Are Tommy Lift Gate The Choice for Latest Products, Repair and Services?

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Over the years, transportation of large equipment and materials have been done effectively with lift-gates.

It could be quite stressful at times to transport these materials without the help of a lift-gate.

Many shipping stations make judicious use of it. Most people who use liftgates use them basically for effective deliveries of products.

What Makes Up a Lift Gate?

There are numerous characteristics and properties of lift-gates.

They are very reliable, easy to operate, cheaper to install and work with.

They don’t necessarily occupy much space.

Moreover, liftgates have great lifting capacity and strength.

The equipment and materials often lifted by lift-gates are very heavy with great weight.

Trucks without liftgates tend to find it difficult to lift heavier equipment.

Most equipment can’t be offloaded by hand due to the weight.

A lift-gate is a metal that is usually located at the back of the truck or trailer, it helps offload and load heavy equipment, machines and materials from the truck.

Also, when a lift-gate is extended out from the truck; it acts as a platform to lift equipment, materials or others from the ground level up to the height of the trailer or truck.

The size is dependent on the size of the trailer or truck, for instance there are different kinds and sizes of trucks, there’s the pick up and large trucks.

These trucks or trailers would have different sizes of lift-gates.

It’s important for you to know the specific size of your truck and note the best size of lift-gate that would suit it.

The Tommy Liftgate Products

Tommy lift-gate is an American brand of lift-gate that is hydraulic.

It was created and produced by a woodbine manufacturing company.

The company was founded in 1965!

The Tommy liftgate was created by Delbert Brown who solely created it.

He then named it after his son, Tommy.

Tommy lift-gate is a hydraulic lift-gate and has its specific mode of operation.

Amazingly, did you know that lift-gates are one of the greatest and most meaningful inventions and creations of the 19th Century.

It is essential for you to understand how it works vividly, before operation.

Most people are totally oblivious of how it operates and they can’t effectively use it. Read this guide for more details!

Liftgate pickup truck

How does Tommy work?

Tommy lift-gate uses hydraulic pressure to operate.

It has a switch box that controls its operation and directions. The switch box controls it’s up and down movement.

To move the lift-gate up you could press the switch-up button.

To move the lift-gate down you could also press the switch down button.

Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the driver of the trailer or truck to operate the lift-gate and offload the materials, equipment or heavy machines.

 Why do you need it?

Tommy lifter are great choices for latest products and services.

Nowadays, lift-gates make the work easier for trucks and trailers to transport heavy cargo and equipment.

Most shipments really require lift-gates for their effective delivery.

Lift-gates are always required when your truck can’t lift its heavy cargo on its own.

They are also required for construction purposes to offload heavy construction materials from the trailers.

Amazingly, it could be used for residential purposes; many homes don’t have the tools to offload heavy household equipment, lift-gates could help offload them easily.

However, the lift-gate service is designed for companies and brands that do not have a shipping dock or access to a lift.

When making arrangements with a shipping company it is important to know that the destination you are shipping your equipment, materials or tools to is fully equipped with a lift-gate.

If it’s not fully equipped with a lift-gate then you will need to add the lift-gate service to your shipment.

Also, most people consider the cost of the lift-gates before considering getting one and this is very good.

There are also other people who are totally oblivious of the cost of a Tommy lift-gate.

The cost of a lift-gate ranges from $2,000-$9,000.

Interestingly, this depends on the type of lift-gate, as they could be different in terms of sizes and prices, material, power supply, and lifting capacity as well.


With the numerous benefits and options that the Tommy lift-gates offers it’s expedient to consider it as the best choice for the shipments of heavy goods.

Aside its benefits, its properties and characteristics are also great options to consider in making a great choice for your products, services and repairs.

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