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Reviews of travel trailer with king bed!

Living the van life is something that more and more people are dreaming of or at least want to try sometime soon.

It looks like a cool experience going on a camping trip alone or with a partner in a van. However, what many people do not think of when they think of van life is the sleeping area.

Most camper vans do not have big beds. They have somewhat restricted sleeping areas. This makes them inconvenient for individuals who like sleeping on big beds or want to share a bed with their partner at night.

If you find small RV beds inconveniencing or not your style, you have just stumbled upon exactly what you need to read.

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What are the 10 best travel trailers with king beds?

One of the most common things people look for in travel trailers is the level of comfort they can get. Among other things, a luxurious king-size bed surely provides a high level of comfort. Here are the 10 best travel trailers with king beds:

  1. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS
  2. Winnebago Voyage
  3. Palomino Puma 31FKRK
  4. Gulfstream Innsbruck 406FLR
  5. Jayco White Hawk 32KBS
  6. Cruiser RV Radiance
  7. Oliver Legacy Elite II
  8. The Heartland North Trail 33RETS
  9. The Venture RV’s SportTrek Touring STT322VRL
  10. KZ Sportsmen LE Toyhauler 291THLE

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Do campers come with king-size beds?

Yes! Many different campers come with king-size beds. King-size beds provide a greater degree of luxury and comfort to users, especially those who are taller than average.

Some famous campers with luxurious king-size beds include Keystone RV Cougar 29BHS and Cruiser RV Radiance.

What is the average price of luxury beds for RVs?

Price varies considerably between luxury beds/mattresses depending on durability, years of warranty, quality, etc. Luxury beds have a starting price of $999 and go all the way up to $2100, such as the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora.

What are the best camper mattresses?

There are many mattresses out there that compete on style, comfort, and value. Bear RV mattresses are best in value with an affordable price ($599 for the queen size), soft foam, and a good firmness (7mm).

Another great option includes the Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust with high quality and strong firmness. It is best for couples and small families living in an RV with many sizes and height options.

What makes a king camper mattress good?

There are a lot of factors that set apart a good king camper mattress. An ideal king camper mattress is durable, made of high quality, comfortable and affordable such as the Bear RV.

The best mattress type for a king camper mattress is foam, as it provides a comfortable trip across the country. Another quality that sets apart the king camper mattress is the airflow, which keeps the body cool and provides a good night`s sleep.

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Which travel trailers have king beds in Canada?

There are a lot of options for travel trailers having king beds in Canada. King beds are a great addition to travel trailers scoring high in both comfort and luxury. Some travel trailers with king beds include the following:

  1. Palomino Puma 31FKRK
  2. Jayco White Hawk 30FLS
  3. Cruiser RV Embrace EL250.

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travel trailer with king bed

The Best Travel Trailer With King Bed Size

  1. Palomino Puma 31FKRK

This is the first travel trailer with king bed size on my list. It is a very durable camper that is relatively easy to tow. The length of this Palomino Puma camper is around 38 inches.

This makes it long enough to have a spacious interior and short enough to allow you to virtually park on any vacant RV campsite parking spot. (Bigger RVs can only park in bigger parking spots – not available in every RV campground.

The interior height of this vehicle is 80 inches, which means you can walk around in it without having to bend even if you’re tall.

You will love the kitchen in this trailer. It has an L-shaped countertop that makes it feel very residential. It also has a deep sink (with a cover) and multiple cabinets.

The standard version of this vehicle also comes with a microwave, an oven, and a 3-burner cooktop. In short, this Palomino Puma has what is a complete kitchen.

To ensure the foodstuff you carry remains fresh for a long time, this trailer comes with a sizeable refrigerator. Of course, you can also use this refrigerator to chill your drinks.

The living space in this camper has a big TV that can be angled and a massive fireplace underneath. It is perfect for entertainment.

The main bedroom in this camper has two entrances – one interior and another exterior. It has a king-size 72 by 80 bed that you can walk around.

So if you have been wondering how big is the king-size bed, you now know how big it is. It also has big wardrobes. Next to it is a big bathroom with a skylight, a medicine cabinet, a closet, and a foot flush toilet.

  1. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHSWE

This amazing camper sleeps ten people very comfortably because it comes with a king-size bed in the master bedroom, two big bunk beds, a dinette that can be converted into a bed, and a big sleeper sofa that can also be converted into a bed.

Is a wise decision to choose this travel trailer with king bed if you are looking for a camper for a big family.

The trailer has two external doors – one gets you to the interior and the other into the bathroom.

The exterior bathroom door is amazing because it allows you, your travel companions, or your guest to visit the bathroom without passing through the living area.

This helps maintain the cleanness of the living area.

If you are the type of guy who likes relaxing outside when camping, you will love this cougar travel trailer with king bed, even more. This is because it has an exterior refrigerator, an exterior grill, and an automatic awning.

These things will allow you to enjoy the outdoors as much as you want. The awning has a brilliant LED light feature that allows you to continue enjoying the outdoors even at night.

This machine is one of the best keystone travel trailers with king bed.

  1. Jayco White Hawk 32BS

Another travel trailer with king bed size. Its massive king-size bed plus its additional sleeping areas can accommodate up to nine people in total.

The additional areas include a bunkhouse room with two big bunk beds and a tri-fold sofa. It is the perfect room for kids who want a bit of privacy.

If you also want privacy, this Jayco will not disappoint you as it has a separate master bedroom with a sliding pocket door. The master bedroom includes multiple storage areas.

The bathroom in this machine is massive. The shower is in a glass enclosure and has a massive shower head.

