Facts about 2 Bedroom Super Sleeper Truck Interior and Cost of Semi Truck Sleepers (Watch VIDEO)

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Are you looking for vital information about 2 bedroom super sleeper truck interior as well benefits, cost, pros and cons of these super luxury sleeper cabs?

Then this special report from our site is researched and released for you. We know as an owner operator or fleet owner, having a private place for you or your drivelegal parking spots to rest in or sleep in with comfort and reliability and overall performance, will remain endearing to you!

So, how much is a semi-truck with sleeper? Should you buy brand new super sleeper semi or just cab, customized or used ones with a bathroom with a toilet and a shower, as well customized with personal desk, sofa, table, small fridge, double bunks, sleeper climate control.

Carefully read this detailed guide from our site for all your answers, as well how much does it cost to rent a semitruck for a week and for a month!

Why 2 Bedroom Super Sleeper Truck Interior?

A lot of sleeper tractors are basic with a simple build. Some of them, however, especially the modern ones, such as the 2 bedroom super sleeper lorry, have more sophisticated interiors. 

Some years ago, long-haul drivers were comfortable with the basic sleeper cabin in the market, and for a while, that is what manufacturers provided.

But as time went on and drivers began spending more time on the road, the demand for more comfortable tractor trailer bedroom  flooded the market.

And since then, manufacturers have responded with some of the most impressive sleeper cab and semi bedroom designs and today, even 2 driver bedroom has emerged on the market. Here is full details of semi trucking length with 53′ trailer dimensions!

What Are Benefits of 2 Bedroom Luxury Sleepers?

The major benefit of a 2 room luxury sleeper cabin designed for long haul is the comfort it provides to the owner and customers daily life.

The inside of 2 bedroom super sleeper are way bigger than normal sleeper trucks, and they have enough space to guarantee that people don’t bump into each other.

For lone truckers, this extra bedroom can serve as additional storage space, which can come in handy at any time. When storing a lot of items, space won’t be an issue in this type of type 18 wheeler bedroom.

2 bedroom super sleeper truck interior

Interior features of 2-bedroom Super Sleeper Interior

The 2 bedroom semi with sleeper are generally more spacious and their design incorporates a toilet and shower, as well as customized space that features desks, sofas, tables, miniature refrigerators, double bunks sleeper climate controls. Usually, they also come with microwaves and even televisions.

Brand Name

Model  Size (inches)


Peterbilt 579 ARI 156 $149,000 – $219,000
Volvo VNL T700 123.7 $147,000 – $149,000
Peterbilt  567 Heritage 168 $149,000 – $220,000
Mack B Anthem 70 $145,000 – $185,000

How Much is a Semi Truck With Sleeper Cost?  

The semi tractor with sleeper are generally expensive to purchase and maintain but are worth every penny over time. A fairly used 18 wheeler with sleeper, for instance, will go for anything from as low as $40,000 to as high as $150,000.

On the other hand, a new tractor trailer with a sleeper (custom made) will cost you nothing less than $200,000. Most brands offer total customization for your semi-truck.

The ultimate cost of whichever semis with a sleeper you get will depend on the brand, model, features, and size, to mention but a few. 

Average Price of New Semis with Sleeper by Manufacturer


Minimum price

Maximum price

Tesla $150,000 $200,000
Kenworth  $75,000 $205,000
Peterbilt $149,000 $185,000
Freightliner $125,000 $160,000
Volvo $147,000 $175,000

What Is Semi Truck Sleeper Cab and Benefits?

As you probably already know, a sleeping cab means a sleeper or a sleeper cabin, and it is the compartment located behind the driver’s area of a semi-truck with at least one-bed sleeper.

Depending on the brand and model of the rig, with sleeper cabin can feature other amenities, such as a bath room, refrigerator, workstation, microwave, TV, and so on.

What’s the Primary Benefit?

With a semi sleeper area intact, long-haul drivers can save money on accommodation and sleep comfortably in their vehicle instead of in a motel.

This way, they can easily meet on and off-duty time requirements conveniently. A point of note is that a sleeper cabin is also called a semi cabin.

