Top Self Drive Minibus Hire Services in United Kingdom: Colchester, Telford, Oxford, London, Bristol etc

Overview of Self Drive Minibus Hire

Whether you want a minibus to take your family on a tour, to use as a crew van, or to use for business, this article will show you the best companies that rent minibuses in the United Kingdom.

There are dozens of services across UK towns and cities including Oxford, Colchester, Telford, London, Wakefield, Newcastle, Leicester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Essex, Kent, North East, Gloucestershire, York, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Medway Kent, Leeds WY, West Midlands, Hull and many more!

Without wasting time, here are the best self-drive minibus hire companies.

Self Drive Minibus Hire in UK Cities

  1. Sixt Self Drive Minibus Hires

Sixt is a German multinational company with numerous branches across the world. The company has a strong presence in the UK where it hires many types of vehicles including well-maintained self-drive minibus rentals. The rentals including seven and seventeen-seater minibuses at cheap daily/ weekly rates.

Sixt is best known for its excellent customer service, extensive branch network, and reliable minibuses. Therefore, if you want a pleasant experience hiring and using self-drive minibuses, it is one of the companies you should strongly think about.

The type of self-drive minibuses you can hire from Sixt include the VW Caddy (7-seater minibus), the Citroen Berlingo (7-seater minibus), and the Ford Tourneo (9-seater minibus). Sixt also rents a 17-seater self-drive minibus for big groups.

Sixt is found in all the important airports and train stations across the UK. In terms of cities, Sixt has a presence in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheshire, Croydon, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Reading, and Sheffield.

  1. Enterprise Self-Drive Mini Bus Rental

Enterprise is one of the leading vehicle rental companies in the world. The company has thousands of branches across the world and it is one of the leading vehicle hiring companies in the UK.

Among the types of vehicles Enterprise rents are self-drive minibuses aka people-carriers. These vans are commonly rented by families for tours. They are also rented for transporting people to and from special event venues.

The most popular self-drive minibuses in the UK are 9-seater minibuses such as the Ford Transit Custom Tourneo.

The best thing about Enterprise’s minibuses is that they all have seats fitted with ISOFIX to make it easy to add child seats.

They also have air conditioning, parking sensors, and cruise control. These things make them more convenient to use than buses from other vehicle rental companies.

  1. Wests Self-Drive Hire

This company is a vehicle rental company that has been operating in the UK for over five decades.

It is a family-run independent business in England’s South East. You can rent various types of vehicles from this Essex and East London-based company.

The types of minibus vehicles you can hire from this company to drive yourself, your family, or a group to whatever destination in England include 7-seater minibus, a 9-seater minibus, a 12-seater minibus, a 15-seater minibus, and a 17 seat minibus.

This firm’s minibuses are relatively cheap and they include breakdown cover, insurance, VAT, and a 150-mile per day mileage allowance.

However, it does not include the company’s standard security deposit, which is 500 pounds.  While a security deposit is expected, some might consider 500 pounds to be too much.

  1. 5th Gear Ltd

This is a very solid car hire and van rental company. In its expansive fleet, this company has got several types of minibuses. The minibuses include 15 seat and 17 seat minibuses.

If you choose to hire a minibus from this company, you should know that you can easily do it online. There is no need for you to visit a branch.

You should also know that the firm has branches across the UK including in all major city centers and airports, where you can easily and conveniently pick the vehicle you book online.

self drive minibus hire

  1. Nationwide Hire UK

This company specializes in providing quality cars, vans, and minibuses for rent across the UK. Its vehicles can be rented for both commercial and private use.

This company’s self-drive minibus rental rate is relatively cheap. However, this is not the best thing about it.

The best thing about it is that the company offers a delivery and collection service. In other words, when you rent a minibus from this company, it will delivered to you and it can be collected from you in any location.

It costs about 120 pounds per day to hire a self-drive minibus from this firm. The types of minibus that can be hired include the 5 seat Vauxhall Zafira and the 7 seat Galaxy with AC.

  1. Van Hire Genie

Van Hire Genie is a reputable van hire company from which you can rent a self-drive minibus in many places in the UK. You can rent a 15 passenger minibus or a 17 seater minibus from this company.

All of this company’s 17 seat minibuses come with roadside assistance and insurance. They can be hired with or without a driver.

This company’s 17 seater minibuses can be driven to Europe because they have Europe cover. This makes them perfect for touring Europe’s famous cities such as Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, and Berlin.

This company’s 15 seat minibuses can also be taken abroad because they have Europe cover.

In addition to its 15 and 17 seater minibuses, this company also has a 9 seater minibus that you can hire. The minibus has AC, leather seats, and automatic transmission.

You can rent a minibus from this rental hire agency in Acton, Barnet, Brixton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Dulwich, Greenwich, Kent, Oxford, Stansted Airport, Twickenham, Wembley, and many other locations.

  1. Van Rental UK

This company is one of the biggest and most popular minibus hire companies in the UK.

The most popular minibus it rents is a 17 seat minibus, which is perfect for both leisure and business.

You can hire this firm’s minibuses in Cambridge, Maidstone, Bournemouth, Norwich, Chester, Leicester, Coventry, Bedford, and London Heathrow.

 You can rent a quality self-drive minibus in the UK from Sixt, Enterprise, Wests, Nationwide, Van Rental UK, Van Hire Genie, and 5th Gear Ltd.