What Is a Tree Truck and How Much Does it Cost?

What Is a Tree Truck and How Much Does it Cost

What is a tree truck?

A tree truck is a type of a bucket truck that is used by forest management organizations to manage trees and forests. To use a tree truck, a forest management crew will position it near a tree that they want to work on.

One or two men will then climb into the bucket with their tools/equipment and be lifted a spot where they can easily do their work. Tree trucks make forest management easier and faster.

How Much Does a Tree Truck Cost?

Tree trucks are very expensive to buy. A good quality tree truck will cost approximately $100,000.

This is a lot of money and it is the reason why many tree service and forest management businesses prefer to hire tree trucks rather than purchase them and own them.

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Average F550 Rental Fees and How to Get Discounts?

The weekly rental fee for a Ford F-550 is between $800 and $1,300.

How Wide Is A Tree Trimming Truck?

It really depends on the actual type. Some tree trimming trucks are very wide, while others are just ordinary size. For example, a Ford F550 tree trimming truck will have a width of 95 inches.

Should You Purchase Your Own or Rent it?

Tree trucks are some of the most expensive work trucks on the market.

This is because they are not only heavy duty trucks but also because each of them happens to have a special machine on its back. So the total cost for a tree always includes the cost of the heavy duty truck and the cost of the machine on its truck bed.

Because tree trucks are among the most expensive trucks on the market, buying one outright is going to cost you a lot of money.

Even if you decide to buy one using monthly payments, the amount of money the payments will take out of your business will be significant.

Because of this, it is always a good thing to rent a tree truck rather than buy one. This is because renting a tree truck is relatively cheap and it only costs you money when you actually have work that you need to do. So instead of purchasing, you should opt to rent a tree truck.

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Which are The Best Tree Cutting Truck Brands and Why?

Probably the three best tree truck brands are Terex, Versalift, and Altec.

  1. Terex

Terex is one of the leading manufacturers of aerial devices in the world.

The company designs, builds, and services products used for aerial work in North America, Europe, and many other places. You will find it quite difficult not to find Terex machines or platforms in any major region across the world.

The best thing about Terex is that the company stays connected with customers throughout each products life cycle. This is nice because it ensures every client gets maximum value out of the Terex machine they purchase.

Terex has quite a number of tree trucks on the market. A good example is the Terex XT Pro 70 forestry bucket truck. This truck comes with an impressive working height of 75 feet, has spacious storage for tools, plus an 11-foot long chip box.

  1. Versalift

Just like Terex, Versalift is also a leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms in the world. The company’s aerial work platforms are perfect for forestry, traffic, telecommunication, power transmission, and power distribution industries.

While there are many trucks manufactured by Versalift that can be used for forestry, there are some specific ones that are specifically meant for forestry, tree care, and for utility companies.

They include the VO-270 REV, the V0-270-REAR, the VO-260-REV, the VO-260 REAR, and the SST 40. You really cannot go wrong with any Versalift truck.

The company also has a chip truck available.

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  1. Altec

Altec operates in more than a hundred countries across the world. It makes a variety of aerial work platforms perfect for the forestry industry and for several other industries such as electric utility, contractor markets, and so on.

The brand has several subsidiaries. It is best known for its innovative products, prioritization of safety, and dedication to customer satisfaction. These are the things that make it one of the leading manufacturers of tree cutting trucks.

Among the best known Altec tree cutting trucks is the Altec LRV55 overcenter bucket truck with a 60-foot chipper dump

Top Rental Forestry Tree Vehicles Rental Companies

Below are the top tree truck rental companies. The rental fee is between $400 and $800 a day in these and other top tree truck rental companies.

  1. Equipment Trader

Equipment trader is one of the leading forestry truck rental companies. This company has tree trucks from various brands including Altec and Terex.

From the name of this company, you can easily tell that their inventory is not restricted to forestry trucks. It also includes other equipment such as digger derricks and so on. The tree truck rental rates at this firm are somewhat affordable.

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  1. Custom Truck

Custom Truck is the largest market for commercial vehicles and equipment. You can rent or purchase virtually any type of commercial vehicle or equipment from this firm.

