What are Tandem Trucks?

What is Tandem Trucks?

Tandem trucks are very important in the transportation of heavy cargo and construction materials.

This is because they have more hauling power and can carry more weight than single axle trucks.

Find out the answers to all your important questions about tandem trucks in the FAQs list below.

How Are Tandem Truck Used?

Tandem trucks are powerful trucks with two drive axles. Unlike single axle trucks, tandem trucks have more power to carry more cargo.

In other words, tandem trucks generally carry more weight when compared to single axle trucks.

Because they are more powerful, tandem trucks are often used as water trucks or fire trucks to carry water, and as dump trucks to carry heavy construction materials such as sand, concrete, building blocks or cement.

How much is average price of tandem truck rental?

It costs about $200 a day to rent a tandem truck. The lease price can be between $800 and $1500 a month.

What is a tandem dump truck?

A dump truck aka a tipper truck is a truck that is used to carry lose loads (often construction materials).

They are also used to transport coal. A tandem dump truck has two axles to ensure it can legally carry more weight.

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What are tandems on a semi?

A semi-trailer with tandems is a semi-trailer with two axles and not a single trailer.

How many tons is a tandem dump truck?

A tandem dump truck has a GVWR of 52,500 pounds. This is the total weight it can safely weigh.

Its empty weight is often between 33,000 and 35,000 pounds.

What is Tandem Truck Parking?

Tandem truck parking has a different meaning from tandem parking.

While tandem parking means the availability of two parking spaces with one right behind the other, tandem truck parking simply means parking specifically designed for tandem trailer trucks.

The design of tandem parking is such that the second car can drive away any time but the first car is blocked in and can only be driven out of the parking spot if the second car is removed.

In contrast, the design of tandem truck parking does not imply two parking spots with the second blocking the first. It simply means parking for tandem trucks.

A good example of tandem truck parking lots are the tandem truck parking lots in Massachusetts.

The state has several special parking lots for tandem trailer trucks.

The tandem truck parking lots include Springfield, Millbury, and Weston parking lots.

All these parking lots include special parking spaces for more than 15 trucks each.

How to Adjust or Slide Tandems on a Big Truck

To legally and safely haul a heavy load, it is important to position the axles of your truck properly.

Most semi-trucks on American roads have adjustable tandem axles.

In case a truck with adjustable tandem axles is loaded with cargo and the cargo is not balanced, the truck’s axles can be slid /adjusted to balance the cargo and ensure safe hauling of said cargo over a short or long distance.

The adjusting of adjustable tandem axles can help to balance the load between the trailer and truck axles.

It can also help to improve turning and control. Below are the most important steps you need to follow to adjust your truck’s tandem axles.

Step 1: Ensure your trailer and your semi-truck are coupled properly.

Step 2: Get into the semi-truck and switch on the ignition and leave it running.

Set the gear in neutral and then engage only the brakes of the semi-truck.

Step 3: Find the locking lever on the trailer’s side on top of the semi-truck’s rear wheels.

Engage the lever to release it. Make sure you slide it to completely release the locking pins. Make sure all the pins are properly disengaged.

Step 4: Get into the semi-truck and set the brakes of your trailer by engaging the trailer brake valve.

After doing this, release your truck’s brakes through pressing the yellow parking brake valve.

By setting the brakes of your trailer, you will prevent its wheels from moving.

This will allow you to push or pull the trailer on the slide to make the adjustments you need.

Step 5: To slide the tandems back, move the truck very slowly forward to reach the position you desire.

To slide the tandems forward, reverse the truck very slowly until you reach the position you desire.

Step 6:  Get back into the truck and set its brakes again and then go to the trailer.

Put the locking lever back in the locked position and get back into the truck.

Step 7: Release the truck’s brakes only and reverse the trailer just slightly to set the locking pins.

You will hear the pins locking in place. When you are done set the truck’s brakes to inspect the locking pins.

If the pins are properly set in the tandems, you are nearly there.

Step 8: Inspect the locking lever to ensure it is properly locked and secured.

If it is, your truck’s tandems are adjusted and you are good to go.

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What Is Tandem Truck Parking?

Super Dump vs Tandem Dump Truck

The tandem dump truck can haul a maximum of thirteen tons each trip. It is a powerful truck used in carrying construction materials and so on.

In contrast, the super dump truck can haul twice this amount of weight (twenty-six tons) per trip.

This means if you want to do tandem dump truck work twice as fast, you use a super dump truck.

The only real advantage tandem dump trucks have over super dump trucks is that they are cheaper.

Other than this, super dumps are perfect for big projects and for hauling big payloads each trip.

This is why they are used for big road construction projects and for mining.

Tandem Dump Trucks For Sale – Should You Rent, Lease or Buy?

You should rent a tandem dump truck if you want one to use for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

This is because renting a tandem truck is cheaper than leasing or buying one if you want it for short term use.

You should lease a tandem truck if you want one to use for two or more years.

Leasing a tandem truck is better than buying one because it is cheaper and because maintenance costs will be taken care of by the leasing company or its agents.

Rarely is it a good idea to buy a tandem dump truck unless you find one very cheap or you run a massive corporation that can handle the cost.

This is because the total cost of ownership is often higher than the cost of leasing or renting.

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Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a tandem axle and a single axle truck?

A single axle truck has just one axle, while a tandem axle truck has two axles.

Because a tandem axle has an extra axle and set of wheels, it can carry more weight than a similar size single axle trailer.

Difference between tandem truck vs tri axle?

The difference is that a tandem truck has two axles while a tri-axle has three axles.

How much weight can you put on a tandem trailer?

Some tandem trailers can carry 17 tons. However, they must have dual tires on both axles.

Where should my tandems be when empty?

They should be at the California 40’ mark. This is the safest length for them to be at.

How many axles does a tandem truck have?

It has two axles at the back and the steering axle, which is not often counted. Therefore, the much simpler answer is that it has two axles.

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How much gravel can a tandem truck haul?

A tandem dump truck can haul up to 15 tons of gravel per trip. However, in many states, the maximum allowed payload is 13 tons.

How many tons is a tandem load?

A tandem axle dump truck can carry 13 tons per trip.

How do tandem axles work?

Tandem axles have two axles. One followed by the next one. Because tandem axle trailers have two axles, they can carry more weight than single axle trailers.

Since tandem axle trailers have an extra set of wheels compared to single axle trailers, they are more stable and appropriate for hauling heavy cargo.

Does a tandem axle trailer need brakes?

Yes, it needs. All tandem axle trailers need at least a pair of brakes on one axle for safety. In some states, you are required to have brakes on both axles.

How much weight can a 3500 lb. axle carry?

Difference between tandem truck vs tri axle for freezer?A 3,500-pound axle is an axle that can carry 3,500 pounds.

However, this does not mean that you can add cargo weighing 3,500 pounds on a trailer.

It simply means that the total weight the axle can carry (including the weight of the trailer on it) is 3,500 pounds.


Tandem dump trucks are perfect for carrying heavy loads because they can legally carry about 13 tons per trip.

This makes them perfect for construction projects, mining, carrying heavy materials, and so on.

If you want a tandem truck for short term use, the best way to get one is to rent it. If you want one for long term use, the best way to get one is to lease one.

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