5 Best Travel Trailer With Outdoor Kitchen Reviews

Travel Trailer Outdoor Kitchen

Overview of travel trailer and RV outdoor kitchen!

Looking for a camper with a beautiful outdoor kitchen?

In this guide, you will discover the very best bog and small camper with outdoor kitchen facilities including some of the most popular outdoor kitchen for camper brands in the USA!

What RV Have Outside Kitchens?

Travel trailers are fun, and even more fun with an outdoor kitchen. More manufacturers are starting to build outdoor kitchens with their trailers because of their many benefits.

You can enjoy the fresh air and amazing country view while cooking in a bigger space.  There are lots of options to pick from, but here are the best 3 in no particular order.

lady cooking inside RV kitchen

  • Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS 

This travel trailer has a full outside kitchen with features such as a dual sink, double door fridge, 3-burner stovetop, and a microwave right above the stove. As for storage, it has some cupboards and a bit of counter space. 

  • Jayco White Hawk 26RK

If you’d like to enjoy a nice shade while you cook, this travel trailer has its outdoor kitchen directly under the awning. The kitchen has a 2-burner pullout stovetop, a small sink, and a mini-fridge.

RV kitchen setup

  • Grand Design Solitude 366DEN

One of the top features of the Solitude 366DEN is its outdoor kitchen. It spots a small refrigerator, 2-burner pullout stovetop, and microwave. It also has some cabinets for storing extra kitchen utensils and dishes. 

Which is better between DIY outdoor kitchen for camper Vs paid customization?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. It all boils down to your experience with building, the kind of outdoor kitchen you want, and your budget size. A look at the comparison table below should help you reach a decision

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Paid Customization
DIY Experience Required Not  required
Type of Outdoor Kitchen Simple Simple/Complex
Budget Size Small Large
Risk High and borne by the owner Low and borne by the professionals

5 Amazing RV Fitted With Outdoor Kitchen for Camper

  • Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS

This is one of the top-selling travel trailers in the last couple of years and it is made by probably the most successful manufacturer of premium RVs – Jayco. The outside appearance of this Jayco is very classic and very aerodynamic.

camping breakfast items

However, this is not the most impressive thing about it. The most impressive thing about it is its spacious interior.

This camper has a great spacious floor plan with a high-ceiling that makes it feel even more spacious. When you enter this Jayco, you will quickly notice brilliant LED lighting, quality appliances, and quality furniture.

The kitchen inside this Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS is also quickly noticeable. It is big and has spacious countertops, a pantry, a 3-burner range, an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a sink and a faucet.

A vented window is right next to it to provide you with plenty of light for cooking and to ensure all the cooking smoke quickly goes out.

An outside kitchen complements this internal kitchen. It allows you to have a barbeque or prepare meals outdoors as if you are indoors.

Other internal features include LED lights, a quality queen mattress, a jackknife sofa, a security camera, and a charging center.

Externally, in addition to the extra kitchen, this trailer has superior axles and brakes, and steel wheel wells.

  • Coachman RV Apex Ultra-Lite 251RBK

RV construction plan

For just $35,000, you can buy this amazing Coachmen trailer with an outside kitchen.

In fact is an amazing slide out RV kitchen model. What an awesome camper that weighs less than 5,500 pounds and can sleep six adults comfortably.

Because it weighs less than 5,500 pounds it means you can tow it even with a powerful SUV or a mid-size truck. No need to get a new heavy-duty truck to tow this machine.

Everything about this travel trailer outdoor kitchen machine is amazing. For example, it has a slideout that you can deploy when you are camped to increase its living area.

RV construction plan

Credit: coachmenrv.com

It also has got four stabilizing jacks that make it very stable and make almost every inch of its floor space usable. To keep you warm and cozy when the weather is cold, this Coachmen trailer has a 20,000 BTU furnace.

And to ensure you do not overheat when the weather is hot, the trailer features a 15,000 BTU A/C. This camper has two kitchens – one is an indoor kitchen and a complementary external kitchen.

The indoor kitchen is a mid-kitchen. It comes with a microwave, an oven/range, a sink, and a faucet. The external kitchen is more of an outside grill. You can use it to grill your favorite steak in the open.

Another important thing about the external body of this camper is its power awning. It is extremely easy to deploy.

This machine also comes with an outside speaker for outdoor entertainment. In brief, it is a camper with an outside RV entertainment system and an outside kitchen.

RV camper for vacation

  • Forest River Sierra 321RL

This is a wonderful Forest River travel trailer that is made of aluminum and fiberglass walls that make it very lightweight and relatively easy to tow.

The fact that this vehicle is lightweight also means that towing it will consume less fuel per mile than towing a typical travel trailer.

There is nothing not to love about this vehicle. In terms of sleeping arrangements, it has got a hide-a-bed sofa and a big bed (a king bed) with a memory foam mattress.

You will sleep like a king when camping in this trailer. It is one of the greatest travel trailers with a king bed and outdoor kitchen.

