What is U Haul Trailer Ball Size? How Does Towing Trailers and Hitch Balls from Uhaul Works?

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You can either hire professionals to help you move or you can do it yourself (DIY). 

Besides being cheaper, DIY move grants you more flexibility over the whole moving process. But the gag is you will have to ensure that everything is in place for a seamless, efficient relocation.

An example is getting the appropriate hitch ball size for your trailer that would match the weight capacity. 

Now, following the considerable fleet of trailers that a moving company like U-Haul has, you might want to think it would be rocket science just to arrive at the weight capacity and the desired hitch balls size.

This couldn’t be more false. Every trailer at U-Haul can be towed using both the 1-7/8 inches or 2 inches.  The only thing you should look out for is the weight capacity.

For instance, while a smaller 4×7 trailer would only require a 2,000 lb. rated hitch ball, a heavier trailer like the Auto Transport would need at least a 5,000 lb. hitch. 

Here are two things to note: 

  • 1-7/8 inches or 2 inches hitch packing a 5,000 lbs. weight capacity can haul every U-Haul cargo trailer.
  • The hitch ball has to equal or be more than the total towable weight if it must tow a vehicle.

Having said that, this article will go on to give a broader overview of U-Haul size hitch ball as well as sufficiently answer some frequently asked questions. 

But first, you have to know what hitch balls are. View how to rent trailer hitches here!

What Is A Hitch Ball For Towing?

It describes the ball-shaped mechanism that links a hitch (mounted on a vehicle) to a trailer.

As everyone in the industry knows, the hitch diameter is standard. The hitch rating and shank diameters can, however, differ. 

Please note that the hitch ball rating is just as crucial as the ratings of the receiver hitch.

So, to ensure your hitch is the right fit, a measurement of shank diameter and length must be taken. As a rule, larger hitch featuring larger shank diameters tend to pull heavier weights. 

How to determine ball sizes for your trailer?

Three major factors will help you determine the ball sizes of hitch balls for your trailer, and they are coupler size, trailer hole diameter, and towing capacity. 

Whatever you do, make sure these three conditions are fulfilled: 

  • Coupler size must perfectly fit your diameter. 
  • Shank diameter must match the hole. 
  • Weight capacity must be sufficient to efficiently pull your trailer.

 Here’s how you determine the trailer hitch size:

Step 1: Match coupler size to hitch diameter

This is the first you do when choosing a trailer ball. Nowadays, many manufacturers input the actual trailer hitches of the trailer on the coupler.

If yours doesn’t have one, you have to figure it out yourself. Make all required adjustments and confirm the exact match of your trailer coupler and hitch before you commence towing. 

Step 2: Match shank size to hitch hole

In the trailer sizes setup, the hitch fits onto the hole in the mount platform.

For proper functioning, you must know the size of this hole for you to select a hitch with a matching shank size. Mismatch sizes will remove substantially from the towing efficiency. 

Step 3: Consider your towing system’s weight capacity 

Weight capacity tops the list of considerations when choosing a hitch or by other towing components for that matter. A trailer’s weight rating is considered to be the ball capacity.

It should, however, be noted that this weight rating indicates only the gross trailer weight limit and has nothing to do with the tongue weight. And as a rule, the hitch ball must have a ball capacity that exceeds the trailer’s gross weight. 

Hitch back for truck

What are UHaul Hitches ball size? 

U-Haul offers four standard size hitch balls, which include the 1-7/8-inch (for light-duty trailers), 2-inch (for medium trailers), 2-5/16-inch (for heavy trailers), and 3-inch hitch (for gooseneck trailers). 

What sizes do multiple ball mount U-Haul have? 

U-Haul’s multiple balling mounts have three sizes; 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches, 2-5/16 inches sizes. 

Tips to select the perfect hitch balls mount

First things first, it is critical that you get the actual ball mount that matches your trailer. Otherwise, things can quickly go wrong with your towing connection. 

