5 Best Travel Trailer Under 6000 Lbs – Very Popular Brands

Travel Trailer Under 6000 Lbs

Overview of Travel Trailer Under 6000 LBS

This post is for those who are looking for brilliant lightweight campers.

Because in it, the best lightweight travel trailers weighing less than 6,000 pounds are reviewed.

Which travel trailers are the best quality?

The travel trailers are different in terms of shape, amenities, features, and so on.

Each has its pros and cons.

You may be asking yourself what is so important about the 6,000 pounds weight. If this is so, then here is the answer.

What is the best month to buy a travel trailer?

A trailer that weighs less than six thousand pounds can be safely towed by a big SUV like the Chevy Tahoe or a relatively standard truck like the popular Ford F-150.

It does not require a heavy-duty truck to tow.

Furthermore, a trailer that is less than six thousand pounds in weight is cheaper to tow than one that is heavier.

What are the best ultralight travel trailers?

This is because its weight will not affect the gas mileage of the towing car as much as the weight of a much heavier trailer.

One more thing about lightweight campers under six thousand pounds is that they are easier to tow.

Most lightweight trailers also happen to be compact.

What is the best quality travel trailer brand?

Since they are lightweight and compact, they are easier to maneuver compared to long and heavy travel trailers.

If you are now convinced about getting a lightweight travel trailer, below are the five best ones you need to consider.


What are the best travel trailers under 6000 lbs?

Travel trailers under 6,000 lbs GVWR are great for people looking to drive it all year round without experiencing any hassles during towing.

Some of the best travel trailers under 6,000 lbs include the Dutchman Aspen Trail, Lance, and Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailers.

What are the best travel trailers under 6000 lbs?

Top five under 6,000 lbs campers

What is the best travel trailer under 6000 lbs? Check the reviews below to find out.

  • Lance 1685 Travel Trailer

Lance makes some of the best travel trailer under 6000 lbs, campers for outdoor adventures, camping, and long road trips.

The company’s trailers are known for being comfortable and have good space inside.

This trailer is very easy to attach and tow as long as you have a large SUV or a truck. Because this trailer is lightweight, you can definitely tow it using some powerful sedans.

However, it is much safer to use a big vehicle to tow it because a bigger vehicle will give you more control.

This camper is as compact as it is lightweight. It measures just over 20 feet in length.

Rent a Travel Trailer at Cheaper Rates

Therefore, if you purchase it, you will find it easier to park in many campsites across the country than if you buy something longer.

Despite being compact, this camper can comfortably host a family of four.

One of the things that are most notable about it is the volume of storage space it has.

It has a storage space under the bed and three other storage spaces strategically located in the interior.

You can carry enough clothes and supplies for an extended trip, adventure, or vacation.


  • This is a compact and lightweight camper
  • It comes with a big 46-gallon clean water tank
  • It is spacious and comfy enough for 4 people
  • It is built to last and features good craftsmanship
  • It has plenty of storage


  • It is perfect for no more than four people.

  • Jayco Jay Feather

This beautiful towed travel trailer under 6000 lbs is a brilliant 4 seasons camper.

This is because it is well-insulated, feature-rich, and available in multiple floor-plan options.

Some options can accommodate more people than others. However, most accommodate only four people. Even five people in them can feel like a crowd.

Looking for a camper rental for your next trip? Book now!

If you are looking for a recreational vehicle that can accommodate more people you should consider a bunkhouse motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer.

What is most notable about this Jayco vehicle is how well constructed and insulated it is.

The vehicle is well-enough insulated to keep you warm at night and even during cold months.

The fact that this vehicle also comes with electric slide-outs that make it extra spacious when parked.


  • It is available in a variety of floor plans
  • It has reinforced sidewalls for durability
  • It is well-insulated to provide warmth at night
  • It has electric slide-outs and wonderful cabinet doors
  • It has an efficient furnace


  • It is quite pricey.
  • Forest River Flagstaff 22FBS

This lightweight camper weighs well under six thousand pounds. Despite being lightweight, it is pretty strong, sturdy, and durable.

This means you can use it for many months and years without noticing any significant signs of wear and tear.

This is a 4-season camper. This is because it has a furnace, special thermopane windows, and insulated sidewalls.

These features can keep it warm during cold nights or months.

One of the top reasons why people love this trailer is the fact that it has a Wi-Fi booster.

This makes it easy and more convenient to browse the internet.


  • It is lightweight and relatively compact
  • It comes with a furnace and insulated sidewalls
  • Its windows are tinted, bonded, and frameless
  • It comes with a Wi-Fi booster


  • It is not ideal for big families.
  • Dutchmen RV Aspen Trail LE 1950BH

This Dutchmen trailer is perfect for couples and small families.

This because it comes with a queen-size bed that is private and situated at the front and two bunk-style beds that are located at the back.

You will love cooking in this trailer.

This is because it has a feature-rich kitchenette that boasts a microwave, a sink, a refrigerator, and a dinette.

For winter or cold days and nights, this RV has an 18,000 BTU furnace, underbelly heating, and a water heater.

And for those days when the weather is perfect, this machine has an outdoor kitchen that you can use to prepare outdoor meals while taking in the environment.


