Tail Lift Van Hire in UK Cities and Towns

Tail-lift vans are generally large vans with a tail-lift machine that allows workers to easily load heavy goods into it.

Many tail-lift vans can safely lift loads of up to 500 kilograms. This makes them perfect for quickly loading and unloading heavy stuff.

Several van manufacturing companies in the world make vans with a tail lift (tail lift vans).

In the UK, most van hire companies have a Luton van as their tail lift van. The Luton van is popular across the UK because it is the biggest van that one can drive in the UK without needing a special driving license.

This service cut across many cities towns including Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Stockport, Peterborough, Southampton, Leeds, Nottingham, Belfast, Eastleigh, Bristol and more! Tail-lift vans larger than it exist but they are not very popular because they need a special driving license.

The Luton Tail Lift Van Hire

The Luton tail lift van is officially known as the Ford Transit Luton Van. It is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

The van has been manufactured in the UK for a very long time because it sells in good numbers every year. Brits love it because it is a reliable van. They also love it because it is quite spacious.

This tail lift van is especially popular with businesses/ companies that need to transport heavy goods. This is because it comes with a tail lift which allows such businesses or companies to load the heavy stuff into them.

The most popular Luton van weighs 3.5 tons and can haul up to 800 kilograms. The large box behind a Luton van extends beyond the cab. This extra storage space is called a kick.

Ford Transit Luton vans typically have a wide windscreen, a very comfortable cab, and big side mirrors.

These three things make them perfect for driving safely and comfortably over a long distance.

Because the wide windscreen makes the road ahead perfectly visible, the big side mirrors make the rear perfectly visible, and the comfortable cab makes driving over a long distance not very uncomfortable.

For Whom is the Tail Lift Van Perfect for?

The Ford Transit Luton tail lift van is perfect for you if you are planning a house move. It is perfect for three reasons.

First, its tail lift will make it easy for you to lift heavy stuff (e.g. big appliances and big wardrobes) from the ground into its box.

Second, its tail lift doing the heavy lifting will make the house move less tiring for you and the people helping you.

Lastly, the fact that it will allow you to do a house move on your own, it will save you the money that you would have had to spend if you decided to hire a moving company.

The Luton tail lift van is also perfect for building or renovating companies. This is because it can help to easily collect and transport heavy building/ renovating materials such as bricks, tiles, cement, windows, or doors.

The van is also perfect for businesses that sell and deliver heavy goods.

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7 Best Companies Renting the Luton Tail Lift Van

As mentioned earlier in this post, the Luton tail lift van is the most popular tail lift van in the UK. For this reason, nearly all the top van rental companies in the UK have it as part of their vehicle fleet.

Below are the best companies that have the Luton tail lift van or any other tail lift van as part of their fleet.

  1. Enterprise Tail Lift Hire

Enterprise has branches across the UK. It is one of the leading car, van, and truck rental companies in the UK and internationally.

You can rent the Luton tail lift van from this company for a day or a week. Long term Luton van rental is also allowed.

The best thing about Enterprise is that its van hire rates are always competitive/ affordable. The company also provides free roadside and back-up assistance in case you need it.

  1. Nationwide Hire UK

This van hire company has branches across the UK. You can rent from it multiple types of vans including crew vans, minibuses, and so on. The company even rents trucks.

The tail-lift van this company has is the Ford Luton Box Tail Lift. It can be driven with a standard driving license.

  1. SIXT Tail Lift Vans

Sixt is the leading car and van rental company in Germany. It was founded in the European country in 1912. It now has a presence all over Europe, in the UK, the US, and in many other countries. It is a reliable company with a good reputation.

Sixt’s vehicles are always well-maintained.

You can rent a Luton van with a tail lift from many of its UK branch stations.

  1. U-Drive Vans with Tail Lift

U-Drive is a UK van rental agency that is particularly popular in the South West with multiple locations in Glamorgan, Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.

The company is known for its exemplary services and affordable van hiring rates.

You can hire a Luton van with a tail lift from any of U-Drive’s locations.

  1. Reward Van Hire

This company has several van types available for hire. They include the Luton tail lift van, which the company says is particularly great for transporting furniture and similar items.

  1. Northgate Vehicle Hire

This company is the largest vehicle rental provider for businesses in the UK. It has over sixty branches across the United Kingdom. Its fleet is massive.

You can rent almost any type of vehicle from this company including the Luton Tail Lift Van.

  1. AK Rental

You can hire a Luton box van with tail-lift from this company at 95 pounds per day or 475 pounds per week. Long term hire is also possible.