Essentially, you know you have the perfect ball mount for your vehicle if: 

  • There is a balanced connection between the U-Haul trailer and the towing vehicle. 
  • It has a weight rating that is the same as or more than the towed trailer. 

The following are things you must do to select the perfect ball mount for your hitch: 

  • Measure the hitch height

Take it from the ground to the top of the towing vehicle’s hitch receiver tube. 

  • Measure the coupler height

First thing, balance your trailer, then measure the coupler height. To do that, start from the coupler bottom to the ground. 

  • Get the difference

Remove the measured height of the coupler from that of the hitch receiver. Whatever you get is how much drool you will require in your mount. 

Take note of the following: 

  • Get a ball mount with a drop if the hitch height is more than the coupler height. 
  • Get a ball mount with a rise if the coupler height is more than the hitch height. 

FAQ about popular trailer ball

Do you still have some questions? Carefully read along our tips FAQS below to glean some nuggets:

What is U Haul trailer ball height?

The standard height at U-Haul is anywhere between 18½ and 18¾ inches. To get this measurement, take it from the ground to the hitch middle before connecting it to the trailer.

How many standard hitch size are out there?

U-Haul offers four standard sizes, which include the 1-7/8-inch (for light-duty trailers), 2-inch (for medium trailers), 2-5/16-inch (for heavy trailers), and 3-inch hitch (for gooseneck trailers). 

What is the most common trailer ball sizes?

Easily the most common hitch size is the 2-inch. The reason for this is simple; the 2-inches is the choice for a majority of the class 3 hitches, which so happens to be the most popular hitch. 

This does not in any way imply that it’s a universal hitch. Always make sure you pick the actual one for your setup. 

How do you measure trailer ball size?

Measuring the size of a trailer is not difficult, anyone can do it. Here’s a quick help guide: 

Step 1: Use a ruler

Right on top, place your ruler horizontally and sight down. Ensure the ruler’s first mark aligns with the widest part on one side.

Take note of where the ruler is aligned on the other side. Typically, the trailer ball should be either 1 7/8, 2, or 2 5/16 inches.

Step 2: Get the shank diameter

Use the ruler to measure the threading aspect of the diameter of the shank. It should come to either 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, or 1 3/8 inches.

Benefits of U Haul trailer hitch drop?

A U-Haul hitch drop is an add-on that alters the height of a hitch ball receiver on a vehicle. Its purpose is to fit seamlessly into the receiver and lower the hitch, resulting in a smoother and more level trailer towing encounter.

Here are several benefits of utilizing a hitch drop:

Enhanced Towing Performance: By ensuring the trailer is level with the ground, the U-Haul hitch drop can contribute to enhanced towing performance.

This can prevent the trailer from swaying or fishtailing on the road, resulting in a safer and more comfortable towing experience.

Versatility: Hitch drops are available in various sizes and lengths, making them compatible with a wide range of vehicles and trailers. This adaptability makes them a popular choice for individuals who tow different types of trailers using various vehicles.

Easy Installation: UHaul hitch drops are simple to install and remove without much pro help. They effortlessly glide into the receiver and are secured using a pin or lock. This makes it convenient to adjust the hitch height as required.

Cost-Effective: A UHaul hitch drop is a budget-friendly approach to adjust the height of a hitch receiver. It is significantly less expensive than purchasing a new hitch or having one custom-made.

In conclusion, a U-Haul hitch ball drop is an unpretentious and efficient accessory that can really help to enhance towing performance while making the towing experience safer and more comfortable.

What size ball for a U-Haul 4×8 trailer?

The 1-7/8 inches or 2 inches size ball can tow any U-Haul, including the 4×8 trailer. It’s just the weight capacity you have to look out for. 

Also ensure the size matches the coupler size on the trailer to ensure a secure and safe towing experience. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for towing any trailer.

Will U-Haul services install a hitch ball?