18 wheeler with bed

How Much Does a Standard Sleeper Cab Cost?

A lot of the requests we’ve been fielding have been about the cost of the sleeper extension. “How much does a truck cab cost?” “How much does a sleeper cost?” 

A cab typically comes with a semi-truck. But if you are looking to get just the sleeper area, you can expect to pay an average of $55,000 for a standard new one, and a bit less for a used types.

Again, the price will vary widely depending on the size, customization, and level of finishing, to mention a few. A customized luxury version, however, cost around $150,000. An example of a popular and highly sought after is the Peterbilt cab and Mack black. 

You should expect to spend between $50,000 and a $250,000 to acquire a sleeper cabin. Generally, the more spend, the higher the quality.

What is Super Sleeper Semi – Dimensions, Interior?

Before we jump right into new or used super sleeper-semi dimensions, let’s, first of all, understand what a super cab is. 

What Exactly is a Semi Super Sleeper? As you know, a standard features a 1-bed arrangement for the trucker and maybe a miniature fridge and other petty amenities. That is about it, it is pretty basic.

In contrast, a super sleeper cabin is a brilliant cross of an RV (recreational vehicle) and a big rig (semi-trailer). The size typically ranges from 97 to 180 inches.

Big truck interior bed

Some features of a super sleeper include: 

  • Bath room and toilet. 
  • Washer and dryer.
  • Sink.
  • Miniature freezer. 
  • Microwave. 
  • Stovetop. 
  •  Multiple tables. 
  • Flat-screen TV.
  • Storage cabinets.
  • Auxiliary heater and air conditioner. 

With that said, the super semi price is not cheap. But once you see the inside, you will see that it is worth it. An example is the Peterbilt super sleeper interior. 

How much does it cost especially Peterbilt? A super sleeper-semi cost can easily go over $200,000. For example, a Peterbilt super sleeper price could be as high as $220,000 and a brand-new Freightliner super sleeper cost could reach $400,000. 

What are the Average Interior Dimensions of Top brands/model


Model  Dimension (inches)
FREIGHTLINER Classic XL 80 x 40
Navistar Sky-Rise Pro 77 x 72 or 51
Mack CX 613 Vision 48 x 80

Which is The Biggest Truck Sleeper in The World?

The big sleeper are unique for several reasons, chief of which is the comfort it provides to drivers driving really long distances. This section of the article will cover what semis has the biggest sleeping space. 

At 306 inches long, 100.7 inches wide, and 116.2 inches tall, the 2016 Freightliner Cascadia with an AA Custom Semi Sleeper-Cab is among of the biggest sleeper in the world on a semi. 

Clearly, the biggest semi sleeper cabin in the world will also have some of the most amenities a cab has to offer. Also, something as big as these big bunk sleeper for sale will be understandably more expensive than a standard design. 

With that said about the biggest semi sleeper, there are other big rig sleeper cabins. Examples include Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft, 2020 Volvo VNL with 180″ ARI Legacy Sleeper, and 2016 Kenworth W900 ICT 180″ Custom Sleeper.

Heavy duty ruck interior

How Much Does A Semi Truck Cost?

Just before we talk about brand new semi-truck prices, be reminded that semi-trucks are ‘big rigs,’ or ’18-wheelers’. So, what is the average brand new semi price as well used models?

The cost of new models varies widely depending on brand, model, size, and other features. The cheapest new semi will be around $40,000.

But at an 18 wheeler price, a new size (in case you are wondering) can cost as high as $120,000. If you would like a custom feature, it can go up to $160,000 and over. 

If the high cost of a brand semi is a strain on your budget, a used auto might be a more suitable option. The average cost of a used semi is around $70,000. While cheaper, it may require a lot more maintenance than a new semi. 