The outside camp kitchen of this camper deserves a special mention because it has a big strutted door and double awnings for extra convenience. This Jayco’s powerful 35,000 BTU furnace is also important to mention.

  1. Cruiser RV Radiance R-28QD

This Cruiser is one of the best campers or travel trailer with king bed on the market today!

In fact, if I wanted a new camper right now, it is the one I would buy.

Because I feel everything about it is perfect. It is durable (aluminum sided), has an elegant interior, and has high-quality features and appliances.

I love its big slide out because it expands it nicely and makes it quite spacious when it is parked.

I also love the way it has LED lights almost everywhere to make it easy for you to see and to move around especially in the dark. The lights include some on the camper’s awning, some in its storage areas, and others on its entry steps.

For temperature control, this Cruiser RV comes with an effective AC.

Among all the things you will find in this camper is a tri-fold sofa and a full kitchen.

By a full-kitchen, I mean a kitchen that has a solid countertop, two sinks and covers, a double-door fridge, a big kitchen faucet, full extension drawers, and big pantry cabinets.

  1. KZ RV Sportsmen LE 281BHKLE

This is one of the most affordable campers with a big queen bed. It has a very appealing interior, a residential-style kitchen, and an outdoor shower (together with an inside bathroom).

This camper is called the Sportsmen camper because it has extra storage for toys.

The entire exterior of this machine is made of a tough metal to protect the people inside in case of a collision. The roof can be walked on which makes it a nice place to relax and take in the surrounding views.

To help you and your family to stay warm during cold nights and winter, the manufacturer of this camper insulated it and added a big AC.

The kitchen in this camper includes a 3-burner cooktop, a microwave, big overhead cabinets, and a sink with a high-rise tap.

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What size is an RV king?

The short RV king measures 72″ X 75″ and is shorter than the standard versions. It provides a comfortable experience, especially for long trips in the RV. An RV king measures 72” x 80”, providing a high level of comfort (and a longer length!).

The Eastern RV king measures 76” x 80”, having a greater length than the standard. The California RV King measures 72” x 84” and is longer than the standard and eastern variants.

Can I use a regular queen mattress in my RV?

No! You cannot use your regular queen mattress in your RV. This is because Queen size mattresses in RVs are shorter in length than their standard counterparts. A short RV queen mattress measures 60” x 75” while a regular mattress measures 60” x 80”.

Are RV queen beds smaller?

Short RV queen beds are more popular, measuring 60” x 75” while a regular mattress measures 60” x 80”. Shorter mattresses are easy to fit and carry in the RV compared to standard mattresses.

What is a bunk bed king size?

A king bunk bed usually refers to a bunk where the bottom bed is king-sized while the top bed is twin-sized. Dimensions for a king bunk bed are 80” x 76” x 51.5”.

Are RV mattresses different?

Yes, RV mattresses are different than regular mattresses, differing both in size and quality. RV matters are lighter than regular mattresses because every pound adds up weight to the RV. RV mattresses are also smaller in width and length. This is especially true for king and queen sizes.

What size is a RV king mattress?

The RV king size typically measures between 72 inches by 75 inches and 72 inches by 80 inches.

Understandably, this huge size isn’t fit for every vehicles, but if your camper got the size and space, then is worth it for family or even for romantic adventures!

Is it OK to put beds in front of windows in the travel trailer?

It depends from person to person. If you are someone who likes a light breeze or the early morning sun, you can put beds in front of the windows and enjoy the view.

In cold weather, many people avoid it as they get a head cold by directly placing their beds in front of the windows. In the end, it`s your choice!

What are the best bumper pull campers?

There are many bumper pull campers out there with a lot of unique features. Some of the features include a robust yet stylish built, a comfortable and spacious interior, and a durable structure. Here are some of the best bumper pull campers that we adore:

  1. Jayco Jay Flight
  2. Avia Travel Trailer
  3. Revere 33BH By Shasta.

What is the largest bumper pull travel trailer?

There are many huge bumper pull travel trailers out there with many customized whose size is not known. One of the largest bumper pull travel trailers is the Palomino Puma 28 FQDB. This one measures an impressive length of 33 feet and an exterior height of 11 feet.

What is the difference between camping cabinets and camping closets?

Camping cabinets are typically attached with camps on the backside with a lot of space to keep equipment, accessories, etc. They can also be used as shelving space and as a storage area.

Contrastingly, camping closets are more compact and mobile with limited space to keep and store valuables and accessories.

Is it cheaper to RV or stay in hotels?

It is considerably cheaper to stay in an RV than hotels when you are going on a vacation. The average cost of booking a hotel room for one night in the US is roughly around $180. This does not include the cost of food etc.

Plus, many hotels have a maximum limit on the number of people who can stay in a room. On the other hand, an RV is significantly cheaper, with the rent of an RV per night being around 75$-350$.

If you own an RV, the cost drops further. There`s no limit on the number of people who can squeeze in an RV. You can enjoy quality family time with your family as you roam the country.

Where is Cruiser RV made?

Cruiser RV is in the business of making lightweight and high-quality travel trailers since 1988. Its headquarter is located in Indiana, United States, where 80 percent of RVs are manufactured.

What size is a RV king mattress?

Same answer provided above: The mattress do come in 72 inches by 75 inches and 72 inches by 80 inches.

How big is the king size bed?

Is your camper big enough to accommodate big king size mattress? The average king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Perfect for couples looking to accommodate their small kids and even lovable big pet, say bull mastiff?

Are there small travel trailer with king bed space?

The answer is pretty easy: NO. King bed size is simply too huge to have a space in smaller travel trailers. However you may consider the smaller size Small Class A RV as some models comes with king beds.