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Ryder is one of the largest companies that provide vehicle leasing and rental services. They have over 800 outlets all over the world. Ryder leases and rents out vehicles like trucks, semi-trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, and so on.

Their cargo van rental is popular in the U.S with wide availability even for those moving to new home, studio apartment or just few personal belongings.

Please note that no van is big enough to haul a three-bedroom home, as you”ll a bigger 26 ft movers. But if you are wondering whether Ryder cargo van rental has unlimited mileage, the answer is no. Ryder charges a flat rate per mile.

In this article, you will learn about Ryder Cargo van rentals; whether they offer unlimited miles options or not on their cargo van rentals which is about 14 ft long. 

Are There Ryder Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage?

The simple answer is no, Ryder does not offer the option of unlimited mileage for its cargo vans.  Unlimited mileage implies that the rental cargo van can travel any distance without incurring any extra charges and Ryder doesn’t have such an offer.

At Ryder, all cargo vans come with mileage restrictions, which consequently means that you are liable and must pay for every mile you exceed as stated in the rental contract. Don’t go to Ryder for cargo vans if you would prefer unlimited mileage. 

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What is Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage?

Usually, when you get a cargo van from most rental companies, you pay what you are charged for the number of miles you drive using the cargo van.

A few companies, however, offer cargo van rental with unlimited mileage. What this means is that instead of charging you per mile, you will have no restrictions as to how many miles you can drive with the rental van. You will have the freedom to drive as far as you wish without having to worry about extra charges. 

What Companies Offer Cargo Van Unlimited Miles?

As you already know, companies like Ryder don’t offer unlimited mileage for cargo vans. But several other companies do and they are as follows,

  • Penske 
  • National Car Rental
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Ace Rent A Car
  • Avis

Once you find the one that best suits your business or personal needs, you are good to go!

Branded Ryder company van with a trolley

Ryder Cargo Van Rental Prices

How much does it cost to rent a cargo van from Ryder? As you might already know, Ryder cargo van rental prices are relatively affordable.

Ryder’s cargo van rental prices are between $0.02 and $0.08 for every mile on their cargo van rentals.

Their weekly fee for cargo van usage is about $35 per day, and the mileage charge is usually added to the fee.  So, if you are looking for a vehicle rental company with unlimited mileage, Ryder is not the right choice.

Penske is a better choice because they offer unlimited mileage on various vehicles, including cargo vans in a their rental locations. View Penske leasing deals here!

Unlimited Mileage Cargo van rental: Pros and Cons

With unlimited mileage, clients can pay lesser rental costs. Since you are not paying for every mile driven, the rental fee is lesser than those paying for every mile driven.

This is a convenient option for small businesses that have a small budget. Besides, it is a viable option for people who make long-distance moves. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies provide this option in their rental services.

This is because the company offering the option would make less money renting out its cargo van than those that charge for every mile driven. Moreover, these deals are often more expensive than deals with mileage restrictions. 

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How to reserve Ryder Cargo Van

Ryder makes it possible for people to make reservations for vehicles online. All you need to complete the reservation is:

  • Two forms of identification.
  • A credit card to make a deposit.
  • Proof of insurance coverage.

You can also make reservations over the phone with any of their outlets spread across the country.

However, you must know that the company offers round trip moves alone before you rent a Ryder cargo van.  So, you have to return the cargo van to the pickup location.  

Why should you choose Ryder Cargo rental van with limited miles?

Ryder is a reliable vehicle rental company that rents out cargo vans at a fair price. Even though they charge for every mile driven, their rental rates are not exorbitant.

Besides, they have a wide variety of brands of cargo vans to suit your needs.  Additionally, they offer reliable roadside assistance to their clients. They also have insurance policies that are flexible to suit your business needs.

Lady talks with a female van driver

How good is Ryder customer service?

Ryder customer service is fairly good. They have received poor ratings on multiple occasions due to their inattention to customer issues, but the company has adjusted over time.

As a result, positive feedback has emerged in recent months, and their response time is excellent as Ryder outlets continue to expand (there are currently 500,000 in the U.S. alone).

Ryder’s quality rentals and their improving customer service are why you should give them a shot, and not be discouraged by previous negative reviews.

Ryder van vs pickup truck

Despite their many similarities, the differences between these trucks are determined by their intended use. 

Ryder cargo vans’ enclosed interiors ensure that your belongings arrive in perfect condition. If you need to transport expensive or delicate cargo, Ryder cargo vans are the best option. 

Pickup trucks, on the other hand, have similar capabilities but stronger engines and greater stability. They have a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs to tow larger trucks. Their open truck bed is ideal for small-area deliveries and can accommodate cargo that would not fit in the enclosed interior of Ryder vans.

FAQ About Unlimited Mile!

What is Ryder movers and how reliable?

Ryder movers is a professional moving service that makes your relocation easier. They offer to relieve the stress of a stressful relocation by handling the packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and rearranging household items.

Their agents have a proven track record of delivering and providing quality services. With Ryder movers, you can rest assured that your cargo, no matter how valuable, will be moved with care and delivered without damage.

Do Ryder rent passenger vans?

Ryder has a limited number of passenger vans available for rent. Ryder offers a diverse selection of vans, including sprinter vans, cargo vans, straight trucks, semi-trucks, and box trucks, the majority of which are built for heavy-duty lifting.

It will probably be necessary to convert one of the available spaces in these vans into passenger seats. Moreover, vans such as Ryder’s Mercedes sprinter have an option for 12-14 passenger seats and can suit your passenger accommodations.

