How Much Does Sprinter Van Rental Price Costs For A Week, Monthly?

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In this post, you will learn everything important you need to know about Sprinter van rental price – for both standard specs and luxury models as well why the vehicle is special for all-out travel.

We carefully share details and provide varied answers to how much does it cost to rent a Sprinter van, even in few top states and few companies.

Facts about Sprinter Van Rental Price?

Now, how much does it cost to rent a sprinter van? The prices for rental varies but it average between $200 – $570 a day. This largely depends on factors like the type, size, and rental period you opt for. The bigger the van you choose for a longer period, the higher the rental cost you can expect to pay, and vice versa.

Even sometimes, the company’s policies and location can affect the price so it is best to research before renting any van to get an idea of the current pricing trends and select a rental company that fits your budget.

So, how much to rent a sprinter van, irrespective of the state you live in? Here is a quick look at the price breakdown according to:

What is Sprinter van rental price

Types of Sprinter Van: You can easily rent a standard sprinter van at $200-$350 per day, while a luxury sprinter van could cost you over $500 daily.

Size of Sprinter Van:  style=”font-weight: 400;”>The size of the van also determines the rental price where a small sprinter van would cost around $200 – $350 even less, while a large one can be rented for $400-$500 or more.

Rental Period: While you can get a Mercedes sprinter rental price as low as $200 per day, the cost tends to go up to $500 weekly or $3000 and more for monthly rentals. Remember, the longer you rent it, the more you will have to pay.

Additionally, if you need extra amenities or a driver, you can expect your sprinter van rental cost to be even higher. The cost of additional features like Wi-Fi, GPS, entertainment systems, and a driver can easily add up to $50-$300 to your total rental cost. 

Feature  Prices (USD)
Types of sprinter van Standard: $200-$350

Luxury: $500

Size of sprinter van Small: $200-$350

Large: $400-500

Rental Period Per day: $200

Per week: $500

Per month: $3000

So, next time you plan to rent a sprinter van, make sure you are aware of the factors that affect the cost to rent a Sprinter van and select one that fits your budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Sprinter Van for A Week & Daily? 

Now, how much to rent a sprinter van for a week or day? The average weekly rental rate is between $1500 and $2000 in most major cities.

And how much is it to rent a sprinter van for a day? The average cost of renting a sprinter van is between $150 and $320 per day. The big luxury sprinter 17 passenger van is a bit costlier at average of $1,100 – $1,650 per day!

Many sprinter rental businesses also offer monthly rental rates. To get the best price, you will need to get quotes from local van rentals and to compare them to see which one offers the best service.

How Much to Rent a Sprinter Van for a Month?

So, how much is a sprinter van to rent for a month? It can cost anywhere between $3000 to $7000 or more per month, depending on your type of van.

Thus, once you know how much to rent a sprinter van, does the price make it a cost-effective choice? It certainly can be.

A Mercedes Sprinter van comes in handy for various tasks, whether transporting large groups of people or hauling heavy cargo. Renting one for an extended period can benefit businesses and individuals alike.

Still, it’s important to consider all the associated costs before signing a rental agreement, so you know what your investment is. You should note that the prices may vary depending on where you rent the vehicle, how long you need it, and what size/model of van you’re renting.

Additionally, some companies may offer discounts or deals that make renting more affordable if you plan to use the Sprinter van for business purposes. A monthly rental deal could be a great way to save money if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option for renting vehicles.

 black luxury sprinter vans

Which States Offer Best Mercedes Sprinter Rental Price?

Renting a Mercedes sprinter van can be quite expensive in some states than others. Why? It all has to do with the tax and other charges levied by the state government in addition to the basic rental fee.

While you’re at planning the trip, here is how much to rent a Mercedes sprinter van for in different states:

  • Illinois- The average cost to rent a Mercedes sprinter van in Illinois is around $100-300 per day. Since companies are bound to charge a lower sales tax for rentals in Illinois, the overall price for renting a sprinter tends to be lower.
  • California- The rent for a Mercedes sprinter van in California can range from $75-$195 per day, depending on the size of the van and the duration of the rental. The companies here charge less because of the no sales tax for rentals in California, making it one of the best states for sprinter rental.
  • New York- And, how much to rent a sprinter in NY? The average rental price in New York is usually around $100-$225 per day. While it might be pricier than the other states, the overall cost can still be reasonable with careful planning and negotiation with the rental companies.
  • Texas: The rent for a Mercedes sprinter van in Texas is around $75-$150 per day. With Texas being one of the most popular states for family vacations, it’s no surprise that you could find some great deals there.
  • Florida- Now, how much does a sprinter van cost to rent in Florida state? Surprisingly, an average-sized sprinter van can easily be rented for $75-$150 per day in Florida, with the rental companies charging no sales tax for rentals.

