Five Smallest and Shortest 5th Wheel Camper Brands Trailers for Your Adventures

Smallest 5th Wheel Campers

Reviews of smallest 5th wheel camper!

Fifth wheel campers or 5th wheel RV trailers are massive trailers.

They often have multiple rooms, a spacious living area, a bathroom, a decent kitchen, and plenty of storage areas.

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All these things are present because of their big size. Nobody ordinarily associates them with smallness. Nobody except this blog.

Today I am going to share with you the best small 5th wheel campers.

These are campers that are lightweight and much easier to tow compared to ordinary 5th wheels. Most are under 24-foot fifth wheel campers.

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What is the smallest 5th Wheel RV?

The Scamp 19 Deluxe is so far the smallest 5th wheel RV you can find. With a length of 19ft, it is the best buy for people looking for a 5th wheel under 20ft. 

Even with its small size, it doesn’t compromise on the large space 5th wheels are known to have. It can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.

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It is not only small in terms of length but it also has a weight of about 2900 pounds which makes it possible for it to be towed easily.

It has two layouts with distinct differences in terms of the arrangement.

They are usually built on order and when maintained properly, last a long time.

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What is the shortest length fifth wheel?

The shortest length of a fifth wheel is 19ft and it’s spotted on the Scamp 19 Deluxe. This model is the largest of the Scamp lineup, yet the smallest when compared to other fifth wheels.

It has the characteristic spaciousness of fifth wheels and can sleep up to 6 people. It comes at a reasonable price and is popular amongst couples without children or with one or two.Rent an RV from RVshare

What are the best 5th wheels for full time living?

Living full-time in a 5th wheel can be quite the experience as you get to explore different parts of the country.

It will require some lifestyle changes but the ones best suited for full time living will make you feel at home. Some of them are: 

  • Northwood Arctic Fox

This 5th wheel has a large storage capacity and an admirable cargo weight limit. This is important for full-time living because it means you get to pack more things along.

Depending on the type of campground you decide to park your 5th well, having solar panels come in handy.  There’s less risk of being stuck in the middle of nowhere without access to other people. 

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  • Forest River Wildcat

Forest River is a popular brand and they did a great job with this model. It has a large enough living space and can sleep up to 10 people.

This means you can have guests over whenever you want. It has a good number of layouts to choose from and there is a customization option for extra features.

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  • Grand Design Solitude

It is as large as some apartments and has high ceilings which make it look more spacious.

It comes with a residential kitchen and a walk-in closet coupled with lush interior furnishing. All these great features come at an affordable price in comparison to others.

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What is a fifth wheel trailer?

A fifth-wheel trailer is an RV trailer that is hitched inside the truck bed (of the towing truck) instead of the hitch on its bumper.

Because it is hitched inside the truck bed, it is typically much easier to pull and maneuver compared to a traditional trailer. It does not sway as much as a traditional towed trailer.

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Moreover, since their weight is on the drive wheels and not the tail hitch, fifth-wheels tend to be more comfortable to ride in than traditional trailers.

Now that you know what a fifth-wheel trailer is, it is time to find out the five best small fifth-wheel camper machines. And some are about 18 foot 5th wheel travel trailer.

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5 Great Smallest 5th Wheel Camper Models

  1. Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2621WS

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According to one person I know who owns this trailer, you will not want to camp in anything else the moment you experience camping in this Forest River fifth-wheel.

One of the smallest 5th wheel camper, has an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor gas griddle…

… I mean, if you ever wanted to enjoy some very good meaty meals while taking in the scenery and the outdoor fresh air at your favorite campsite, it is exactly what you should go for.

With a dual-entry bathroom, it should be very easy for you, your partner, or any of your kids to access.

On top of the bathroom, there is a skylight that makes taking a shower in it feel like using an outdoor shower.

RV floor planInside this Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2621WS, you will find multiple storage areas including a massive wardrobe in the main bedroom/suite, overhead cabinets throughout the trailer, and a decent kitchen pantry.

There is an exterior storage room in case you have more items that need storage.

What is probably most likable about this camper is its entertainment center. It is massive and has a big LCD TV, a quality soundbar system, and a stereo with Bluetooth control.

Additional features and amenities in this trailer include a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, an advanced suspension system for maximum comfort, a hot shower, a booth dinette, a sofa that can be converted into a bed, and a fireplace.

In short, this Forest River camper is one of the best 5th wheel trailers.

  1. Keystone Montana 3120RL

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Keystone is one of the biggest RV manufacturers in the world. The company makes some of the most awe-inspiring recreational vehicles in the world.

While most of the company’s most famous RV models are big RVs, the company also makes premium small-sized RVs.

