How Do I Get Best Load Board and Cargo For My Straight Box Trucks?

Straight Box Truck Load Board

If you own a box truck, the chances are good that you’ve used a straight truck load board to seek employment at least once, if not more than a couple of times.

If not, or if you haven’t done it in a very long time, you might miss out on many beautiful chances. 

Straight Box Truck Load Board different?

How Do Straight Box Trucks Work?

When all of a truck’s axles are attached to a single frame, as they are in a straight vehicle, we say that the truck is straight. 

The engine, the driving compartment, and the trailer are all part of the same unit that makes up the whole vehicle. 

When transporting items around the house, such as furniture, boxes, refrigerators, washing machines, and other similar items, a straight truck is a typical and accepted method of transportation.

How Do Straight Box Trucks Get Regular Loads?

Many people who own their box trucks find that it is essential for them to watch the straight truckload boards regularly to check for different duties that may be available.

This allows them to keep an eye out for any opportunities. Because of this, they can keep an eye out for any new changes that may present themselves. 

As the owner of a box truck, you can find that it is also a good business move for you to do and that this is true for all of these reasons and others as well.

Things To Look For In Straight Box Truck Load Boards

Things To Look For In Straight Box Truck Load Boards

It is not difficult to start making money carrying goods with a straight truck or cargo van if you are aware of the ins and outs of the business model and execute a plan that has been well thought out.

To get things started, you may want to consider buying, renting, or leasing a cargo van or straight truck

#1 The Compartments

The cargo compartments of consecutive trucks, also known as box trucks, are placed on a frame linked to the truck and may range anywhere from 13 to 23 feet. 

Cargo vans are a convenient mode of transportation for delivering smaller loads and performing time-sensitive deliveries nearby. 

What Kind Of Load Board Is Ideal For Driving A Hotshot Truck?

#2 Right Brand

These vans may also be used to move goods and supplies. 

Vans and trucks are among the many types of vehicles that may be rented from companies like U-Haul, Ryder, Penske, and Enterprise, which are all examples of truck rental companies. 

You may also buy or lease them from truck dealers, whether they are brand new or used. Both of these options are available.

#3 The Standard Hydraulic Liftgates

The operation of unloading and loading direct freight is made much easier by the standard hydraulic liftgates on the straight trucks. 

No matter what kind of urgently needed commodities you wish to transport, there are straight truck equipped with a liftgate that can satisfactorily meet your requirements. 

Because only one person is required to operate a liftgate, the shipping process is significantly improved in terms of safety.

Because of this, the possibility of a person injuring themselves when carrying heavy things is significantly cut down.

What Kind Of Box Truck Loads Brings In The Most Money?

#4 Choose the LTL

You will need to make sure that you choose “LTL” in the load size searching filter on our load board and our free mobile app to find Cargo Van, straight trucks, and less-than-truckload (LTL) cargoes. 

This is the only way to discover these types of loads, and you will be able to find these kinds of loads as a result of doing this. 

Only the results for LTL loads, including cargo vans, straight trucks, sprinters, and hotshots loadings, will be shown in the search results if this strategy is used. 

#5 Use Search Box

The search box gives you the ability to narrow your results by utilizing size, Weight, and length parameters based on where you are and the lane you are searching for in. 

This flexibility is dependent on where you are and the lane you are searching.

How Can I Obtain Access To Loads That Pay Well?

#6 Build A Connection

Worried about making phone calls or searching for work on your own? Connections with people and organizations can save you a ton of time and effort. 

It stops you from worrying about looking for box truck drivers like yourself and loads chances that are a suitable match for both you and your vehicle who can assist them with the loads they need to have transported.

FAQ About Load Board for Straight Trucks!

What Kind Of Load Board Is Ideal For Driving A Hotshot Truck?

Because it provides you with access to the nation’s most extensive freight network, the DAT TruckersEdge load board is highly recommended by our company. 

In addition, by providing you with analytical tools and insights, DAT assists you in negotiating the most favorable pricing for your cargoes.

Do straight truck with liftgate get more lucrative loads?

What Kind Of Box Truck Loads Brings In The Most Money?

The most extraordinary charges, on the whole, are reserved for flatbed cargoes. 

The usage of flatbed trucks to transport construction supplies, huge manufacturing components, and a variety of other enormous cargoes are common.

How Can I Obtain Access To Loads That Pay Well?

Look for an organization that brings together proprietors of retail shop chains. If you can, you should make an effort to get contracts with the government. 

The government is a fantastic customer since it provides loads that pay well and guarantees payment.


If you use a box truck load board explicitly designed for box trucks or a load board that allows you to sort out different loading jobs, you will not have to worry about wading through load opportunities that will not work out well for you or your truck. 

Instead, you will only have to focus on load opportunities that will work well for you and your truck.

Are there free load boards for straight trucks?