Model Base Price (new) Price for used
Tesla Founders Series  $200,000
Kenworth T880 $170,000 $74,000
Peterbilt 597 $149,000 $54,000
Volvo VNL64T760 $147,000 $53,000
Freightliner Cascadia $150,000 $629,000

Facts About Luxury Semi Trucks 

There are standard semis and there are luxury semi inside design. These unique luxury tractor trailer inside are the ultimate. A luxury semi-truck can take up to 80,000 pounds of weight. 

Why are Luxury Semis Special? The big rig drivers drive day and night for days over long distances. Throughout, they would need to pee, use the toilet, and most importantly sleep.

A luxury sleeper is optimized to serve these needs and more. Even a cursory glance at a luxury will reveal how comfortable it makes the drivers. 

They typically have amenities, such as beds, tables, refrigerators, flat screen TV, cabinets, closets lavatory and toilet, a washer and dryer, microwave, storage cabinets, an auxiliary heater, and air conditioner. 

As an example, the Mack Super-Liner is the costliest luxury 18 wheeler at more than $1 million.

Heavy-duty semi trailer truck

What is An Extended Cab Semi Truck?

As you might expect, a semi-truck extended cab, describes a regular cab with an extreme room situated just behind the front seats. 

If a standard sleeping version features a bed, fridge, and other basic amenities behind the drive, an extended cab tractor trailer has even more room, measuring anywhere between 97 inches and 180 inches. An extended cab semi price can easily go over $200,000. 


  • Extended semi are understandably more expensive than standard sleeper cabins. This is in addition to maintenance costs. 
  • As a result of the multiple amenities, these semis are typically heavy, which can lead to reduced fuel efficiency. 
  • Also, they are usually longer than normal, so much so that they might exceed the maximum legal length of 65 feet. A longer cab means a shorter trailer, which consequently translates to fewer goods hauled and less revenue. Furthermore, a longer trailer requires more skilled and experienced drivers to maneuver. 


  • It allows drivers to get better rest and comfort. 
  • It creates more room for team driving. 
  • It saves you the time and money you would have otherwise wasted at trucking stops and accommodations respectively. 
  • An extended cab has more prestige on the road. 

Heavy duty truck illustration

How Does 18 Wheeler Sleeper Cab Inside Look Like

An 18 wheeler sleeper-cab is usually more comfortable than a non-sleeper. The area between the front seats is a mini RV. A semi usually has charging ports, storage areas, a kitchenette, a lavatory, lighting options, and cooking devices.

A big rig has more amenities than regular ones; you will be surprised by the number of features you will see in them. They are very comfortable.  RELATED:  Pro guide about rental liftgate by Home-Depot and Uhaul!

Are There Semi Truck With Bathroom and Toilet or Shower?

Do sleeper have bathrooms? Many modern sleeper come with bath and a toilet. Examples include the Volvo VNL Expedite Truck, the Freightliner Cascadia Extended Sleeper (even with a roof sleeper), and the ARI Legacy Sleeper.

While some manufacturers build sleeper with a bath room, most sleeper with a bath are custom built, including kitchen featuring a stove, a countertop, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

FAQ About Tractors With Sleeping Areas!

What is ARI legacy sleepers price?

How much does an ARI sleeper cost? A basic ARI costs about $50,000, while a well-built quality sleepers ARI for sale costs about $200,000. Some of the best quality and feature-rich new custom AR.I sleeper cost more than $250,000.

ARI are expensive because they are essentially RVs. They come with a full-size bed, a bath, FM stereo, a cookhouse, and a sitting/lounging area.

They are like mini hotels. With an A.R.I. sleeper, you can sleep just about anywhere you are legally allowed to park a overnight. No need to use a hotel or motel.

Driving truck on highway

Why are Used Sleeper  Semi Trucks for Sale so Popular with Rich Customers?

The used sleeper for sale are popular for several reasons. Below are the main ones:

  1. Used sleeper are cheaper

Compared to brand new sleeper, used sleeper models are generally much cheaper. This is because they are used.

Many businesses buy used sleeper every year and most of the vehicle tend to be in excellent condition. This means, it can be used for many years without presenting any significant problems.

  1. Used sleepers last long

Most used semi sleeper tend to be tough and last long. Because used or old feature less electronics and more old school parts, they tend to be easier to repair in most auto shops.