In my opinion, the Keystone Montana 3120RL is one of the smallest fifth wheel camper, and definitely the best among Keystone small RVs.

RV queen bed planDespite being one of the smallest 5th wheel RVs, it is a four seasons camper that allows you to go camping anywhere you want, any time of the year.

A super-efficient heating system and a brilliant AC makes it get for camping throughout the year.

This Keystone is perfect for you if you intend to go camping for extended periods.

This is because it has massive freshwater, greywater, and black water storage tanks. It is also because it has multiple storage spaces.

lady sleeping inside RVThis small fifth-wheel is also perfect for you if you are on a budget because it is one of the least expensive Keystone fifth-wheels on the market!

The fact that this vehicle comes with a separate master bedroom (lockable), a big bathroom, and three slideouts that make it spacious when packed, makes it one of my favorite RVs.

Other features and amenities that you will find in this vehicle include a 3-burner cooktop, a big refrigerator, an overhead fan in the living area, a powerful AC, big awnings, and an oven.

  1. CrossRoads Cruiser Aire

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This small 5th wheel RV is referred to by some as a memory-maker.

The reason why is that it is built to provide you with all the camping basics and luxurious you need to have fun with your loved ones.

Probably the thing you will like the most about this CrossRoads trailer is its Queen bunkhouse with two full-sized queen bunk beds.

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In case you are traveling with your kids, neighbors, or friends, there is a fold-out couch and a big dinette that can be used as additional sleeping areas.

What excites me the most about this vehicle is the amazing and convenient amenities it comes with.

They include outdoor and indoor cooking utensils, steak knives, a big refrigerator, a coffee pot, an outdoor shower, four camp chairs, board games, and floor mats.

If you are adventurous and love going off-grid, you will love the outdoor shower because there is no greater feeling of freedom than just showering outdoor in the sun.

The outdoor shower is also convenient if you end up packing at a beachside campsite in Miami or somewhere else and you want somewhere to clean up after a dip in the salty ocean.

  1. Winnebago Minnie Plus 5th Wheel Trailer

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Although Winnebago is not one of the topmost RV brands in the United States, it is a company that makes some world-class recreational vehicles.

family size travel trailerYou can bet your last dollar on that! Many of its RVs are highly-rated and have been winning awards for years.

This is one of the best smallest 5th wheel camper trailers from them is a thing of beauty and it is evidence enough that Winnebago doesn’t joke around when it comes to designing and building small 5th wheel campers.

When you step right into this camper, you will feel its welcoming and family-friendly design in its living area and multiple storage spaces.

Within moments, your eyes will be drawn to its residential-style countertops and shiny steel sinks. This Winnebago trailer comes in six floor plan styles.

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The 31BHDS floor plan style has two separate bedrooms. Three separate styles have bunk beds to accommodate more people.

What makes this model trailer one of the best small fifth-wheels is that it has plenty of exciting exterior features…

… an aluminum frame, deluxe aluminum rims, a storage door that you can lock, a diamond plate reinforcement, and patio speakers.

It is certainly a camper that is built to provide convenience and also built to last.

  1. Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS 5th Wheels

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This is one of the smallest 5th wheel camper brands on my list and I can tell you that there is nothing not to love about it.

It is a high-quality machine that will enable you to have fun camping without worrying about breakdowns.

Or worrying about the failure of amenities such as the AC or the heating system when you are in the middle of nowhere.

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Coachmen is a part of Forest River RV Company, which is part of the famous Berkshire Hathaway company controlled by the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffet).

This perhaps explains the quality of RVs made by Coachmen.

The Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS is best known for its luxurious interior, plentiful appliances, and spacious living space.

Benefits of smallest fifth wheel camper

The biggest benefit of small 5th wheel trailers for sale is that they are easier to tow than bigger ones.

This makes them much more convenient to travel around the country with. Moreover, they tend to be more comfortable to ride in compared to bigger fifth-wheels.

The second biggest benefit is that there are more campsites for small travel trailers across the country than for bigger ones.

Big travel trailers can only be accommodated in campsites with massive parking spaces.

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FAQ about smallest 5th wheel camper

What is the best 5th wheel for the money?

The Redwood RV Redwood 5th wheel is worth every cent spent. Although it is not one of the cheapest 5th wheels you can buy, it is one of the best.

It was built for the four seasons in mind and has an incredible heating and cooling system. 

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With a large and luxurious interior, it provides a homely feeling, you can hardly tell the difference. It has interior and exterior storage spaces which makes packing for long trips efficient and easy.

With different floor plans to choose from, you can be sure of finding one closely tailored to meet your needs. 

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What is the shortest 5th wheel travel trailer?

