Ryder Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage

Ryder Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage & Moving Truck

Ryder is one of the largest companies that provide vehicle leasing and rental services. They have over 800 outlets all over the world.

Ryder leases and rents out vehicles like trucks, semi-trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, and so on.

Their cargo van rental is popular in the U.S, but if you are wondering whether Ryder cargo van rental has unlimited mileage, the answer is no. Ryder charges a flat rate per mile.

In this article, you will learn about Ryder Cargo van rentals; whether they offer unlimited mileage options or not on their cargo van rentals.  

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What is Cargo van rental unlimited mileage?

Cargo van rental unlimited mileage simply means that you can rent a cargo van without being restricted to the number of miles you can drive.

While some companies offer this option to their clients, others don’t.

Usually, companies that limit the number of miles charge their clients for the number of miles they drive.

Does Ryder offer unlimited Mileage for their Cargo Vans?

Ryder does not have the option of unlimited mileage for its cargo vans.

Their cargo vans have a mileage restriction, so you pay an extra amount whenever you exceed the mile stipulated in the agreement.

They charge between $0.02 and $0.08 for every mile on their cargo van rentals.

Their weekly fee for cargo van usage is about $35 per day, and the mileage charge is usually added to the fee. 

So, if you are looking for a vehicle rental company with unlimited mileage, Ryder is not the right choice.

Penske is a better choice because they offer unlimited mileage on various vehicles, including cargo vans. View Penske leasing deals here!

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What companies offer unlimited mileage for cargo vans?

Some of the few companies that offer unlimited mileage for cargo vans to their clients include:

  • Penske 
  • National Car Rental
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Ace Rent A Car
  • Avis

What Is Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage?

Unlimited Mileage Cargo van rental: Pros and Cons

With unlimited mileage, clients can pay lesser rental costs. Since you are not paying for every mile driven, the rental fee is lesser than those paying for every mile driven.

This is a convenient option for small businesses that have a small budget. 

Besides, it is a viable option for people who make long-distance moves. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies provide this option in their rental services.

This is because the company offering the option would make less money renting out its cargo van than those that charge for every mile driven.

Moreover, these deals are often more expensive than deals with mileage restrictions. 

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How to reserve Ryder Cargo Van

Ryder makes it possible for people to make reservations for vehicles online. All you need to complete the reservation is:

  • Two forms of identification.
  • A credit card to make a deposit.
  • Proof of insurance coverage.

You can also make reservations over the phone with any of their outlets spread across the country.

However, you must know that the company offers round trip moves alone before you rent a Ryder cargo van.

So, you have to return the cargo van to the pickup location.  

Why should you choose Ryder Cargo rental van with limited mileage?

Ryder is a reliable vehicle rental company that rents out cargo vans at a fair price. Even though they charge for every mile driven, their rental rates are not exorbitant.

Besides, they have a wide variety of brands of cargo vans to suit your needs.

Additionally, they offer reliable roadside assistance to their clients.

They also have insurance policies that are flexible to suit your business needs.

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What Companies Offer Unlimited Mileage For Cargo VansUnlimited mileage rental plans are suitable for small businesses.

However, Ryder doesn’t have this plan for their cargo van rentals.

Nevertheless, they have affordable cargo van rental deals that are ideal for small businesses.

If you choose a company that offers unlimited mileage plans for their cargo van rentals, ensure that you read the terms of the agreement carefully.