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Why is pallet jack rental industry so important for big and small operators? In the warehousing business, a worker can easily lift and move goods placed on pallets from one angle to another.

In this guide (read time: 2 minutes), we elaborate what it cost to rent pallet jack as well different types and where can I rent a pallet jack.

Do Pallet Jack Rental Services Offer Discount Deals?

Can I rent pallet jack with good discounts? There are many businesses across the country that offer hydraulic pallet jacks (both electric, hydraulic and even standard hand powered models) at discounted rates. Basically, you can say the majority of pallet jack rental companies offer discount deals. This is because if you rent a pallet jack for a longer period, you will always pay less per day than if you rent it daily.

pallet jack rental

Where Can I Rent a Pallet Jack?

The top three equipment rental companies offering pallet jack rental in the United States are:

  • Home Depot

Very easy to rent pallet jack Home Depot – arguably the best known nationwide tool rental company. Home Depot has locations across the country. It rents different types of quality pallet jacks including a 6000-pound rated pallet jack.

You will mostly find heavy-duty pallet jack Home Depot on display. The daily rental rates for different models are very affordable, as well varied Home depot rental truck size to choose from.

  • Equipment Depot

This company has many locations across the United States including several locations in California, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. They offer different types of pallet jack for rent and other equipment at competitive rates.

  • Total Warehouse

This company rent pallet jack and forklifts models in different locations across continental United States including San Diego, Anaheim, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. The company is best known for its exemplary customer service and for its highly reliable pallet jacks.

  • US Aerials and Equipment Rental

This company rents Hyster, Clark, and Yale brand pallet jacks in New York. It is one of the leading pallet jack rentals companies in the New York Metro area.

The company can deliver equipment 24/7 and it is minority owned. In addition to rent pallet jack, they also rents boom lifts, scissor lifts, and atrium lifts. PRO TIPS: See complete lift gate truck rental by our in-house researchers!

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Electric Pallet Jack Rental

Electric pallet jacks are expensive, but you can rent electric or motorized pallet jacks at some decent rates. For example, you can rent the 4.5K Electric Walkie Pallet Truck (7/8HBW23 model) at $270 and the 6K Electric Walkie Pallet Jack (7/8HBW30 model) at $286 weekly (40 hours) from ToyotaMHS (Toyota Material Handling Solutions). 

Big Rentz also offer electric pallet jack rental at a cost of $86 daily, $220 weekly, and $641 monthly. The electric pallet jack comes equipped with an electric motor so the operator can easily transport pallets within job sites.

Primarily used in warehouse and industrial settings, the electric pallet jack is the rudimentary form of a forklift. Its sturdy pallet forks are great for maneuvering palletized materials, and it has the advantage of lifting and transporting its haul with a powered motor.

Since it eliminates the need to transport or lift heavy materials manually, the electric pallet jack is essential for construction teams and industrial applications. 

Most pallet jacks have a maximum lifting capacity of about 5,000 pounds. The load capacity will depend on the model, so check this to determine the right pallet jack for your needs. Heavy-duty pallet jacks can support heavier loads up to 15,000 pounds.

Manual forklift illustration

Home Depot Pallet Jack Rental

You can rent a Home Depot pallet jack for four hours, one day, one week, or one month. Pallet jack rentals costs $28 to rent pallet jack for four hours, $40 to rent a pallet jack for a day, $160 to rent a pallet jack for a week, and $480 to rent pallet jack for a month.

What types of brands and models are Home Depot pallet jack rental? They rents different types of pallet jacks including electrical ones and manual ones. A good example of a pallet jack rented by Home Depot is the MTA Pallet Jack 6000 LB rental. This pallet jack has a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds.

Pallet Dolly Rental

Pallet dollies are square or rectangular, and are large enough to carry pallets. You can rent a dolly from Home Depot. The rental cost of a 4-wheel flat dolly at Home Depot is $10 per day, while the Appliance dolly goes for $25 daily. The Hand truck at Home Depot goes for $20 per day. 

Big Rentz charges $47 per day, $130 per week, and $260 per month to rent a Pallet dolly. A motorized pallet jack costs $78 per day, $229 per week, or $624 per month. Renting a hydraulic dolly will cost anywhere from $40 to $320 or more, depending on how long you need the dolly and how far you want to drive it.

Small Pallet Jack Rental

Can you rent a pallet jack that is smaller then usual? Yes, and the typical cost of renting a small pallet jack or small hand truck is between $7 and $40 per day, depending on the brand and model. Renting a dolly from Home Depot is simple and inexpensive. For $25 or less per day, you may hire a small hand truck, a small pallet jack, an appliance dolly, or a flat dolly.

A small pallet jack rental on Uhaul for $7 per day. Alternatively, you can buy the Utility Dolly for $39.95, and can keep it for as long as you like.

Manual pallet forklift

Hand Pallet Truck Rental

As you might expect, pallet jacks are less expensive to rent than forklifts. The cost will vary based on the type of pallet truck rental and the length of time you hire it. An electric pallet jack is much more costly than a manual pallet jack.

