Is Total Quality Logistics (TQL) Offer Best Opportunity For Box Truck Loads?

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Finding available transportation capacity offered by the industry’s non-dominant brands is equal to searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Several businesses are hunting the market for brokerage and non-asset logistics service providers to assist them in meeting their capacity requirements.

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What Services Do They Provide At TQL Box Truck Loads?

TQL is one of the most successful freight brokerages in North America. Its significant investments in cutting-edge technology meet the requirements imposed by modern-day professional truck drivers. 

These requirements include tracking real-time shipments and communication with customers.

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All TQL-approved contract carriers have access to the TQL carrier dashboard, which allows them to search for, price, and instantaneously book loads. 

This is in addition to the check calls and paperwork required for each load. In addition, they can look for loads and book them promptly, thanks to the dashboard. 

You can streamline day-to-day operations through your mobile smartphone. A smartphone is now more straightforward than it has ever been before.

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How Can TQL Box Truck Loads Be Helpful?

To move your products using services for less than a truckload will require the assistance of skilled LTL experts.

TQL box truck loads provide individualized logistical solutions to assuage your worries and concerns.

TQL partners with businesses to help them move their freight. The services offered by TQL are done so in partnership with the different industries like pharmaceuticals, machinery, food, etc. 

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TQL’s sole purpose is to dominate the truckload transportation business by providing the safest and most dependable service.

It comes with a free trucking app which is the best advantage a loader can get for transporting his goods. 

To achieve this goal, the organization places a premium on open and proactive communication, easy access, and unwavering dependability in its business processes.

This intensifies its commitment to providing a transparent business process to its clients worldwide. 

As a direct consequence of these criteria, TQL now has a client base composed of more than 1,600 organizations, on behalf of which it transports more than 110,000 cargo every year.

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What Is TQL Carrier Dashboard?

The TQL Carrier Dashboard is a web interface that offers speed and simplicity.

It is a mobile app that gives you speed and clarity at every stage of the moving process, even on the busiest days of your life. You can check almost anything. 

You can access the load board through our carrier-specific technology, which is known as the TQL Carrier Dashboard

A web portal and mobile application that works together to offer you the freedom and quote available loads. 

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They also help send invoices, examine load documentation, and cut down on check calls. You can avail all the facilities of checking, tracking, and quoting all at once, in a single interface. Isn’t it convenient?

You have unrestricted access to our free load board when signing up for TQL Carrier Dashboard. This board has weekly listings of more than 65,000 loads and is available to users. 

In addition to providing estimates, checking calls, and submitting load papers, you can now examine and submit load documents using the web platform.

You can depend on TQL to provide lucid communication, shipment tracking, and exceptional LTL service standards when shipping LTL products. 

As a result, you need not worry about the present state of your items since you will always be kept informed.

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Who Is The Owner And Founder Of TQL?

Ken Oaks is responsible for starting one of the most successful trucking firms in the United States, Total Quality Logistics. 

His enterprise is a go-between for businesses that want their goods transported across the nation and truck drivers looking for work in this industry. 

The most common industry is medical, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals, which works with TQL Box truck loads. 

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Oaks started the firm in 1997, and once it hit $50 million in sales in 2003, he watched the company’s revenues rise at a rate of 40 percent per year for the following 11 years. 

Because different clients have different needs, there is a need for a diversified selection of trailer types. 

There are also chances to create specialized services to meet those needs.

Ken Oaks founded TQL so that it provides you with the option to choose from more than 65,000 unique loads every week, regardless of whether you are an owner-operator or a private fleet.

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FAQ About total quality logistics TQL load board!

How does TQL qualify as an LLC?

Total Quality Logistics, LLC participates in the freight transportation arrangement industry. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States.

Total Quality Logistics, LLC is responsible for bringing in 7.84 billion dollars in revenue and has an entire workforce of 4,076 people across all its sites. That’s why TQL qualifies as an LLC.

What are the hours of operation and days when TQL is open?

If you wonder when to contact TQL and what days and hours it operates. Then here is the answer: it operates 24/7, for the whole week, and 365 days a year.

Surprised? It’s available all the time to provide services. 

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What is the correct name of the TQL customer portal?

This is fantastic news for shippers, as data from the TQL Carrier Dashboard will stream into our client site, TQL TRAX.

This will provide shippers access to information and insight on each cargo. This basically helps the first-time customers as well to transport their loads to various truck sizes such as box trucks, large vans, semis models.  

What is the total number of TQL offices?

TQL has more than 5,500 employees spread out throughout its 57 local offices located across the United States. It’s spread out almost all across the United States. 


TQL works in conjunction with a network consisting of more than 130,000 carriers, enhancing the effectiveness of their customers’ supply chain.

The most essential aspect of their development has been this network and the industry-leading technology that delivers outstanding service.

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