In terms of entertainment, this camper comes with indoor and outdoor speakers, a flat-screen TV, and a stereo. So it is great for those who want to watch movies or sports while traveling or camping.

preparing dinner in rv kitchen

What I love the most about this vehicle is how prepared it is for winter. First, it has a hot water heater for hot showers during the cold season.

Second, it is insulated to ensure the low temperatures outside do not get inside. Lastly, it has two A/Cs to control the temperature both in the living area and in the bedroom.

The inside kitchen in this camper has a microwave, a big 20 cubic feet refrigerator, a solid countertop, a sink, a faucet, and other features. The outdoor kitchen is also well-designed and equipped.

  • Keystone Passport GT 2600BHWE

RV motorhome building plan

This Keystone RV camper with an outside kitchen is one of the best RVs for individuals who like true camping – camping that involves sitting and enjoying spending time in the outdoors for as long as possible.

So how does it enable true camping? Well, it has a stunning and well-made outside camp kitchen. This kitchen is perfect for BBQs and for preparing any food that you can prepare over a campfire.

Moreover, it has an electric awning that makes staying outdoors very comfortable especially when the sun is shining brightly.

RV motorhome building plan

Furthermore, it has got a lighted exterior storage compartment that makes it easy to store and take out camper chairs tables, and other outdoor camping gear.

When nighttime approaches, you will love retreating back into this vehicle because it is well insulated and it has a furnace to keep you and your family warm and cozy at night.

If you like entertainment, you will like this vehicle a lot because it has a sound system with Bluetooth connectivity and superior quality speakers. It also has a big LED flat screen.

  • Grand Design Imagine XLS 23BHE

This Grand Design Imagine XLS camper is for those looking for a trailer RV with an external kitchen, a booth dinette, a rear bathroom, big bunk beds…

… a private bedroom, and a big walk-around bed. In other words, it is for those who love nature and want to go camping with their family.

The biggest highlight of this RV is its RV outdoor kitchen. It enables you to cook outside if you want or inside. The outside or external kitchen has got features that make it perfect for outdoor stake preparation.

The second biggest highlight of this RV is the number of storage spaces it has. They include overhead cabinets, wardrobes, and a pass-thru external storage area.

The third biggest highlight is a private bedroom with a walk-around big bed. It is perfect for resting up after a long day of fun.

Throughout this trailer, you will find quality and thoughtful features, amenities, and appliances. This is what really stands out about it.

camping in the valley

Are there small campers with outdoor kitchens?

The best of the breed are bigger models, however some small RVs are fitted with outside kitchens. The Forest River Pro 19FD is a good camper with outside kitchen.

What is the smallest travel trailer with a slide out kitchen?

The Little Guy Explore Flyer at with overall length of 13′ 9″ is our number 1 RV with pull out kitchen.

And if you desire RV with popular brand name and a little more amenities, the Forest River R-Pod 190 at 2.4 inches is amazing.

parked trailer home

Which travel trailers with king bed and outdoor kitchen?

There are several brands and models designed with arrays of modern facilities, including pull out kitchen, entertainment, king bed etc.

Jayco White Hawk 32KBS and Palomino Puma 31FKRK are great RV models with both King size beds and outside kitchens!

Common RV With Outdoor With Kitchen Queries!

Can you add an outdoor kitchen to an RV?

All you need is a portable cooker, a folding table to attach your sink and tables and chairs to place your utensils and cooking items.

You could also add portable chairs if you would like to set a proper table. Organizing these could be a fun DIY project, or you could hire an expert to help set these ip, and create room to store them in your RV.

preparing dinner in rv kitchen

Can camper kitchens with sinks work outdoor?

If you are wondering whether your camper kitchen can have an outdoor sink, the answer is yes.

There are portable kitchen sinks which you can place outside your camper. You could also attach them to a folding table. And there, you have more room to work with. 

How much does it cost to build an outdoor kitchen on small RV?

There is no definite price, only a wide range. The cost of building an outdoor kitchen on a small RV varies a great deal based on the type of kitchen you want to build and whether it is a DIY project or not.

A simple kitchen with few appliances will cost less than a complex one with high-end appliances. A DIY project, if you have building experience, will cost less than when you’re contacting professionals to build it for you.

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Do Airstreams have outdoor kitchens?

Airstreams do not have outdoor kitchens but the interior kitchen can allow you to get a lot done once you get used to maximizing the space you have.

The kitchen usually comes with a gas stovetop, a small countertop, and a bit of storage space. 

Summary of RV with outdoor kitchen

Having a camper with an outdoor kitchen is an amazing thing if you love nature and BBQs. Because it will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even while eating and to quickly prepare BBQ steaks while enjoying the surroundings.

The above trailers are some of the best trailers with an outdoor kitchen. In my opinion, the best camper with an outdoor kitchen is the Jayco travel trailer with outdoor kitchen.

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