Stake Bed Truck Rental

In most locations across the country, businesses offer commercial trucks to cater to individual hauling needs.

Thanks to innovation in vehicle manufacturing, commercial trucks are more accessible and cheaper than ever before. This has increased the general efficiency for both operators and clients.

A common type of truck you’re bound to run into at rentals is the stake bed truck. If you’re like most people, you might not be sure how it stands out from the other types of trucks. This is a common confusion, but no worries. I got you covered.

By the end of this article, you can tell what stake bed trucks are and how they differ from other trucks like the flatbed.

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What is a stake bed truck?

They are generally heavy-duty vehicles used to move heavy, large items (cargo, equipment, supplies, etc.) that can be transported without being enclosed.

While anyone looking to move medium- to heavy-duty items can use them, they are often used by farmers, landscapers, and contractors. Stake beds come in various body sizes and models.

The trucks have sockets along the edges, which allows upright stakes to be fixed in them. When the fixing is done, the removable stakes form a rectangular fence around the cargo area.

The removable bed presents a framework that allows for enough tie-down points to hold the load. This efficient design makes the truck an ideal vehicle for a job requiring transportation for medium to large payloads.

Are stake bed trucks the same as flatbed trucks?

On the one hand, stake bed trucks are simply trucks fitted with stakes with tie-down points to ensure payload security during transport.

On the other hand, Flatbed trucks have flat, level bodywork with no sides or roofs. Stake bed trucks are flatbeds with a stake framework. Both of them can haul cargo weighing up to 10,000 lbs and even more.

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What is a stake body?

A stake body is simply the holding platform constructed using a stake. Stake bodies on a flatbed will give you stake bed trucks.

As far as trucks go, the larger the stake body, the more the truck’s capacity to handle the job.

For instance, while a 10-foot body can hold up to 2,035 lbs, an 18-foot body will hold nearly 3,100 lbs.

What is a stake bed?

There seems to be some confusion about stake beds and stake bodies. The confusion centers on whether or not they are the same.

Well, a stake bed is the same as a stake body. So, it’s common to see them used interchangeably whether it’s in a review or a truck rental website.

Are stake bed trucks the same as flatbed trucks?

How much does a stake bed truck weigh?

There’s no one answer to this question as these trucks come in different sizes. The weight can also differ according to the model.

Hence, they have different weights and it’s usually anywhere between 8,600 lbs and 26,000 lbs. One thing is true for all though; the larger the body, the greater the payload it can handle.

Below are some popular ones 

Rental company Truck size Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
U-Haul 10 ft 8,600 lbs
Budget & Penske 12 ft 9,900 lbs -10,050 lbs
U-Haul 15 ft 14,500 lbs
U-Haul 20 ft 14,500 lbs
Penske 22 ft 17,000 lbs
Budget & U-Haul 26 ft 26,000 lbs

What’s a stake bed truck used for?

The heavy-duty stake bed trucks are for transporting heavy, oversized, or oddly shaped cargo, equipment, supplies, etc.

For example, farmers can use it to haul harvest, seed, hay, timber, livestock, and specialized agricultural equipment.

That’s not all. You can also use them to move building materials, construction equipment, and other tools. Hence, their use as rentals.

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Some common features of stake beds

Stake bed and flatbed trucks typically run on diesel fuel as it’s more efficient for heavy-duty tasks. Diesel fuel is also less flammable than gasoline.

Stake beds come fitted with lift gates and air brakes. A lift gate is a component that helps to lift your load onto the truck.

Trucks generally come with three transmission types; manual, automated manual (AMT), and automatic.

Followed by the automatic transmission, manual dominates the market for commercial trucks. Recent trucks are, however, seeing a consistent increase in automatic.

They can haul anything from 6,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs. Some haul considerably more.

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How much does a 16-foot truck hold?

A moving truck of up to 16 feet in length can move between two to three rooms. Its interior dimension will be about 16 ft long x 7.7 ft wide x 6.6 ft high.

The floor space is up to 120 square ft, with a loading space of up to 800 cubic ft. It can comfortably haul up to 4,300 lbs of cargo.

The truck comes fitted with air conditioning and automatic transmission systems. In designing it, manufacturers favor gasoline over diesel fuel.

Commercial truck rentals FAQs

How wide is a stake bed truck?

Different stake bed trucks have different widths. For example, the width of the 16-foot Enterprise stake bed truck is 96 inches and that of the 24-foot long stakebed truck is 102 inches.

What is the dimension of the 24′ stake bed truck?

The 24’ stake bed truck from Enterprise is 24 feet long, 102 inches wide, and has a payload capacity of 10,000 pounds. 

Average price of 24 foot stake bed truck rental?

It costs approximately $200 a day to rent a 24-foot stake bed. The actual amount of money you will end up paying will mainly depend on your location. In locations where such trucks are plenty (e.g. in major cities), it will be cheaper for you to rent one. In contrast, in places where such trucks for rent are not many, they are not cheap to rent.

Where can I rent a 16′ stake bed truck today?

You can rent a 16’ stake bed truck from various companies across the company including the famous Enterprise Trucks, Herc Rentals, Ryder, Avon Rents, and Sternberg Truck and Van Rental. 

The 16’ truck from Enterprise comes with a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds, has a 16’ by 96” bed, removable sides, a powerful liftgate, and 3-person seating.

How much load can a 12 foot stake bed truck carry?

The 12 foot stake body truck from Allegheny Tucks is 2,275 pounds. Therefore, it is fair to say that you should expect any 12 foot trucks to be able to carry at least 2,000 pounds on the bed. 

Where to buy an affordable used stake bed truck for sale?

You can purchase an affordable used truck bed from Commercial Truck Trader, Machinio, and Ryder.

Can you rent a pickup truck at Lowe’s?

The simple answer is an emphatic yes. The long one is that there is a fleet comprising many make and models that you can choose from. All you have to do is call a store near your location.

The goal of the guys at Lowe’s is to ensure that every part of your project, whatever it is that requires their input, is seamless. To achieve this, they offer services at many stores starting from as low as $19 for 1 hour 30 minutes.

Should you need to keep their rental truck for the whole day, $89 is all you will need. The dates are flexible. Whatever you need to haul or move, they are just a call away and will get the job done.

How much does it cost to rent a 26-foot flatbed truck from Penske?

It doesn’t cost much. For a day, it will cost only $169.96. And that’s a bargain when you consider the specifications.

The 26 feet Penske commercial truck weighs up to 33,000 lbs and can haul a payload that’s anywhere between 6,000 lbs and 18,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs are almost a medium payload for this type of truck.

How much does a stake bed truck weigh?They run on 70-gallon diesel fuel tanks, operate hydraulic lift gates, and are fitted with removable stakes.

It features power steering, air brakes, air conditioning, automatic transmission, and anti-lock.

There are two types available; those requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and those that don’t. The one described here requires a CDL.

Like most truck rentals, with just a call, you can hire from Penske regardless of your location across the US. All you need is to book a date and get moving.

What is the cheapest truck rental for moving?

With an average cost of just $80, Budget Truck Rental is the cheapest rental for moving within the US. On top of that, they have loads of discount offers like the 20%-off offer going on now.

What’s more, location isn’t a problem. They have several locations that cut down on cost because you can pick from a fleet in one location and return it to the nearest one. They also have really low one-way costs.


There will always be a need to move things. Sometimes, your private pick-up will do the work. But most times, due to the size or shape of the items, you will have to rent a truck.

In such an event, you must go for the best. We offer the very best commercial rental trucks to meet any moving need you may have. Contact us here to book.