Discover How Take Over Car Lease May Really Help You

Short Overview of Take Over Car Lease 

A car lease takeover, aka a lease assumption or a lease swap, allows you to assume the remainder of another individual’s auto lease.

Here, the original motor vehicle lease contract is transferred to a new lessee (the person taking over a long term or short term lease), who takes over use of the vehicle and its related monthly payments.

The new lessee is bound by all the vital responsibilities of the auto lease contract, including mileage limits, maintenance and monthly payment terms.

There are a couple reasons why one would want to take over someone car lease and the related monthly pay.

Why take over someone else’s car lease?

  • Car lease transfer cost a bit less

Leasing a vehicle is a lot cheaper than purchasing it, given that you’ll pay a fraction of the entire cost mostly by per month basis.

Assuming another individual’s lease is even cheaper since the care has already been considerably paid for by the original lessee.

  • Variety

Truly car lease transfer or lease takeovers provides you with more car options to make your pick from.

Assuming that you are in search of a car that’s maybe one or two years old, this might be challenging to get if you are looking at used cars dealerships.

However, given that most car lease terms only span for about years, you could find a recent ride with little mileage on it.

  • Incentives

Often, individuals looking for people to assume their auto lease are not only in desperate need of getting rid of the motor vehicle, but also out of the car lease contract.

This urgency – often financially related – makes them include different incentives like cash payment to lure potential lessees.

  • Flexibility

Maybe you are just in need of a car to use until you purchase your dream car. Or perhaps you simply want to give a luxury car such as Mercedes Benz, BMW or Toyota Lexus, a thorough test drive before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

That said, you can’t obtain an 18-month car lease with a bank or leasing company. However, through taking over another individual’s lease, you could easily get the right car to match your desired time length.

How to Take Over a Car Lease

Taking over someone else’s lease is a pretty simple thing to do and it involves only a little bit of paper work and easy to get per month payment agreements!

The first step is to get the original lessee to contact their leasing company or dealer and inform them of their intention of having their lease transferred to you.

The dealer or leasing company will then proceed to contact you and have copies of the lease agreement sent to both you and the original lessee to sign the document.

Before any of this takes place, you need to thoroughly conduct your due diligence. There’s no point of ruining the deal once the lease transfer is completed.

Make sure that you contact the leasing company or dealer to verify certain details such as the mileage that’s left and the condition of the vehicle that you are intending to lease.

Different from a normal car lease that spans for about five years and needs down payment, you could obtain a lease takeover that lasts for two years and at times even twelve months.

Also, no down payment is involved, which means that you get to save a lot of cash.

The leasing company or dealer, however, has to first approve the lease transfer and this is precisely where your credit score comes in. Once the lease transfer is approved, the deal is as good as complete.

A few leasing companies, however, still hold the first lessee responsible for all the payments due even with the lease having been already transferred to another individual.

And even though this might be good news for the lease’s buyer, it is certainly not as good news for the lease’s seller.

Also, some lease companies such as Swapalease don’t allow the lease transfers to take place either at the very start of the leasing period or towards the end of the lease term.

You need to confirm these small details before asking for the transfer of the car lease into your name, and this applies to even short term lease.

What to Consider before a Lease Takeover

Before you take over a lease plus its monthly payments, you need to consider a few vital factors that might increase the cost. They include:

  • Mileage

Most leases often come with a mileage restriction, which is simply the maximum figure of miles that the vehicle can be driven within the lease duration.

The lease contract specifies a certain fee for every mile that is driven over the set limit, which has to be paid in addition to the monthly payment.

Before you take over a lease owned by someone, check its mileage limit as well as the present mileage on the car to determine if you are likely to surpass the limit during the remainder of the lease term.

If you are concerned that might exceed the limit, you could negotiate with the original leaseholder. Most lease owners are normally willing to offer some cash incentive to assist in covering the cost if the motor vehicle already has relatively high mileage.

