Toy Hauler Motorhome for Sale

What is toy hauler motorhome?

A toy hauler motorhome is a motorhome RV (a bus RV) that has a separate compartment (normally at the back) for carrying toys such as an ATV, a dirt bike, a motorbike, a bicycle, a canoe, a surf board, or something similar.

To make it easy for you to load or unload your toy, toy hauler motorhomes normally have a drop down door that becomes a ramp when opened.Rent an RV from RVshare

So if you have an ATV, a dirt bike, a bicycle, a raft or a motorbike, you can easily push it onto a toy hauler motorhome.

Some people use the toy compartment of their toy hauler motorhome as an office.

If you are going on a long vacation and you want somewhere calm away from your kids or away from distractions to do your work, you will find a toy hauler motorhome to be very useful.

Below are the best toy hauler motorhomes on the market.

They are perfect whether you want a toy hauler motorhome for your toy(s) or for your work.

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5 Best New Toy Hauler Motorhome for Sale

  • Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38KB

This Thor motorhome is one of the best luxury class A motorhomes in the world! It is what you should buy if you want a massive RV that feels as close to a real home as possible.

It has a kitchen bigger than many kitchens in those tiny sky-high apartments in New York and more TVs than you probably have in your own home.

This motorhome is the classic motorhome. It is essentially made on a bus platform.

The front part is the living/dining area, the mid part is the kitchen, and then there is the bedroom, which is followed by a bathroom.

As you move on further back you will find a massive bedroom with a walkaround bed, storage areas and a TV.

You will also find a corner where you can set up a washer/dryer.

After the bathroom is the toy hauler compartment. You can haul two big ATVs, multiple motorbikes, multiple bicycles, several rafts, and/ or several canoes in it.

You can also set it up as an office. If you do so, it may even be more spacious than your work cubicle.

You can also set up this compartment as a bunkhouse bedroom because it already has two foldaway beds and a TV.

The key features in this motorhome include:

  • A touchscreen control panel
  • A solar power system (100-watt)
  • A convection microwave
  • A garage ramp door (can be used a patio)
  • A residential refrigerator
  • A water filtration system.

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  • Thor Outlaw 38MB

This Thor motorhome is about as big as the Thor motorhome above. However, there are several differences between this and the vehicle reviewed above.

When you enter this motorhome, you will see the back of the driver’s and the passenger’s seats. You will also see the coffee table between them.

The two front seats can be unlocked and swivelled to face each other.

When you start scanning left from the back of the seats you will see a big dinette and a big TV on top of it.

Opposite the dinette is a sofa from which you can comfortably watch the TV.

As you start moving into this motorhome, you will see a big sink, a big burner, an oven, a microwave, and a residential fridge.

This is the kitchen of this trailer. Opposite this kitchen you will see a bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and a shower. It also has cabinets.

As you move further into this Thor RV, you will get into the bedroom with a queen bed, a wardrobe, a TV, and a private entrance into the bathroom.

The next room is the garage. It has a drop-down full size bed.

When the bed is not dropped, there is a sofa you can sit on and a big enough garage for a small car.

But you should not put a car in it since it is designed for carrying toys.

Key features include:

  • A solar power system
  • A convection microwave
  • Multiple big-screen TVs
  • Two big beds
  • An air conditioner
  • A water filtration system.

Toy Hauler for your Next Rving

  • Freedom Hauler
toy hauler motorhome for sale

Credit: FreedomHauler

This is not a toy hauler like the ones I have described above. In fact, this is a simple-looking (but highly engineered) flatbed platform with wheels below it.

It is the type of toy hauler you buy when you already have an RV.

In other words, it is what you purchase to make your truck or RV a toy hauler.

The flatbed carrier can carry an ATV, a golf cart, motorbikes, dirt bikes, or bicycles.

It can carry anything as long as that thing can fit on it and weighs less than 2,400lbs.

The most important thing about this toy hauler is that it has a special suspension system that helps to keep it stable.

  • Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29J

This is a class C RV. It is different from the other Thor motorhomes reviewed earlier because it is essentially a big van as opposed to being a big bus as the other two are.

The exterior features of this machine include a massive awning, LED lights, an external TV, and external storage areas.

Inside, this Thor machine has two sofas opposite each other and a massive cab-over bed. It also has a refrigerator, a TV, a kitchenette, and then a bathroom.

When you open the door next to its bathroom you will see its garage, which measures 8 by 8.

This garage is perfect for motorized toys. However, if you do not have toys, you can drop down a massive queen size bunk bed.

This camper also has a patio deck.

Key features include:

  • A kitchenette
  • A big sink
  • A multi burner
  • A TV


  • Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29S

This is a class C RV just like the one above. It is built on a powerful Ford cargo van chassis unlike the earlier reviewed Thor motor campers that are built on a bus chassis.

This Thor Outlaw toy hauler has a cab-over bunk bed and two sofas that can be turned into murphy beds.

It can sleep many adults. It also has a kitchen, a fridge, a bathroom, a shower, and the garage.

The garage measures 8’ by 6’ and has a side ramp door.

Key features include:

  • A bug screen
  • A touchscreen controller
  • A powerful entertainment system
  • Multiple TVs
  • Murphy bed


New Vs Used Motorhome Toy Haulers for Sale

A new motorhome toy hauler will cost more than $200,000.

It is basically a motorhome with garage aka a mobile home and a separate garage.

It is also a massive bus at the same time. Therefore, the total price of more than $200,000 is justified.

Used class A motorhomes may cost less than $200,000.

However, you should not expect to pay much less than $100,000.

This is especially true when you are buying used class A motorhomes for sale by owner.

Used class C motorhomes for sale are often much cheaper than used class A motorhomes. You can even find used class c motorhomes under $20,000.