Male worker move boxes with hand trolley

How much is 26-foot truck sizes bigger than cargo van?

A 26-foot truck is much larger than a typical Ryder cargo van. The volume of a 26-foot moving truck is about 1,700 cubic feet, and it can transport more than 9,000 lbs of home items and furniture, whereas a cargo van can only hold about 500 cubic feet and a maximum of 4,000 lbs.  

The size and capacity of 26-foot trucks make them the largest truck you can rent to move home items in the current truck rental industry.

How does an unlimited mileage lease for truck work?

When you get your truck unlimited miles lease, it means that you will be covering more miles throughout the contract’s duration.

Consequently, the residual value of the truck at the end of the lease will be considerably less than a limited mileage contract. An unlimited mileage lease for Ryder trucks is rare and almost always applies to used trucks. 

Fleet of white delivery van

How can a new renter use a high mileage lease calculator?

Before you can seamlessly and efficiently use a high mileage calculator as a new renter, you must first understand what high mileage leasing is all about in the first place.

A high mileage lease simply implies that you are buying a lease that lets you get in more mileage than the typical car lease. This generally results in having to pay additional fees to cover the extra mileage.

Also understand that when you lease a truck, you’ll be paying for the depreciation (the value the truck loses while you have it). There are several reliable websites with high mileage lease calculators to help you. 

The average flat rate moving truck rental vs vans?

The average flat rate moving truck rental goes for about $1,550, as the cost stands anywhere between $130 for an in-city move to $3,250 for a long-distance move. The size of the rental truck and the distance of the move determines the exact fees. 

The flat rate for moving vans, on the other hand, is $51 per day. Of course, it varies wildly depending on the rental company in question, the size of the van, and the distance of the move. 

Who offers the best cargo van rental deals?

Many cargo van rentals come to mind whenever this question pops up, including Alamo Services, Penske Truck Rentals, U-Haul, Budget Truck Rental, National Car Rentals, and Enterprise Trucks Rental.

But Ryder, which is officially known as Ryder System, Inc., comes tops. They offer some of the best cargo van rental deals in the country. 

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Pros and cons of cheap van leasing unlimited mileage


Leasing unlimited mileage allows you to get more mileage out of your van. Deals like this are very common with used vans. But that doesn’t imply that you can’t get new cars, it’s just rare. 


Although they exist, they are not common. They are also very expensive as you will mostly be paying more for the vehicle (close to full market value) and still end up with no asset in the end. 

What are the benefits of renting a cargo van for moving one way?

If you are moving long-distance to a new city, you will require a cargo moving van rental that offers favorable one-way deals since returning the truck would be a waste of time. 

The following are the benefits of one way rental cargo vans for moving: 

  • You will save time as you will only need to go once and not have to return the truck to the exact place you rented it. 
  • It makes long-distance relocations cheap and affordable. 
  • You are able to supervise the move and ensure the safety of all your things. 

Where to get the best cargo van rental one way out of state deals?

The best cargo van out-of-state is between Penske and Budget Truck Rental, but the latter offers more deals. Budget is known for its long-distance moves, good rates for large trucks, and most importantly, plenty of discounts. 

Some of the discounts include: 

  • 20% off (on Sunday) and 10% off (on Friday) truck rentals for AARP members,
  • 20% truck discount for the military,
  • 20% (for local moves) and 15% (one-way moves) for students, Motor Club members, Bar Association members, and Police, Fire and EMT personnel.

Does Ryder have a compact cargo van rental service?

A compact cargo truck has the following features: 

  • 2-person seating capacity, 
  • up to 1,480 lbs payload capacity, an average of 24 MOG, and 
  • interior dimensions of 83″ x 52″ x 48″ (LxHxW). 

Ryder does not have a cargo van with these features in its fleets. 

Who rents cargo vans and competes with Ryder?

Like Ryder, Enterprise also rents out cargo vans and they are a notable business rival. Enterprise is known for its great customer relations and highly competitive pricing.

If you need a cargo van to ever move in-between cities, Enterprise offers some of the best deals in the market.

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Rent cargo van for moving discounts – Ryder Vs Penske Vs Uhaul

Removing a moving truck is essentially the same with every rental company. But not all companies offer great moving discounts. 

Ryder. Besides its easy booking and cancellation processes, Ryder offers little or no discounts.  

Penske. Easily the best truck rental company for long-distance moves and they offer a wide range of discounts. 

U-Haul. U-Haul offers affordable rates with a broad range of options to choose from.

Do Ryder offer work van rental?

Yes, Ryder offers work van rental and is an industry authority on this particular line of rental vans.

Their Sprinter vans from Ryder are comfortable, fuel-efficient commercial vans, and they will serve you extra cargo space. If you get a work van from Ryder, the van will actually do the work. 

Best cargo truck rental deals and discounts 2022

The best cargo truck rental deals and discounts for 2022 are available at Budget Truck Rentals and they include the following: 

  • 20% off (on Sunday) and 10% off (on Friday) truck rentals for AARP members. 
  • 20% truck discount for the military 
  • 20% (for local moves) and 15% (one-way moves) for students, Motor Club members, Bar Association members, and Police, Fire and EMT personnel.


Unlimited mileage rental plans are suitable for small businesses. However, Ryder doesn’t have this plan for their cargo van rentals.

Nevertheless, they have affordable cargo van rental deals that are ideal for small businesses. If you choose a company that offers unlimited mileage plans for their cargo van rentals, ensure that you read the terms of the agreement carefully.

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