5 Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs

Overview of best travel trailers under 4000 lbs!

A travel trailer is a special recreational vehicle perfect for luxury road trips, camping, and ocean-side holidays.

Unlike motorhomes or van conversions, travel trailers need to be towed by another vehicle.

Because of this, many Americans prefer lightweight travel trailers to heavyweight travel trailers.

This is because most Americans either already have vehicles that can tow lightweight travel trailers or they can easily afford them.

Those who mindlessly purchase a heavyweight travel trailer often realize that they cannot tow it using the vehicle they have and that they need to buy a new and more powerful vehicle.

In this article, you will discover the five best lightweight travel trailers.

Each of the trailers is lightweight enough for you to tow it with your current truck or SUV provided it is powerful enough.

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Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 LBS – Some Advantages

  • It will save you money

The trailer will save you money. Because if it is small, it is most likely to be cheaper to rent or buy since it will have less space and fewer amenities.

  • You can tow it with your current vehicle

Due to the lightweightness of such a travel trailer, you should be able to tow it with your current vehicle. You do not need to buy or lease a bigger truck or vehicle to tow the caravan with you.

  • You can unhitch it

You can unhitch a travel trailer at a campsite and head off with your SUV or truck for an off-road adventure or to tour the local town.

In contrast, you cannot just go with a motorhome for an off-road adventure. It will probably get stuck or damaged. It is also not very easy to find parking spots for motorhomes in many towns and cities.

  • Your expenses will be lower

Lightweight vehicles typically have lower gas mileage than heavyweight vehicles.

Therefore, you will spend less on gas when you drive a lightweight trailer than when you drive a heavyweight trailer. Moreover, you will also spend less on insurance because lightweight trailers are cheaper to insure than big heavyweight trailers.

5 best travel trailers under 4,000 pounds

  • Coachmen Viking (17BH)

Coachmen is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) in the United States. The company is known for making RVs that are elegant and feature-rich.

The Viking 17BH is one of the best machines from Coachmen. It is popular because it is lightweight, elegant, compact, and feature-rich.

The main bed in this towed trailer measures 74 by 54 inches. In addition to this bed, this trailer has bunk beds, a bathroom, and a toilet. As you would expect, it also comes with a dinette.

The thing that stands out the most about this plate is how strong and durable its front and back walls are.


  • This is a stylish and lightweight travel trailer
  • It is manufactured by a renowned brand
  • It is full of nice features and amenities
  • Its front and rear walls are reinforced


Its bunk beds are not big enough for adults.

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  • Palomino PaloMini 177ORVBH

Measuring 21-foot in length and weighing less than 3,870 pounds, this trailer is both compact and lightweight, and definitely qualified as one of the best travel trailers under 4000 lbs.

Despite being compact and lightweight, this trailer comes with plenty of storage spaces.

So if you are the type of person who loves carrying a lot of stuff (e.g. clothes, drinking water, food supplies, and blankets), you will love this trailer because you will have all the storage spaces you need to carry everything.

Despite the small size of this vehicle, it is spacious enough for a family of four or even five people. You will not feel cramped in this trailer unless you travel with a group of more than five people.

The main sleeping area of this towed trailer is a queen-size bed. It also comes with comfortable bunk beds.


  • This is a world-class lightweight travel trailer
  • It has elegant finishing throughout the interior
  • It has great LED lighting
  • It comes with a furnace and an AC
  • It has a walkable roof and tinted windows
  • It comes with a microwave


It needs regular maintenance to stay perfect.

best travel trailers under 4000 lbs
Henryk Borawski, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Venture Sonic Lite

This under 4,000 pounds camper is available in seven versions. Each version has a different layout plan. This allows you to choose the plan which best fits your vision of the most ideal camper.

What you will love the most about this vehicle is how durable it is. Its walls are reinforced to make sure they are durable and protective.

If want to travel with teenagers who always have their phones charging, your family will find this trailer very convenient. The reason why is that it has multiple USB ports strategically placed throughout the vehicle for phone charging.

One more thing I have to mention about this trailer is the fact that it has a very stylish and attractive interior.


  • This is a stylish and well-made trailer
  • It is available in seven different versions
  • It comes with very convenient features
  • It is reinforced for durability
  • It is easy to tow and has under-bed storage
  • It comes with a well-designed kitchen


Its awning is not very long.

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  • Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

This is one of the lightest and brightest travel trailers currently available on the market! It weighs roughly 2,500 pounds in weight. This means it is very easy to tow even with a mid-size SUV or truck.

Why is it one of the brightest trailers?

Well, it is because it has two skylights (one in the bathroom and one in the living area) and a large window in the living area. These skylights and the window let in a lot of light making the interior of this vehicle to be as bright as the outdoors.

Because this vehicle is lightweight, one would naturally expect it to be cold at night.

However, this is not the case because the walls of this vehicle are insulated. Furthermore, the insulated walls of this camper are complemented by a powerful furnace. So there is no way you will feel cold in it.


  • This is a super lightweight camper under 4000 lbs
  • It comes with multiple features including a foot-flush toilet
    It comes with a powerful furnace
  • It features a bathroom with a medicine cabinet and a mirror door
  • Its boasts a refrigerator, a microwave, a 3-burner cooker, a dinette, and a queen bed


It is not the best trailer for truly off-road adventures.

  • Winnebago Minnie Drop

Winnebago makes some of the most luxurious Class A motorhomes. While the Minnie Drop is not a motorhome, it is very luxurious just like the companies popular motorhomes.

This camper is available in various colors and it is perfect for couples. Why? Because it comes with a big bed, a feature-rich kitchen, and a retro interior design perfect for making memories.


  • This is a big retro-style travel trailer
  • It comes with many features
  • It has multiple USB charging ports
  • It is perfect for couples


It is somewhat pricey.