Advantages of Sprinter Van for Family of 5 to Guide Your Choice

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In this section, you will discover the advantages of renting or getting a Sprinter van for family of 5. You will also discover the important things you need to know before best camper van for family of 5.

How much can you fit in a Mercedes Sprinter? 

Mercedes Sprinter vans are ideal for small moves as they can contain an impressive quantity of up to 2,900 pounds. 

If you opt for the Super High Roof Sprinter with an extended wheelbase, you would be enjoying about 586 cubic feet of cargo volume and a standing height of over 87 inches.

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Advantages of Family Sprinter Van For A Family of 5

  • It is spacious

The Sprinter van is one of the biggest vans in terms of size. Among the most popular types of passenger vans, it is the biggest.

It is bigger than the Chevrolet Suburban by about 50 inches. This tells you that it has much more room compared to other types of vans.

The fact that this van is huge makes it very spacious. You and your family will have lots of space for fun in it. In contrast, other vans are smaller and not very spacious for big families when converted.

Therefore, they do not provide the kind of space and comfort a converted Sprinter can provide.

  • It has great MPG

Because the Sprinter van is big, one would naturally expect it to have a high gas mileage. But it doesn’t. The vehicle has a great MPG.

You can drive with it a fair long distance without having to spend a lot of money on gas. It has great MPG because it is quite aerodynamic.

Its engine is also not quite big so it doesn’t guzzle fuel. However, it is an amazing German engine that does not get strained even when going uphill with its maximum payload. This engine makes this van perfect for amazing cross-country family road trips.

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  • It is made in Germany

Nearly all Mercedes-Benz Sprinters you see on American roads are made in Germany.

The German manufacturer makes each Sprinter, disassembles it, ships it to the United States in separate pieces, and then reassembles it in South Carolina to pay fewer taxes.

The fact that this vehicle is made in Germany is an advantage because German vehicles are almost always extremely reliable.

In other words, with a German vehicle like the Sprinter, you can travel with your family somewhere far without worrying about breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.

  • It has many safety features

This vehicle has many safety features making it perfect for families. The safety features it has will make it more likely for you and your family of five to always have a safe journey.

The features include airbags for driver and front passenger, brake assist, hill start assist, crosswind assist, stability control, and ABS control.

These are some of the latest safety technologies. The van also comes with parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring technology, a rear-view camera, and a lane-keeping assist.

As the advantages above show, getting a family Sprinter van for a family of 5 is a wise thing to do because it has many great benefits.

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More Truths about Sprinter Van that Sleeps 5

Mercedes-Benz does not make Sprinter campers. If you want to get a Sprinter family camper van, you need to get one made for you or purchase one from a third-party company that buys Sprinters and converts them into campers.

Most companies that purchase and convert campers, usually make campers that sleep four or five people. In this section, I am going to tell you all the important things you need to know about such Sprinter camper vans.

  • The Sprinter van sleeps 4

Most Sprinter camper vans sleep 4 or 5 people. The best designs, in my opinion, sleep only four people. And they have all the amenities a small family needs to live the van life.

With the knowledge that a Sprinter camper are good for 4 or 5, you should plan and get a bigger RV or motorhome if you have a family with more than five people.

  • It is diesel-only

Mercedes-Benz makes diesel-only Sprinter vans. It makes no gasoline Sprinter van. This has its pros and cons. The best thing about it is that its diesel engines usually last for a long time compared to gasoline engines.

In other words, diesel engines are much more reliable. So if you are going for reliability, go for a Sprinter van.

However, you should be prepared to pay good money to maintain your purchased or rented Sprinter because diesel engines typically need more maintenance than gasoline engines.

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  • Sprinter vans are expensive

While the camper van that sleeps 5 and is often very reliable, the van can be costly. It can be costly to rent or to purchase. They typically cost much more to rent or purchase when compared to other campers.

Moreover, because they are bigger and heavier than most brands and specs on the market, they typically tend to have low gas mileage. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you should consider another van that is cheaper and more within your reach.

  1. Some models have slideouts

Truth is that having four people in an enclosed room is not very comfortable. To solve this, and possibly make out more space, the manufacturer now making some specs with slideouts.

Slideouts are simply side-sections that you can extend outward to get even more room in a vehicle. In most cases, and for safety reasons, slideouts are only deployed when recreational vehicles are safely parked.

  • Some Sprinter vans are 4WD

If you want to go offroading with a Sprinter, you will be happy to know that some Sprinters come from the factory four-wheel drive. This means they can overcome tough terrain.

Therefore, when getting a Sprinter, make sure you specifically get one that is 4WD especially if you intend to go on multiple off-road adventures. Because 4WD Sprinters are definitely available.

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FAQ about camper van that sleeps 5

Can a Sprinter van sleep 4?

Depending on the way you set up the beds in your Mercedes Sprinter, you can have up to 6 people sleeping in it. Considering that you may want to include a restroom and allow for east movement, most Sprinter vans can sleep about 4 people. 

How much does it cost to outfit a Sprinter van?

Generally, you would spend up to outfit $31,000 to outfit a Mercedes Sprinter van. Depending on the materials, procedures, and features involved in the conversion you could spend over $100,000 in some cases.

How much does it cost to convert a Sprinter van to 4×4?

Depending on the size and model of your van, converting it to 4×4 can cost you somewhere between 23,000-$40,000.

Considering the high cost of this process, it’s usually recommended to buy a 4×4 Sprinter van in the first place.

What is the best camper van for a family of 4?

There are several models of vans that can provide comfort and style to a family of 4 taking a road trip. The Storyteller Overland Mercedes Sprinter is a camper van that feels like a luxury RV ideal for a family of 4.

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Can you sleep in a Sprinter van?

Yes, you can sleep comfortably in a Sprinter van as it would have enough space to even accommodate 6 people sleeping.  Although, a tall person would have little difficulty with sleeping sideways in most Sprinter vans.

What is the best camper for a family of 5?

There are several RVs, vans, and travel trailers that are ideal for camping up to 5 people. A family of 5 would need ample space for sleeping, sitting, standing, and a restroom area. A Class A motorhome would be the best camper for a family of 5.

What size bed fits in a Sprinter van?

While it would be ridiculous to fit a king-size bed in your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, you should know that it can contain it but only at an angle.

They can also house a queen-size bed, possibly at an angle too. Double-sized beds can conveniently fit into Sprinter vans. 

Can a family of 4 live in an RV?

Yes. A family of 4 with 1 or 2 pets can comfortably live in an RV.  It’s recommended that you learn how to fix things around by yourself to improve your family’s lifestyle on the road.

Are Sprinter vans expensive to maintain?

 Mercedes Sprinter vans may not be the most affordable vehicle to maintain. Their cost of maintenance and repair can be up to an average of ten cents per mile.

If you plan to drive your Sprinter van for about 50,000 miles per year, then it would be relatively expensive to maintain it.

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