Who is The Best Semi Truck Leasing Companies?

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The freedom that comes with having a semi truck is what keeps ringing in the mind of prospective truck owners.

Leasing a semi truck becomes an option when you cannot afford the exorbitant cost of purchasing one for yourself.

As good as leasing a semi truck may sound, the cost of maintenance and repairs you might need to pay may be on the high side for some companies. 

Top 7 semi truck leasing companies in USA

If you are looking for the best semi truck leasing companies in the U.S.A., here are the top best companies to lease a semi truck from.

  • Ryder

Ryder semi truck leasing company is a fully-established leading company with over 800 service stations across the United States.

What makes Ryder unique is the ability to get just what you need from them, and definitely one of the best company to lease a semi truck from. They specialize in various trucks serving different purposes ranging from straight trucks, refrigerated vehicles, cargo vans, box trucks, etc.

For semi trucks, you can get a lease deal that is as low as $1,150/month. It is pretty easy and fast to make a deal with Ryders, making it a place to go to for urgent needs. Above all, their services are affordable and readily available any day, any time. 

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  • LRM Leasing Company

LRM leasing company is a family-owned business located in Greensboro, North California, in the semi-truck leasing business since 1980. A down payment between $5,000 and $8,000 is mandatory.

It also requires a monthly deposit starting from $1,200 to lease a semi-truck from this company. There is also a flexible plan for weekly and semi-monthly payments.

To begin a contract, you are entitled to sign up with the company, after which you can take the preferred truck you wish to hire for assessment.

Once you are satisfied with the truck, you can finish the leasing process and then leave with the truck. However, if you are dissatisfied with the truck, you can return it and withdraw your deposit.

This is how flexible their leasing process is. L.R.M provides their customers with access to their repair shops at a reasonably cheap rate.

The only thing that might be of disadvantage to a few people with this company is the enormous down payment they have to make before hiring. 

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  • California Semi-Truck Leasing

California Semi-Truck Leasing is a go-to company to lease a semi-truck in the U.S.A. The company provides its services for people in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, even though it is located in Oakland, California.

It offers leasing services for both commercial operations and private businesses.

The good thing about this company is it’s no down payment policy which makes using their services easy for average people and those with bad credit.

They have a wide range of trucks available for all their clients and provide good maintenance services. Call them on +1 510-567-1964 to stay updated on their latest prices and deals.

  • Continental Lease

Continental Lease provides semi-truck leasing services to its clients. They also offer truck purchase and other finance options.

The company has branches all around the United States, while its head branch is situated in Indianapolis, IL.

The lovely thing about the company is that they do not require a down payment, credit checks, mileage restrictions, or balloon payments. They also deal in stock cars, jeeps, sports cars, etc. You can fill out this form to inquire about their deals.

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  • Lone Mountain Truck leasing

Lone Mountain truck leasing has its branches in the major cities in the United States. You can find some of them in areas like Las Vegas, NV, Carter Lake, IA, etc.

The company provides services for people who can afford little or no down payment to hire a truck. They offer a minimum monthly payment, making it affordable for many individuals across all states. 

Right now, they have amazing deals requiring a $17,000 down  payment for most of their semi trucks. A monthly payment of $2,500 is required for a period of 24 months for the lease.

Getting a lease signed won’t be an issue for people with bad credit history because of their flexible in-house finance option.

Once the company is satisfied with your driving experience and work history, you qualify for a lease.

  • OTR Leasing

OTR Leasing is a big established semi-truck leasing company that provides clients with high-quality services. They provide their clients with semi-trucks from companies such as Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, etc.

The company does lease semi-trucks to their clients and empowers serious and hardworking truckers all around the United States.

Their primary focus is to provide quality services to their clients and offer several enlightening and support programs.

All these are to make their clients attain success and achieve their purpose. Contact them to stay updated on their latest prices and deals.

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  • M.C.H Leasing and Rental

M.C.H leasing is a full-fledged privately-owned company with over 480 leasing branches all over the United States. They provide a straightforward leasing procedure to rent a truck by filling in a form.

Following this, you will receive a call from one of their customer service personnel to complete your order.

Some of the advantages of this company are swift response, several leasing options, and contract maintenance programs.

They provide short-term and long-term semi-truck rental depending on every individual’s need. The leasing rate depends on the brand and model of the vehicle you are leasing. 

And don’t forget that major rental boys like Enterprise leasing and Penske Leasing are active on the lease and finance truck industry, as well small guys like Advantage Truck Fleet Lease.

7 Best Semi Truck Brands to Lease – Used & New

After spending over 24 hours researching, we settled on the following semi trucks brands options.

  • Freightliner Cascadia
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • Volvo VNL 860
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros
  • International Lonestar
  • Mack Trucks Inc.

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FAQ about Commercial Truck Leasing Firms!

What company has best semi truck lease program?

OTR Leasing company provides the best semi truck leasing programs for their clients.

Aside from the fact that they specialize in big-name semi-truck companies, they provide high-quality semi-truck and support programs.

The assistance they offer is to their big clients. The average trucker who wishes to be independent and successful can benefit too. Hence, their aim is not just about profit-making but majorly on satisfying their clients.

Two advantages of big rig truck leasing over medium ones?

  • Low risk

Big rig truck leasing options provide a less risky contract than medium ones because the contract usually comes with a walk-away lease.

This means that you can easily walk out of the lease soon after the contract starts if you are no longer interested without any consequences involved. However, canceling a lease is not that easy compared to a medium truck.

  • Personal leasing privilege

Leasing a big rig truck is much easier for a person who has his own business. Most significantly, a person runs different errands for people and gets paid daily.

On the other hand, medium trucks are mostly rented for commercial purposes by established businesses.

Does Werner have Lease Purchase Program?

Yes, Werner has a truck purchase lease program; it is quite different from the truck leasing program.

Participants of truck lease purchase programs become truck owners in less than three years.


Reading the terms and conditions is essential before you sign a semi truck lease contract with any company.

This will make you understand how flexible their plans (lease terms or lease agreement) are and how beneficial they will be to you and your business. 

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