Facts about Ryder Truck Rental Cost for Different Sizes and Moves?

Ryder Truck Rental Rates

Ryder Truck Rental is one of the biggest truck rental companies in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Florida and a location in virtually every major city and town across the country.

You can lease and rent different types of trucks from Ryder. In this post, you will be finding out the types of trucks available for rent and the rental rates.

Ryder Trucks and Rental Rates

  1. Ryder box truck rental

Ryder has plenty of box trucks available for rent. The best thing about Ryder Box trucks is that they are lightweight and very easy to drive. You should find no problem manoeuvring a Ryder box truck through a city centre.

The box truck has a storage volume of 960 cubic feet and it is rented at about $108 per day.

  1. Ryder straight truck rental

The Straight truck is bigger than the box truck. In fact, it is almost two times as big as the box truck (it is 1,600 cubic feet). Other features of this truck include a ramp, hydraulic gates, and power steering.

The Ryder straight truck is 26-foot long and costs about $140 a day.

  1. Ryder Sleeper Tractor rental

This is an advanced machine that is very capable of long distance transport. It comes with a comfy bed to ensure you sleep very comfortably whenever you need to.

This truck sleeper tractor should only be hired if you already have a compatible trailer. It will cost you about $220 a day.

  1. Ryder single and tandem axle tractor rental

Ryder also rents single and tandem axle tractors at affordable rates. You can get a single axle tractor for just $175 a day from Ryder. The Ryder tandem axle tractor goes for about $195 a day.

  1. Ryder refrigerated truck

The Ryder refrigerated truck is perfect for transporting food, medicine, and other cargo that requires low temperatures.

It has an impressive load capacity of 13,000 pounds and all the electronics to ensure your cargo is in the right temperatures at all times.

The biggest refrigerator truck is 26-foot long and the smallest is 22-foot long. It costs just $200 a day to rent a Ryder refrigerated truck.

What are Ryder Truck Rental Rates Per Mile & Other Factors?

Types of Moves With Ryder

There are two types of moves you can choose when using Ryder to relocate. You can go for a local move or a long distance move.

  1. Local move

As the name of this move suggest, it is the Ryder service you should choose if you want to move within a relatively short distance.

You will almost always pay less when you go for a local move because it does not entail you staying with the vehicle for a long time.

  1. Long distance move

If you are relocating over a long distance, it is important to go for the long distance move service offered by Ryder.

This service is appropriate for those who are relocating between places far away from each other because it is very competitively priced.

The only thing people do not like about Ryder is the fact that it only provides round-trip rentals over a long distance. No one-way moves.

This is not appropriate for people who simply want to use a moving truck and dump it at the nearest company location (as is the case with Budget Trucks and U-Haul services).

Popular Queries / Answers!

Does Ryder charge per mile?

Yes, it does. Most locations charge about 99 cents per mile during weekdays and about $1.25 per mile during weekends.

How much does it cost to rent a Ryder semi-truck?

It costs about $220 per day to rent a Ryder semi-truck in most Ryder locations across the US. View full semi rental here!

Does Ryder rent trucks for personal use?

Unfortunately, Ryder no longer offers its trucks for private or personal use. All its trucks are for commercial relocation use only.

Can anyone rent from Ryder?

Yes, if you have the money and the deposit, you can easily rent a Ryder truck from any Ryder location.

Does Ryder accept debit cards?

Yes, it does according to its website. However, this most likely depends on the location/store you are making your reservation from.

Does Ryder offer one way truck rental?

Unfortunately Ryder does no offer one-way truck rental. All its long distance and short distance truck rentals are round trip rentals.

How much does it cost to rent a tractor from Ryder?

It costs about $220 a day to rent a Ryder sleeper tractor.

Who is bigger Ryder or Penske?

Penske is the bigger company between the two. See our tips about Penske 12 foot truck here!


Ryder is one of the major truck rental companies in the USA. It offers affordable truck rentals in many locations across the country. While its prices are affordable, you have to be aware that it does not offer one-way moves. You must return a Ryder truck to the location you rented it from.