The shortest 5th wheel travel trailer is the Scamp 19 Deluxe.

While there are other short 5th wheel travel trailers like the Winnebago Micro Minnie and the Escape 5.0, the Scamp 19 Deluxe is still the shortest at 19ft. 

It can sleep up to 6 people and is perfect for having a few friends over. It is lightweight when compared to others which give you plenty of towing options. There are several layouts to pick from and it is worth its cost.


What is the average height of a 5th wheel travel trailer?

The average height of 5th wheel travel trailers is 12 feet. In other words, when you get a fifth wheel camper, it will most likely be 12 feet from the ground to the highest point on its roof.

The average length is 32 feet. The variation seen is as a result of different manufacturers and models.

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What is the maximum length of a fifth wheel trailer?

Most fifth wheel trailers on the market are between 20 to 35 feet in length.

The longest fifth wheel trailer as of the time of publishing this article is the Spacecraft fifth wheel RV that measures 57 feet long. It is a massive camper with plenty of space inside.

Who makes the best 5th wheel travel trailer?

Keystone RV makes the best 5th wheel travel trailers. They have several innovations implemented that make them different and better than other 5th wheels.

There are several models to pick from, and within these models, many layouts and designs. 

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Which is better 5th wheel or travel trailer?

When it comes to the type of RV to purchase, there isn’t a general better option but rather personal preferences based on particular needs.

The comparison table below should help you decide which is a better option for you.

5th Wheel Travel Trailer
Towing Ease Makes use of a jaw hitch which is easier to use and also more stable while towing Makes use of a ball and coupler hitch which is less easy to use and less stable
Cost Usually more expensive Usually less expensive
Space More living space Less living space
Towing Vehicle Requires the use of a pickup truck A SUV can be used depending on its weight
Total Rig Length Shorter rig length for the same length Longer rig length for the same length
Basement Storage Provides larger storage Provides smaller storage
Weight Weighs more Weighs less

What are the advantages of a fifth wheel trailer?

Choosing the type of RV to purchase can be difficult but when it comes to fifth wheel trailers, there are many advantages to consider:

It offers maximum use of space.  

It offers more stability when towing because of the distribution of its weight and the use of a jaw hitch. 

They are more cost-effective than most motorhomes.

You can drive around the campground without towing your fifth wheel along.

Who makes the best quality Fifth Wheel RV?

Keystone RV manufactures the best quality fifth wheel RVs. With several innovations constantly added to their models, each one is better than the last.

They are particular about creating a smooth and luxurious experience for their users. They have several models to pick from based on your personal preferences and budget size.

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What is the best 4 season fifth wheel?

The Redwood RV Redwood fifth wheel is specifically designed for all four seasons.

It is the clear winner in this category. The construction of the RV was done with durability in mind. It has several insulation features and an underbelly with heated tanks which is perfect for winter.

It also has a highly rated furnace for providing more heat. The hot weather is also catered for with a high cooling efficiency.

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Who makes the best 5th wheel camper?

Keystone RV makes some of the most sought after 5th wheel campers. The company’s fifth wheel campers are highly rated, feature-rich and durable.

They are best known for being very traveller-friendly. Keystone RV is an American company that has been building quality recreational vehicles for a long time.

What is the number 1 rated fifth wheel in USA?

The Keystone Montana Series is number one on this list many times and for good reasons. It has a luxurious interior and a well-constructed exterior.

Implemented into the fifth wheel are one-of-a-kind innovations. They are built to last and offer a lot of layouts to pick from.

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What is the best 5th wheel trailer to buy for a couple?

The best 5th wheel trailer for couples is the Mobile suites by DRV Luxury suites. They are great for grand living in an RV. They have various floorplans with a few for accommodating two people.

The floor plan for two people leaves a lot of extra space to work with. It is constructed to provide you with the comfort of your home and is filled with residential appliances.

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What is the best built 5th wheel camper for tough seasons?

The Redwood RV 5th wheel camper is regarded as the best RV for tough seasons. The reason why it is regarded as the toughest RV is that it is a four season RV.

It is insulated and has a heating system to make sure you are warm and alive during winter as well as a cooling system to make sure you do not fry at the peak of summer. It was built for use in all four seasons and has great heating and cooling features.

What is the lightest 5th wheel RV?

Again, it is hard to tell but fifth-wheels that weigh under 2,000 pounds exist. The most recognizable lightest fifth wheel RV is the Scamp 19’ Deluxe Fifth wheel. This popular wheel camper weighs less than 2,400 pounds.

Despite its lightweight design, this Scamp fifth wheel is 19 feet long. This means it is spacious and comfortable to camp in.

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