What are Sprinter 144 Interior Dimensions?

The Sprinter 144 van is one of the two most popular types of Sprinters available on the market.  The other type is the Sprinter 170. The Sprinter 144 is called Sprinter 144 because the length of its wheelbase is 144 inches.

Knowing the interior dimensions of this Sprinter is important if you want to convert one into a recreational vehicle or to use it as a cargo van. Without further ado, below are the important Sprinter 144 interior you need to know about.

What are the inside dimensions of a Sprinter van 144?

The Sprinter 144 with its 144 inches long wheelbase has a 19.5-foot long bumper to bumper length.

The usable or buildable space inside this Sprinter (the space between the back of the driver’s seat and the back doors) is 10.5-foot long.

And the interior height of this vehicle is 6-foot 4 inches tall for the high-roof and 5-foot 6 inches for the regular roof.

So based on the above information, the Sprinter 144 is a pretty big van. It can be converted into a nice RV van for van life. It can also be converted into a cargo van.

While this van is fairly big compared to regular vans, it is certainly not bigger than the Sprinter 170 van. The Sprinter 170 is its main competition because it is literally the same van but just a tad bit bigger. So I believe it is only fair to also show you what it has to offer in comparison to Sprinter 144.

The buildable space in the Sprinter 170 is 14-foot long. And the height is 6-foot 4 inches tall. All Sprinter 170 vans are high-roof vans – none of them has a regular height roof.

As you can see from the above interior dimensions of the Sprinter 170, the Sprinter 144 is smaller in size. Its buildable space is 3.5-foot shorter than that of the 170.

So if you are thinking of a conversion van, with a 170, you will have a bit more space for extra features such as a surfboard/bike storage, extra water/fuel tanks, or a backdoor outdoor kitchen.

With a Sprinter 144, you are unlikely to have too much space to fix extra or luxury features such as the ones given above. So this may turn you off in case you are looking for max space.

However, while the 144 has a shorter buildable space, it has a higher payload capacity (3,726 pounds) than the 170 (3,395 pounds).

This means the stuff you can add to it can be heavier in weight than the stuff you can add to the Sprinter 144. So while the 170 gives you more space, the 144 allows you to carry heavier stuff.

What else you need to know about the Sprinter 144

  • It is easy to drive

If you have ever driven a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, then you know for sure that the German automaker makes some of the best vehicles to drive.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 is easy to operate. In fact, on a well-maintained highway, you will enjoy maximally enjoy driving it.

Moreover, compared to the Sprinter 170, it is easier to make U-turns, to make three-point turns, and to negotiate tight corners with the Sprinter 144.

Furthermore, unlike the Sprinter 170, the Sprinter 144 does not require a lot of time and driving to adjust to it.

The Sprinter 144 is easy to drive and to maneuver because it features German car engineering and it is more compact compared to the 170.

  • It is easy to park

What are Sprinter 144 Interior DimensionsBecause the Sprinter 144 is compact and easy to operate, it is easy to park.

In contrast, bigger vans such as the Sprinter 170 are hard to park because of their size.

Moreover, because the 144 has a compact size, it is relatively easy to park even in busy or tight parking lots.

In contrast, parking the 170 can get you sweating even in parking lots that are not very busy.

  • It easier to use as an off-road vehicle

Because this vehicle’s wheelbase is relatively short and compact, it is easier to go off-roading in it than in a vehicle with a longer wheelbase e.g. the Sprinter 170. This is because long-wheelbase vehicles typically have a worse rampover angle compared to short-wheelbase vehicles.

Because short wheelbase vehicles such as the 144 Sprinter have a better rampover angle, they can climb steep rocks, earth mounds, and so on without getting stuck or the underbody getting damaged.

While the 144 is more suited for off-roading than the 170, if you plan to go off-road frequently with it, you should replace its factory suspension with a more suitable off-road suspension. This will make your off-road adventures more enjoyable.

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  • It has a better gas mileage than the 170

On paper, the Sprinter 144 and the 170 have a similar gas mileage (20 mpg).

However, because the 170 is bigger in cubic feet, it tends to be packed with more gear and stuff compared to the 144. Because of this, its mileage is generally about 14 or 16 mpg compared to the 20 mpg of the Sprinter 144.

  • It is perfect for a couple or a single traveler

The Sprinter 144 is perfect for a single traveler or a couple when converted into an RV. Three people traveling in a converted 144 can also feel comfortable.

However, four people or more can feel a little cramped inside a Sprinter 144. So if you want to travel alone or with someone, you will most likely love using the 144.