Truths about 9 Cargo Van and What Can Fit Into Uhaul 9ft Cargo Van Inside?

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U-Haul has a decent fleet of 9′ cargo van as well different sizes of box trucks for rent. But what can it move? Can a Uhaul 9ft cargo van really fit a Queen mattress?

In this short, educative guide (read time is: 2 mins), we provide detailed response to above questions, as well dimensions, height clearance, interior space and much more!

What Can Uhaul 9′ Cargo Van Carry?

What can you fit in a 9′ cargo van? A 9-foot cargo van can take up items up to 3,880 lbs.  Generally, the van is suitable for loading a studio apartment, small loads for deliveries, or a college student dorm.

The interior space of the van can comfortably take the combination of a twin mattress, a medium-sized sofa or couch, two night-stands, and a medium-sized table, and there would still be leftover space. Other items that can fit into the U Haul cargo van include a spring box set, a Queen-sized bed, small/medium couches or sofas, small or medium wardrobes, etc.

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What Is Uhaul Cargo Van Height Clearance?

What is uhaul cargo van clearance height? The interior height of a U haul cargo van is 4’8” inside dimensions, making them ideal for hauling large items without worrying about height restrictions. The exterior height with tires is 7’2” and the exterior height without tires is 4’1”.

The van’s height clearance is measured from the cargo area floor to the bottom of the roof and determines how tall an item can be accommodated. If your item is taller than this limit, it will not fit inside the Uhaul cargo van, and you will need to rent a larger van or truck to complete your move.

Uhaul Cargo Van Dimensions Inside

What is U haul cargo van interior? The interior dimensions of U haul cargo van are 9’6″ x 5’7″ x 4’8″ (L/W/H). The cabin part of the cargo van has seats for two individuals, an air conditioner, an AM/FM stereo, and airbags. It also boast of empty weight of 4,667 pounds, max load of 3,880 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight of 8,550 pounds max.

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How big is Uhaul cargo van interior dimensions?

The complete Dimensions and Features

Knowing the exact u haul 9′ cargo van dimensions and features is important to help you determine if the van will be right for you, or will properly suit the purpose you intend to use it for.

Inside Dimensions: 9’6″ L, 5’7″ W, 4’8″ H

Outside Dimensions: 18’7” L, 5’1” W, and 4’1” H (excluding tires)

Deck Height from Ground: 2’5″

Deck length: 9’6”

Back Door opening: 5’1” W, 4’1″ H

Empty Weight: 4,667 lbs.

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 8,550 lbs.

Max Load Capacity: 3,880 lbs.

Volume: 245 cu. ft.

Fuel tank capacity: 35 gals.

Miles per gallon: 16 MPG

Other Features: Seats for 2 adults, SRS/Airbags, cruise control, air conditioning, automatic transmission, and AM/FM Stereo.

9 Cargo Van Queen Mattress?

Can a 9 cargo van fit queen mattress? So, can a queen size mattress fit in a cargo van? A queen size mattress should have no issue fitting into U-Haul’s cargo van. If you do a good job, your queen size mattress will not be the only thing fitting into your van.

Several items for your small move, like small boxes and box spring, will also fit into this van. Household items in dorm rooms, studio apartments, and small apartments can also fit into a U-Haul’s cargo vans.

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What Can You Fit In A 9 Cargo Van?

What else can fit in? Items like a queen-size mattress and a box spring will fit into a 9 foot cargo van. Furthermore, this van will comfortably transport small couches, small to medium size wardrobes, small sofas, and small to medium-sized tables.

How Many Seats In A U-haul Cargo Van?

Uhaul cargo vans typically have two seats, one for the driver and one for the passenger. Unlike pickup trucks, which have three seats for the driver, front passenger, and rear seat passenger, Uhaul cargo vans are not designed with a third seat. Instead, they have a flatbed area behind the two front seats to maximize their loading capacity. 

This is due to the fact that cargo vans are primarily used for the transportation of goods and supplies. The two-seat configuration allows for more space for the large items being transported, such as furniture sets, tools, and equipment.

How Much 9 Cargo Van Rental?

How much to rent U-haul 9 ft cargo van? The rental cost of any U-Haul cargo van starts at $19.95, and these cargo vans have a decent fuel economy. When it comes to rental pricing for this van, there is no fixed amount charged because the total fee depends on your terms of rental.

Some of the major factors that determine pricing include the duration, that is, how long you will be renting the van for, also the mileage or distance used, tax fees, insurance fee, etc.

U Haul has made this process easy because you can get a quote online even though the quote might not be a hundred percent accurate, but it will give you a good idea of how much you should prepare to pay for your rental.

Mattress fit into 9 cargo van
Uhaul cargo van queen mattress size?

How to Load Uhaul 9ft Cargo Van!

Loading your items into Uhaul cargo van could require some extra measures, however, if done properly, it will not be too difficult to manage.

Let’s assume you are loading Queen-sized mattress:

  • Put your mattress and box springs in a mattress bag first; this is to ensure that they stay in good shape and are not easily damaged during the journey.
  • You will start loading with the box spring first; put it into the van from the rear door at a 45-degree angle, and make it rest on the wall that divides the driver and passenger seats.
  • Place your mattress on top of the box spring directly.
  • You can load your other items in the space below the mattress, and you can put the other items into the van through the passenger’s door side.

FAQ about 9 foot cargo van!

Will a queen bed frame fit in a Uhaul van?

With the right approach, you can comfortably place a queen-size mattress, a box spring, and multiple boxes in your U-Haul van cargo rental.

A U-Haul cargo van also has enough space to carry essential household items for your door rooms, small apartments, and studio apartments.

Can a cargo van fit a queen mattress and box spring?

A queen-size mattress and a box spring can fit into a cargo van. A cargo can typically carry more than just your queen mattress and box spring.

This cargo can carry other household essentials from your small apartments, studio apartments, and dorm room without any damage incurred on these items during transportation.

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What size of U Haul truck rental do I need for a queen bed?

U-Haul offers a wide rental range for various moves. U-Haul has a pickup truck, a cargo for small movements, and other big sized moving trucks for big moves. A queen-sized bed will fit into U-Haul’s cargo van and the pickup truck when you angle the mattress. All other moving trucks on U-Haul will comfortably carry a queen-sized mattress bending the bed.

What size truck do you need to move a king-size mattress?

A king-size mattress will adequately sit into a 10-foot truck.  U-Haul’s 10-foot truck is the smallest box truck available for One-way long-distance moves and local In-Town moves.

A 10foot truck will confidently carry a king-size bed and frame, two end tables, a four-piece dining room table, a loveseat, and it also leaves extra room for your essential household items.  However we suggest the medium 15 Foot Uhaul as most ideal for kind bed size and few items.

Summary of 9′ cargo van!

The U-Haul 9′ cargo van is a decent moving van for short moves. They have excellent fuel efficiency and are suitable for small apartment moves, studio moves, and dorm room moves. The Uhaul 9ft cargo van can transport a queen-size mattress at an angle but cannot haul a king-size bed. A king-size mattress has an overall greater dimension than what these cargo vans can stomach.

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Truths about 9 Cargo Van and What Can Fit Into Uhaul 9ft Cargo Van Inside?

U-Haul has a decent fleet of 9′ cargo van as well different sizes of box trucks for rent. But what can it move? Can a Uhaul 9ft cargo van really fit a Queen mattress? In
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