift trucks are forklifts.

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Does Lowe’s sell these machines?

Yes, Lowe’s does sell pallet jacks. One of the best pallet jacks on the Lowe’s website is the American Forge and Foundry steel pallet jack.

It is rated two-tons which means it can carry a two-ton pallet. It is one of the most amazing automotive and warehouse pallet jacks.

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Is this same as a forklift?

Yes, it is. A pallet jack is the simplest form of a forklift. Most pallet jacks have a surprisingly high payload capacities. For example, some of the Home Depot forklifts can lift as much as 6,000 pounds at a go.

Does Home Depot sell jacks?

Yes, it does. Home Depot sells different types of pallet jacks. These include electrical jacks and manual jacks.

The jacks are different in terms of payload capacity. And they are perfect for moving heavy pallets around in warehouses and manufacturing locations.

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Do you need to be certified to use a pallet jack?

Yes, you need to be certified to utilize a pallet jack. This is stipulated in the OSHA regulations. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

It requires workers to train and gain certification before operating powerful machines for their own health and safety.

Is a Walkie Stacker a forklift?

Yes, it is. It is a special forklift that you operate while on foot.

The biggest difference between this forklift and the conventional forklift is that the conventional forklift is operated by someone sitting on its driving seat.

This forklift can be used to lift pallets to different heights.

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Does Harbor Freight sell pallet jacks?

Harbor Freight does sell pallet jacks. One of the pallet jacks it sells is the HAUL-MASTER 2.5-ton jack. It sells this jack for $300. This jack’s capacity is 2.5 tons as its name suggests. In other words, its capacity is 5,000 pounds.

How high can a pallet jack lift?

Most pallet jacks on the market are designed to lift pallets between 1 to 2 feet high.

Small forklift

They do not lift pallets very high because they are designed primarily to carry heavy pallets or cargo as close to the ground as possible to avoid swaying and accidents.

The highest reaching pallet jacks can get pallets to about 8 feet in the air.


Pallets jacks are important for moving pallets in warehouses. There are many types including manual and electric types.

The electric type is obviously perfect for a lot of work as operating does not at all involve the use of manual strength.

The only issue with electric pallet jacks is that they are much more expensive than manual pallet jacks.

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