A hand pallet jack rental may cost from Big Rentz for $47 per day, $130 per week, or $260 per month. A motorized pallet jack costs $78 per day, $229 per week, or $624 per month. You can rent a manual pallet jack from LouTech rental at $24 per day, $69 weekly, and $184 monthly.

High Lift Pallet Jack Rental

It is designed to physically hoist items to larger heights, making it perfect for lifting and transporting palletized freight and skids. It is also easy and safe to use. The average High lift pallet jack rental cost is $60 a day. You can rent a pallet truck high lift from Mega Hire for $69 daily or $224 weekly. At Big Rentz, you will get it at $78 a day, $229 a week, or $624 a month.

A high lift pallet jack is a less expensive and more user-friendly alternative to lift trucks and forklifts. It has a hydraulic system that allows a single operator to lift and transport a full-size pallet throughout a warehouse without strain.

Pallet Jack Scale Rental

Pallet truck scales are pallet trucks that include an integrated weighing mechanism. The ability to weigh items immediately at the pick-up station significantly benefits this pallet truck with scales. On Big Rentz and Home Depot, the average rental cost of a pallet jack with scale is $70 per day.

Because the items no longer need to be brought to the weighing station, the forklift scale saves both time and space. There are three pallet trucks with scales: the hand-pallet truck, the electric pallet truck, and the forklift pallet truck scale.

empty truck loading

Can I Rent a Pallet Jack Lowes?

Yes, you can hire a pallet jack lowes for an average cost of about $25. You can also check some known rental brands like Home Depot and Uhaul, where you can hire a pallet jack lowes for four hours, one day, a week, or a month. It costs about $28 to rent a pallet jack for four hours, $40 to rent one for a day, $160 to hire one for a week, and $480 to rent one for a month at Home Depot.

FAQ about Pallet

How much does a manual pallet jack cost vs electric?

Manual pallet jacks cost about three-hundred dollars per unit. They are very much cheaper compared to electric pallet jacks that usually cost about $2,500 per unit. Electric pallet jacks are much more expensive because they are easier and much more convenient to use.

What is the difference between a forklift and a lift truck?

The terms forklift and lift truck are interchangeable. In other words, forklifts are lift trucks. Experienced transport, warehouse, and logistics experts call forklifts lift trucks. However, while the two terms mean the same thing, all lift trucks are not forklifts.

Forklifts are lift trucks with forks in front. Some lift trucks do not have forks in front. Therefore, not all lift trucks are forklifts.

Does home depot sell Pallets?

Yes, it does. Home Depot sells different types as well offer variety of pallet jack for rent. These include electrical jacks and manual jacks. The jacks are different in terms of payload capacity. And they are perfect for moving heavy pallets around in warehouses and manufacturing locations.

Two loaded pallets

Are Harbor Freight pallet jack for sale?

Harbor Freight does sell pallet jacks. One of the pallet jacks it sells is the HAUL-MASTER 2.5-ton jack. It sells this jack for $300. This jack’s capacity is 2.5 tons as its name suggests. In other words, its capacity is 5,000 pounds.

Types of Jack and Brands

There are many types of pallet jacks on the market. Here are the most common ones.

  1. The manual 

The manual pallet jack is probably the most common. This is because it is cheap and very easy to use. It comes with a hydraulic pump to lift and to lower pallets.

It is manual because moving a lifted pallet with cargo has to be done by human strength while using its handle as steering. The best thing about this jack is that it is lightweight and compact and, therefore, it can be carried in the back of any van together with the cargo.

  1. The electric walk-behind

The biggest difference between this pallet jack and the manual one is that this one uses electricity. The operator simply has to stand behind it to electrically lift and move a loaded pallet from one point to another. There is absolutely no need to use human strength.

Because the electric walk behind is electrical and not manual, it has a much higher lifting capacity than the manual pallet jack. The only issue with this jack is that it needs to be recharged frequently.

  1. The rider pallet

The rider pallet jack is even better than the electric walk-behind pallet jack. This is because the operator does not need walk behind it.

He or she simply operates it while standing on its standing board. Everything else is electric. The lifting and lowering is electric and the transportation/movement of loaded pallets is also electric. This pallet jack is perfect for moving cargo on pallets over long distances e.g. in a massive warehouse.

  1. The weighing scale 

This pallet jack is a manual type. However, unlike the simple manual pallet jack, this one can weigh a loaded pallet. It is commonly used on factory floors and loading bays where it is important to weigh a product or a cargo load before moving it from one point to the next. Weighing scale pallet jacks often have a printer to print a receipt after weighing.

Summary of pallet jack rental!

The pallet jack rental services are important for moving pallets in warehouses. There are many types including manual and electric types. The electric type is obviously perfect for a lot of work as operating does not at all involve the use of manual strength. The only issue with electric pallet jacks is that they are much more expensive than manual types.

Can You Rent Pallet Jack Discount


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