  • Condition of the car

Another important lease requirement to look out for is that by the end of the lease duration, the returned leased car should be in a reasonable condition.

Once the vehicle is returned, the leasing company or dealer carefully assess it for any damages and charges the individual responsible.

Therefore, before you take over a lease, ensure that you thoroughly check the car’s condition and the agreement’s definition of the phrase “reasonable condition”.

This might include, for instance, no scratches beyond a certain size.

And given that some of these things could be difficult to spot, it is thus advisable to have a trusted mechanic to assess the car to ensure that it is in proper mechanical and structural condition.

This is more important when considering higher price cars that come with prestige such as Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes Benz.

Remember, when you take over a lease, you will be responsible for the monthly payments and you will be bound to all the terms and conditions in the lease agreement. Therefore, be very careful.

Most long term and short term lease also mandate that the cars be properly maintained as well as serviced regularly. Not doing so might invalidate the car’s warranty.

Before taking over lease, you should request for proof that the necessary services have been done, particularly if the lease swap is due to financial reasons.

Imagine a Mercedes Benz or any other vehicle model that has not been properly maintained. The Mercedes Benz auto lease together with its requirements could be passed to you.

Cars are also at times involved in accidents and then get patched up a bit before having the lease transferred onto an unsuspecting buyer.

It is, therefore, wise to buy an independent report from websites like or, which disclose whether or not the vehicle has ever been involved in any serious accident.

take over car lease

What else to Consider before a Lease Takeover

On top of the obvious expenditures like the monthly billings and fueling the vehicle, there are other additional costs that you ought to take into consideration before taking over lease.

There are various states that tax lease swaps similar to the way the tax sales. You thus need to confirm with your state if this is the case.

Another important expense is insurance. Finance companies require that leased cars have, at the very least, collision and comprehensive coverage. In addition, most states need you to have a personal liability coverage.

Pros and cons of Car Lease Transfer

A lease takeover could help you get a short term use motor vehicle without having to lock yourself into a two or four year lease contract.

Lease takeovers involves assuming someone else’s car lease contract before its expiry.

The Pros

  • Short term agreement:

Lease terms normally last for about four years. This means that a lease transfer will even be shorter, thus giving you the opportunity to drive a car without necessarily making a huge commitment.

  • Good deals:

Most of those individuals looking to transfer their leases are often in an urgent need to free themselves from the contract, mainly for financial reasons.

Therefore, they often offer incentives like covering the costs of the transfer or even paying several monthly billings before the official lease transfer.

  • Cheaper than purchasing a new vehicle:

A vehicle lease take over is a good way to take advantage of prestige lease which empowers you to drive a luxury  vehicle, e.g. a Mercedes Benz or Toyota Lexus, exotic 4×4 SUV Range Rover Velar. Also, a take over lease will generally attract less monthly payments than a new vehicle lease.

  • Lower mileage compared to purchasing a used car:

Given that leases often come with mileage limitations, you’ll typically get a ride with fewer miles compared to what you would get if you purchased a used version of that same vehicle. However, these short term car leases have their own risks.

The Cons

  • Low mileage transfers are hard to find:

Leased cars often come with somewhat tight mileage limits. This might make it challenging to find a swap a lease deal involving a car that has many thousands of miles left.

  • Sales tax:

These costs could be quite hefty. However, note that different states have different laws that determine how the sales tax gets calculated.

  • Limited saving in comparison to getting a new lease:

You’ll almost take on similar costs as you typically would when getting a new lease. The only difference is the duration of the lease.

  • Unexpected surprises:

Without conducting an in-depth assessment of the car to detect any damages or potential issues before taking over the lease, you will be left on the hook for all damages which will definitely increase per month investments.


Taking over a lease could be a great and beneficial arrangement for both parties involved; the original lessee and the new lessee.

However, if you are looking to take over another individual’s lease, ensure that you do your homework for signing any monthly payment.

Ensure that the motor vehicle you want to lease was well cared for. Also, take time to understand all the costs that will be involved.