Can You Tow With A Rental Truck

Can You Tow With A Rental Truck

Many car owners have at some point in time been in a situation where they had to tow another vehicle, specifically, tow with rental truck.

If you drive any of the larger vehicles like an SUV, then this might not have been a problem.

But people who have smaller vehicles, usually end up calling a friend or AAA.

Imagine if there was an alternative that doesn’t involve inconveniencing your friend or getting a AAA membership, for example, using a rental truck to tow. Seems like the perfect idea, right?

But are there any legal implications of doing this? In fact, do rental vehicles have the towing abilities to get the job done?

All these questions will be answered in this article.

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Is It Legally Allowed To Tow With Rental Truck? 

Rental trucks can be used for a world of vehicle-related things; moving to new locations, making deliveries for your business, etc.

But here’s something you might not have considered using a rental truck for and that is towing.

This is probably because it’s hard to believe any rental company will allow their trucks to be rented out for such a demanding job. The truth is, some of them do.

In fact, they advertise it on their company’s website. Meaning if you do rent a truck for towing purposes, you’re at no risk legally as long as it was stated on their company’s policy.

Plus, they might not look it but many trucks are equipped with the towing abilities needed to get the job done.

How Does Renting a Truck to Tow With Work Generally? 

Now that you’ve decided to rent a truck to tow with, you can’t just jump right to it, you need to take some preliminary actions before you start.

  • First thing is to decide what exactly you’ll be towing; is it a heavy-duty item, or is it a standard sized vehicle.
  • Then you should consider your experience level. There are some cargo that you can trust yourself to tow if you’re a beginner but you should consider leaving it to the professionals if it’s a heavy-duty item.
  • Then there’s the equipment you might need such as tow dollies, including where you’ll get the equipment and whether or not you can fix it on your own.

The best part about going to a rental company is that not only will you be provided with a vehicle, but many of them will also give you the equipment you might need for the towing job.

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Companies That Allow Towing, their Policies

Admittedly, not every rental company allows for their trucks to be used in towing.

Some of them strictly prohibit it, and the ones that do allow it might not be all that reputable. This makes finding a good rental company that allows towing difficult. 

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a list of top rental companies that allow the use of their vehicles for towing and their policies.


U-haul offers a wide variety of trucks and vehicles you can use to tow. They also rent out tow dollies, car carriers, etc and they have no specified user restrictions.


Hertz has more restrictions than U-haul. For example, you can’t rent a trailer for towing and the vehicle you’re allowed to tow varies plus the weight and dimensions of the vehicle you’re about to tow must not exceed the vehicle’s capacity.

Most importantly, Hertz must be given prior notice before you use any of their vehicles for towing.

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Can you tow with a Budget rental truck?


Budget allows renting of vehicles and moving trucks of sizes up to 26′. The main policy is that dollies and car carriers must be rented with a budget truck reservation and cannot be rented separately.


Penske has a similar policy as Budget. You can only rent car carriers and tow dollies with a Penske truck reservation, you can’t rent separately, and you certainly can’t tow your trailer.

Popular Questions and Answers!

Can you rent trucks to tow within the USA?

As it turns out, many rental companies allow customers to use their vehicles for towing. Although some of them have strict policies for towing many of them are laxer and even offer you equipment for free.

Can you tow a trailer with a Budget rental truck?

Budget does allow you to tow a trailer with their vehicles, but you need to rent their vehicles to get access to their towing equipment.

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Avis towing policy Vs Uhaul

Avis and U-haul are both reputable rental companies, however, their policies vary when it comes to renting out their vehicles especially for towing purposes.

Avis is stricter when it comes to renting out their vehicles for towing, even adding it in their terms and conditions agreement as one of the prohibitions. Plus, their standard vehicles lack tow bars and can’t even serve the purpose of towing.

But, they also have a fleet of commercial vehicles that do have the capacity for towing, although generally speaking, towing with their vehicles isn’t allowed as it might cause damage to the vehicle.

U-haul, on the other hand, is laxer when it comes to letting customers tow with their vehicles.

As long as you provide them with a fore notice, they can recommend the best vehicle for you to use and in many cases provide you with the right equipment to tow with.

Can I tow my trailer with a budget truck?

Budget allows towing with their vehicles and they’ll provide you with towing equipment. You only need to give them a heads up. It must be noted that for you to get the Budget truck towing equipment, you also need to rent a budget truck.

Can you tow with a Hertz rental truck?

You are not permitted to tow with a rental truck from Hertz unless the vehicle has a tow bar and you have permission from Hertz. Also, the load you’re about to tow must not exceed the towing vehicle by weight or dimensions.

Is Enterprise truck rental towing reliable?

Enterprise trucks is a reputable company that has special towing packages for their 3/4 ton and 1-ton pickup truck rentals. Their trucks are available for monthly use. However, they’re not ideal for long-distance journeys.

Can you tow a trailer with a U-haul pickup truck?

You are allowed to tow a trailer for extra space or capacity if you need to.

How much can a U-Haul truck tow?

How much can a U-Haul truck tow?A U-haul truck has a towing capacity of up to 6000lbs

Can you tow with an Avis rental?

The standard Avis vehicle isn’t permitted to tow due to its lack of tow bars and their commercial vehicles do have a towing capacity.

But it’s not generally acceptable for you to use any of their vehicles to tow with.

Summary: Towing With A Rental Truck

With this article, you have the sufficient information you need to know about using rental vehicles for towing. For more information, you should call the directory of any of the towing companies close to you.