  • It is a stylish trailer for small families
  • It is winter-ready
  • It has an outdoor kitchen
  • It has two bunk beds and a queen bed
  • It has an 18,000 BTU furnace


  • It does not have insulated sidewalls.
  • CrossRoads Volante 33BR

This is one of the best-made RVs available on the American market right now. It is really well-constructed to last for many years.

The quality workmanship that has resulted in this stunning vehicle is evident both in the interior and exterior sides of this camper.

This stylish RV is very aesthetic and cozy. You will love being inside it or admiring it from the outside.

This vehicle boasts a refrigerator. It makes things cold and maintains the cold. It also has a furnace for keeping things warm.


  • This is a stylish camper under 6000 lbs
  • It has a fridge and furnace
  • It has a big clean water tank
  • It has an electric water heater


  • It requires good maintenance.

Popular Answers to Your Queries

Which travel trailers are the best quality?

Depending on the size and power you would like your desired travel trailer to possess, there are several top-quality brands that you can select from. 

You should also consider your budget alongside the craftsmanship that went into the construction of the travel trailer. Some of these brands include Airstream, Winnebago, Lance, and Grand Design. 

What is the lightest bunkhouse travel trailer?

What is the best month to buy a travel trailer?

Buying a travel trailer can happen at any time but it’s best done during some specific months to take advantage of the market trends.

Since travel trailers are seasonal products as people would be likely to go camping during the spring and summer months.

What is the cheapest camper to buy?

Most dealerships are less likely to give out discounts when demand gets high and they get busier during the warmer months.

December and January are the best months to buy as people are not usually interested in buying travel trailers in these periods and the companies would give discounts and incentives to make sales then.

What are the lightest campers?

What are the best ultralight travel trailers?

Ultralight travel trailers are those under 3,000 lbs GVWR. Based on their top features and user rating, some of the best ultralight travel trailers are Forest River R-Pod…

… Aliner, Dutchmen RV Coleman Lantern LT Series, Airstream RV Sport, Jayco Hummingbird, and KZ Spree Escape Travel Trailers

Are 600 pound RVS easy to buy and maintain?

What is the best quality travel trailer brand?

The top travel trailer brands include Jayco, Happier Camper, Oliver, Forest River, Airstream, Newmar and Grand Design RVs.

These brands are known for good quality and durability hence their popularity. Amongst them, you can find your preferred choice of RV. 

What is the lightest Jayco camper trailer?

What is the lightest bunkhouse travel trailer?

To refer to a bunkhouse travel trailer as ‘light’, it would be an ideal camper for a family of 4 or 5 and weigh under 5,000 lbs GVWR.

Some examples of this kind of travel trailer include Forest River R-Pod, Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite, Livin Lite CampLite, and KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailers.

Which travel trailers are the best quality?

What is the cheapest camper to buy?

If you’re looking for a camper that’s budget-friendly, reliable, durable, and functional, there’s a handful of them that fit those qualities.

As long as it costs less than $10,000, the travel trailers can be considered to be cheap.

Some of the most affordable campers to buy are Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro, Riverside Retro, and Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailers. 

Which light 600 LBS trailers good quality?

What are the lightest campers?

The highest campers are those under 1,800 lbs, and there’s a number of them available for purchase.

They include TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro, Jayco Hummingbird, Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro, and Aliner Ascape Travel Trailers.

What is the best month to buy a travel trailer?

What is the lightest Jayco camper trailer?

The 2021 Jay Feather Micro is the lightest Jayco trailer so far. Its dry weight is about 3,990 lbs, while its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 4,995 lbs. Altogether, it weighs less than 5,000 lbs, with a payload capacity of 1,005 lbs.

What are the lightest weight travel trailers?

Are Jayco trailers good quality?

Absolutely, Jayco trailers are recognized for their premium quality, affordability, and large choice of layouts.

The popular brand prioritizes customer satisfaction and their craftsmanship is top-notch which is the reason why they were given the Bronze award at the 2016 Trailer Life Readers’ Choice Awards.

What are the best ultralight travel trailers?

What are the lightest weight travel trailers?

Most lightweight travel trailers weigh less than 3,000 lbs. In fact, Depending on the capacity among other factors, you can get ultra light travel trailers weighing below 1,500 lbs.

Such trailers are comfortable enough for one person to stand or move around in. One of the lightest travel trailers is the Happier Camper HC1, weighing about 1,100 lbs.

What is the lightest weight toy hauler?

What is the lightest weight toy hauler?

Toy haulers are RVs with spacious garages that can hold large quantities of outdoor tools or vehicles.

They are typically used to store mechanical toys. The smallest and lightest one you can find is the VRV XTR 614 Toy Hauler.

What is the best quality travel trailer brand?

What is the cheapest toy hauler?

There are several affordable toy haulers, although your choice ultimately depends on your specification or interests. For instance, the K-Z Escape toy hauler goes for less than $20,000.

Also, the Forest River Cherokee Wolf pup 18RJB is available for around $17,000.

What are the lightest campers?

What is the lightest fifth-wheel toy hauler?

The lightest fifth-wheel toy hauler is the Forest River XLR Boost 28RZR16. Its curb weight is 8,603 lbs, and its maximum payload capacity is 5,487 lbs.

The Jayco seismic 4250, Evergreen RV, Tesla T3960 and Keystone Carbon toy haulers are equally some of the lightest fifth-wheel toy haulers on the market.

What are the best ultralight travel trailers

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