So, when planning a family trip and wondering what states offer the best Mercedes Sprinter rental price, these are the top five states to consider. With careful negotiation with the rental companies and taking advantage of their promotional offers, you can make your van rental even more affordable.

sprinter van in valley

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Sprinter Camper Van?

To rent a new or newish Mercedes camper van, you should be prepared to pay between $100 and $400 per day. The actual amount of money you will pay will be determined by various factors including the time of the year (whether its peak season or off-peak), your location, the size of the Sprinter, and the rental company you choose to rent from.

You should expect to pay more per day for a Mercedes camper van if it is a big van and you are renting it during the peak-season. The best thing with Mercedes Benz Sprinter camper vans is that they are the definition of RV luxury. They have all the features and amenities you need to have a wonderful traveling and/or camping experience.

What are Luxury Sprinter Van Rental Prices?

As with renting standard van, is quite expensive to rent luxury sprinter van and come in different shapes, dimensions, sizes and amenities that determined prices. The luxury Sprinter van rental  cost for package that seat 11 -16 persons may cost $230 – $330 for one way trip

A 5 hours rental is average$390 – $550, while a 12 -14 hours rental average between $750 – $1,050. Please note that these averages are estimates, as even more luxurious and customized Sprinter van easily average between $200 – $270 per hour!

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FAQ about Sprinter for Rents

How much does it cost to rent a sprinter van with driver?

It costs between $100 and $150 per hour to rent a luxury van that can carry between five and seven passengers. Luxury vans usually come with a chauffeur. Therefore, the amount you pay includes the pay for the driver as well.

Many luxury van rental companies tend to offer a luxury travel package. This package is often more expensive per hour (about $200). The package normally includes plenty of extras such as premium drinks and so on.

Best Sprinter van rental in Los Angeles

Legends Car van & Rental and Matson Adventure Vans are two of the best sprinter van rentals in Los Angeles. Legends Car van & Rentals stands out with an amazing fleet of vehicles at extremely affordable rental prices.

On the other hand, Matson Adventure Vans lets you go for a test drive before renting a van, so you can ensure that the van meets your expectations. We recommend you to do detailed research on their websites to choose the best option.

Sprinter van rental Washington DC

National Luxury Car service and BL Limousine are two of the top companies to rent a sprinter van in Washington DC. National Luxury Car offers a wide selection of vehicles, from luxury to economy-class sprinter vans. Their rental cost is affordable, and best of all, the company also accommodates people with disabilities.

What is VIP Sprinter van rental?

A Mercedes Benz brand – specially slick, spacious inside, very luxurious exterior and inside. Regularly customized or modified for VIP and top executives as well as Seater / Passenger van, as a cargo van, or as a recreational vehicle (RV) such as Camper Conversion transit for outdoor party and group travel.

Truly a one-of-a-kind van, can be customized to suit your taste. Many VIP van hire are popular in great Airports like Washington D.C. Reagan Airport, Florida West Palm Beach Airport etc. The Mercedes Sprinter comes in beautiful array of colors – Blue, Arctic White, Blue Grey, Steel Blue, Graphite Grey, Black Blue, Calcite Yellow etc.

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How much does it cost to lease a sprinter van?

It mainly depends on the model and the price. The newer a Sprinter van is, the most expensive it will be to lease. For example, a 2021 Sprinter will definitely be more expensive to lease than a 2020 Sprinter.

Also, as mentioned above, the price of the Sprinter also affects its lease price. The more expensive a Sprinter is, the higher its monthly lease cost will be. With the above information in mind, you should be prepared to pay between $650 and $900 to lease a new Sprinter van.

What is high mileage for a Mercedes Sprinter?

Mercedes Sprinter vans are among the most reliable vans in the world. If they are well-taken care of, they can last for a very long time and even reach hundreds of thousands of miles covered. Therefore, you should avoid buying any Sprinter worth anything above $300,000.

How much does it cost to rent a conversion van?

The cost of renting a conversion van will depend on the type and size of the van. Generally, prices range from $200 to $300 per day for a mid-sized van and up to $300 to $350 for luxury vans.

Summary of Sprinter van rental price!

The Mercedes Sprinter bus is a classic traveling van, known for being safe, reliable, powerful, spacious and luxurious to meet your personal, business and group transportation needs.

Now we’d shared complete how much does it cost to rent a sprinter van and much more. Knowing what are Sprinter van rental price and various costs as well factors affecting those prices will guide all day long.

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