If you are interested in purchasing rather than renting a forestry truck, you will find the instalments to be cheaper at Custom Truck than at other companies. This company has options in

  1. Kwipped

You can rent forestry trucks and other types of trucks such as digger derricks from Kwipped at affordable rates. The best thing about Kwipped is that the company only workers with top suppliers.

This means that whatever you rent from them will most likely be in top quality condition. If you see something from Kwipped and you want to rent it long time, you can simply lease it for less pay and more benefits such as free service.


TRL RENTS is one of the best renters of bucket trucks across the nation. The company has bucket trucks (of different weight and height categories) well suited for forestry, telecommunications, sign work, transmission, distribution, and electric utility industries.

The best thing about TRL RENTS is that the company has a brilliant customer service. So if you are a person who wants a pleasant experience, you should choose to work with TRL RENTS. The staff will ensure you get treated right.

The second best thing about TRL RENTS is that the company has got locations throughout the USA. So wherever you are located, there is most likely a TRL RENTS location close by from which you can get a tree truck.

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Questions & Answer!

What is the difference between a tree truck and a chipper truck?

A tree truck is a bucket truck. It is a truck with a bucket that can be lifted to put tree services/ forest management crews in hard to reach spots where they can easily do their work.

On the other hand, a chipper truck is one with a wood chipper – a machine that can cut pieces of wood into chips.

The purpose of owning a chipper truck is to cut tree debris into wood chips onsite for easy and fast clean-up after tree management or forest management work.

The big forest management and tree services companies often send both a tree truck and a chipper truck for big jobs.

How much does a tree truck cost?

Why do bucket trucks park with their buckets in the air?

This is usually for two reasons. The first reason is to check if the hydraulic system for the bucket is working correctly.

If the system is working correctly, the bucket will stay in the exact height where it was set. If it drops, then the hydraulic system needs some work.

The second reason why bucket trucks are parked with their buckets in the air is to prevent theft. It is very difficult to drive off with a bucket truck with its bucket in the air.

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What is a chipper truck?

A chipper truck is a tree service/forest management truck. It has a chipper machine at the back to chip tree trunks and branches into wood chips for easy transport off-site.

Some chipper trucks do not have a chipper machine. They simply have a body designed to carry wood chips off-site.

What does a chipper truck do?

A chipper truck chips tree branches and trunks into wood chips for easy transport off-site.

How long do bucket trucks last?

Bucket trucks that are well-maintained can last for up to 20 years. Many companies have bucket trucks that have been in service for more than two decades. So bucket trucks last for a very long time.

How much does a chipper truck weigh?

With wood chips inside its 22 cubic yards body, an F650 chipper truck will weigh 28,076 pounds.

How many yards does a chip truck hold?

Most chip trucks are big trucks such as the Freightliner M2 and the Ford F650. They have a capacity of between 20 and 23 cubic yards.

How much does a truck load of wood chips weigh?

What is a chipper truck?Chips made by wood chippers weigh approximately 500 pounds per cubic yards.

Assuming one has a typically 20-cubic-yard chip truck then the total weight of wood chips it will carry will be 10,000 pounds.

This plus the weight of a big truck carrying a wood chipping machine will be equal to about 28,000 pounds or less.

How much do chipper trucks hold?

Many wood chip trucks have a 20 to 23 cubic yard capacity. And since wood chips weigh about 500 pounds per cubic yard, then a typical chipper truck will carry between 10,000 and 11,500 pounds of wood chips.

This will make it perfect for even big jobs because rarely do tree service crews or forest management crews do work that results in more than 10,000 pounds of wood chips.

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How wide is a chipper truck?

The typical chipper truck is about 8.5 feet wide.


Tree trucks are expensive. Getting one will set you back significantly. This is why it is always better to rent rather than buy a tree truck. Because renting a tree truck is much cheaper than buying one.

The top tree truck brands are Altec, Terex, and Versalift. The best places for renting trucks are TRL RENTS, Kwipped, Custom Truck, and Equipment Trader.

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