Yes, U-Haul provides hitch installation services, which include the installation of a hitch ball. Any one of their 1,500 install locations will sort you out.

They have skilled experts who can install hitches and other towing accessories on most types of vehicles. You can verify the pricing and availability of this service by contacting your nearest U-Haul center.

What size ball do I need for a 5×8 U-haul trailer?

The approved size for a hitch ball for a 5×8 trailer is 2 inches. It’s very important to ensure that the hitch is the actual size for your trailer to ensure proper towing and safety.

The most frequently encountered size for U-Haul trailers, specifically the 5×8 model, is 2 inches in diameter.

To verify the size required for your particular U-Haul, either examine the owner’s manual or contact U-Haul’s customer service department.

Do U-Haul trailers come with a hitch?

No, U-Haul typically do not come with a hitch. However, you can rent or purchase a hitch from U-Haul separately to tow the trailer.

It’s important to ensure that the tow hitch you choose is compatible with your vehicle and can safely tow the weight of the trailer you plan to use.

U-Haul trailers are not equipped with a hitch ball as the type of hitch required to tow a trailer varies depending on the specific vehicle and trailer being utilized.

Moreover, some patrons may already possess a hitch on their automobile that harmonizes with the trailer, making it superfluous to provide a hitch with each trailer rental.

By renting or purchasing a hitch separately, patrons can guarantee that they possess the appropriate hitch ball for their precise towing requisites and vehicle.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Please avoid getting defrauded or scammed of your hard earned by dealing directly with Uhaul office or approved vendor affiliate.

In recent days many innocent customers have been reporting credit card scam by a certain web team associates which has been traced to Asian hinterlands and not one of Uhaul’s associates listed on trucking industry leader’s company info partner pages.

Better route is to make a direct contact with your neighborhood customer service rentals location, or call direct 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285) to get latest pricing, check availability, and to make a reservations.

What is the coupler height on a U-Haul trailer?

The standard height of the coupler on a U-Haul is 16 inches. It’s essential to note that the coupler height is subject to change depending on the trailer’s size and model.

It’s prudent to verify with U-Haul or examine the maker’s specifications to ensure that the coupler height is appropriate for your particular trailer.

What size tow ball do I need?

The 1-7/8 inches and 2 inches can tow any U-Haul, so there you go. It’s just the weight you should be mindful of. 

What ball mount do I need?

As we already established earlier in this article, just subtract the coupler height from the receiver height. The difference is your answer. 

What ball size for U-Haul 6×12 trailer

The balling size for a U-Haul 6×12 trailer is typically 2 inches in diameter. However, it’s always best to double-check with the specific U-Haul location where you plan to rent the trailer to confirm the exact  size required.

Man fixing the body of a van

What is the most common size trailer tow hitch?

Easily the most common hitch ball size is the 2-inch. The reason for this is simple; the 2-inches is the of choice for the majority of the class 3 hitches, which so happens to be the most popular hitch. 

This does not in any way imply that it’s a universal hitch. Always make sure you pick the actual one for your setup.

How to hook up a U-Haul trailer to a ball hitch?

These nine simple steps will guide you about ball hitch:

  1. First of all, ensure that the coupler totally encloses it. 
  2. Holding down the leveler using your thumb, pull up underneath to clamp to connect the spring. 
  3. As much as you can, tighten the handwheel, pull the trailer back and try tightening again. 
  4. Place the safety chains under the tongue linking the hitch ball setup to the opposing loop. 
  5. Then, pass the safety chain through the connection point to take the S-hook through one of the links. 
  6. Fasten the strap of rubber on top of the S-hook. 
  7. Again, loop the brake chain through one of the attachment points, precisely the one closest to the center. 
  8. If you have to, tighten to remove slacks. 
  9. Finally, connect the lights and check the turn signals and brakes. 


There you go, everything you need to know about the U-Haul Ball Size. 


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