All You Need to Know About Travel Lite RV and Truck Camper

What is Travel Lite RV?

Travel Lite is an American manufacturer of RVs that was founded by Larry Johns in the year 1998 in Syracuse. Initially, the company only manufactured truck campers.

However, as time went on, the company started building travel trailers alongside truck campers – known as travel lite truck camper models.

The company is known for being innovative. It makes some of the most stylish and ingenious RVs and they are all lightweight.

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The Travel Lite RV Line Up: Truck Camper and Trailers

  1. Extended Stay Truck Campers

According to Travel Lite, you will desire to extend your holiday when you go camping in one of their Extended Stay truck campers.

The most unique thing about these truck campers is that they have an insulated floor, R7 insulated walls, and solid overall wood construction.

The travel lite camper are all attractively made on the inside and feature brilliant neutral colors. If you are the type of person who needs multiple storage areas, these truck campers are for you.

They all have several storage areas despite being simple and lightweight truck camper models.

The biggest difference between Extended Stay truck campers and other truck campers is that extended stay truck campers are loaded with features and amenities not commonly found in truck campers.

These are the features that will make you want to extend your holiday when you go camping in one of these truck campers because they make camping very enjoyable.

The features and amenities include a flushable toilet, an outside shower, a powerful furnace, a two-burner stovetop, a refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a high-rise faucet, a big freshwater tank, and a table.

So if you have been asking yourself, “Are Travel Lite truck campers any good?” you now know they are.

  1. Rayzr Truck Campers

Travel Lite Rayzr truck campers are extremely lightweight truck campers made for both full-size and middle-size trucks. They are more affordable than typical lightweight travel trailers and offer somewhat the same features and experiences.

All Rayzr campers are built with natural wood for insulation and warmth. They also have a big 12,000 BTU furnace for added warmth.

The special features of Rayzr truck campers include a refrigerator (two cubic feet), a two-burner stovetop, a propane tank, a big furnace, and a powerful power cord.

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  1. Super Lite Truck Campers

These are some of the lightest truck campers currently available on the market. On top of being lightweight, they are known for being very durable.

The walls of these truck campers are made of tough but well-insulated composite walls with a one-inch thick foam. Because these campers are insulated, they can keep you warm even on bitterly cold nights.

Standard and optional features include insulated walls, a freshwater tank, a sink, and a faucet, a refrigerator, a two-burner cooker, a 12,000 BTU furnace, and an outdoor shower.

  1. Rove Lite Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

Rove Lite travel trailers are aerodynamic, ultra-lightweight, and unbelievably affordable.

They are light enough to be pulled even by some sedans, family cars, vans, and so on. If you have a big truck or sedan, no problem. You can also tow them wherever you want.

Probably what is most amazing about Rove Lite trailers is that they come with so many basic and extra features than one would expect.

Standard and optional features in the campers include a foot flush toilet, an indoor shower, a water heater, a powerful vent, a solid surface kitchen, a solid surface table, spacious cabinetry, a two-burner stovetop, a stainless steel sink, a kitchen faucet, stabilizer jacks, electric brakes, a monitor panel, and a 20-pound gas tank.

From the information above, it is clear that Rove Lite campers are heads and shoulders above many campers.

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Travel Lite RV For Sale – Average prices of both new and used models

New Travel Lite RV truck campers go for between $13,000 and $23,000, while new Travel Lite RV trailers go for about $20,000.

Used Travel Lite truck campers for sale go for between $5,000 and $13,000 based on the age and features, while used trailer campers from the company go for about $10,000.

Why did the new management team phase-out Evoke, Aura, Express, and Falcon travel trailers? 

Travel Lite RV
Courtesy: Travel Literv

The new management led by Ryan Rebar decided to do away with the Travel Lite RV Evoke, and other models such as the Travel Lite Express and the Travel Lite RV Falcon, for two main reasons.

First, they did so to focus on small and lightweight travel trailers.

The company did not want to compete with more established and successful players in the big-size or 30-foot travel trailer market such as Keystone, Dutchmen, and Forest River.

So they decided to focus on the compact travel trailer market where the company was already a big brand.

Second, the company’s management, like many car industry analysts, is expecting compact electric vehicles to become increasingly popular in the near future.

Therefore, it is abandoning heavy travel trailers such as the Aura Travel Lite in favor of ultra-lightweight ones such as Rove that can be towed by small electric vehicles.

Is Travel Lite RV Still in Business?

Yes, it is. The company just temporarily closed to restructure and it is now back in business.

However, it is important to note that during the restructuring, the company changed its leadership and many of its employees. It is now basically a somewhat new company.

Moreover, the company also stopped the manufacturing of many of its famous models. It is now no longer making big or long travel trailers. It only focuses on making lightweight travel trailers and truck campers.

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Summary of Travel Lite Truck Campers

Travel Lite RV is not dead. The company restructured a while back and it is now back in business – better Travel Lite truck campers and travel trailers.

The company now makes new and lighter truck campers and travel trailers. It is definitely a company that will be much talked about in the near future when more people start focusing on small and easy to tow campers.