  1. They are more comfortable than non-sleeper

Used semi sleepers are way more comfortable than non-sleeper. Since they have a sleeping compartment, it means the driver can rest or sleep inside them when parked in a legal parking spot for semi-trucks and trailers. Discover where to park Uhaul overnight with guaranteed safety!

  1. More features and amenities

There are some used big bunk sleeper models that parades even more features and amenities, though not as versatile as custom sleepers. The area behind the 2 front seats is essentially a mini RV as well larger sleeping area.

The area often has a kitchenette, charging spots, storage areas, cooking devices, lighting options such as a reading light, and a bath room.

Are there day cab sleeper?

Yes, there are. Day cab are also known as semi cabs minus a sleeper area. They come in tandem drive axles and single axles. Day cab came before even sleeper were invented. They come in different specifications and you can find them in several models. 

Van dring on highway

How big is Kenworth super sleeper T680 sleeper cabin?

There are various sizes available for a Kenworth T680 sleeper cabin. These sizes range from 52 to 76 inches in length. While Kenworth T680 mattress size is 38-inch by 80-inch.

Given its sizes, the Kenworth T680 sleeper cabin can be referred to as a “home on wheels.” In some cases, they also have condos, which provide a cozy environment for living and working. And talking about Kenworth super sleeper price for T680 – average price range is $170,000

This amazing Kenworth sleeper configuration options offer a spacious, modern, and elegant internal. The wide range of benefits that come with the T680 sleeper cabin include a bigger sleeper space, great comfort, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Unique features of tandem axle sleeper tractor

There are several unique features of tandem axle sleeper tractors. First, tandem sleeper tractors are bigger than single axle tractors, more comfortable to sleep or rest in.

Second, they come with more internal amenities such as kitchenette, lavatory, storage areas, and several more features.

Why custom sleeper semi trucks very expensive?

Custom semi sleeper for sale are those designed to the specifications of their owners. They tend to be much more costly than ordinary models.

For example, most custom models tend to have bigger or double bunks, a cookhouse, a wash-room, and much more, thereby making custom sleeper more expensive than standard sleeper.

What is Peterbilt 567 sleeper sizes bed

What size bed is in a Peterbilt sleeper? It depends on the model. Some models have massive beds while others have small beds. For example, the Peterbilt 567 has a 42-inch bedding in its sleeper.

While this couch may seem big, it is only half the size of the 82-inch in the sleeper of the Peterbilt 579 model.

How do truckers stay warm in night cab truck?

First, many truckers carry with them thick blankets for maximum warmth at night. Second, many truckers have a heater to warm up their sleeping compartment and help them stay warm and cozy at night.

Third, many truckers nowadays use a heated mattress pad to stay warm in their night cab, at night.  Lastly, many modern sleeper nowadays have insulated walls that help protect them from dropping temperatures at night.

Is semi truck sleeper berth same as off-duty?

The two things do not mean the same thing. A semi-truck sleeper berth implies the trucker/driver is resting or sleeping in the sleeping berth (compartment) of the rig.

In contrast, off-duty means the trucker is completely off work and not available to perform any work related activity.

What brand make the biggest sleeper truck?

The Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft is the biggest size sleeper and 1 of the biggest sleeper rig on the market. It is a massive tractor that is not only spacious but also luxurious.

You will love living in this sleeper tractor when traveling over a long distance. You will also love the safety and comfort of this super sleeper as you will experience when transporting cargo with this trailer.

Sleeper Cabin Truck Summary

Sleeper tractors are perfect for long haul jobs and hauling big loads. They provide a comfortable space for drivers to sleep in while protecting their tractors and their freight.

Because tractor trailer sleeper have a sleeping area and day cabs don’t, they tend to be more expensive.

New ones are often quite expensive but used brands are more affordable. You can purchase a used sleeper tractor from different sellers across the US.

If you don’t have budget to buy new types and just wanted to lease or rent, check out our other articles to know more about the different types available.

18 wheeler truck on motion


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