What is Truck Freezer Rentals and How Much to Hire Them?

What is Truck Freezer For Renting?

Truck freezer rentals are important especially in the transport and storage of food products.

Many fresh food items and vegetables can only be properly transported using a truck freezer e.g. fish and meat.

Without truck freezers, it would be impossible or very expensive to deliver fresh and healthy food in large quantities to different parts of the United States.

What is truck freezer rentals?

Truck freezer rentals are trucks that have a freezer unit built into them. In other words, they are trucks with a trailer that is in fact a freezer.

They are rented to individuals or businesses that want to transport something from one place to the next at very low temperatures.

Truck freezer vehicles are more expensive to rent than normal trucks. This is because they have a trailer that does more than to just transport – it freezes and preserves your cargo.

There are many truck freezer rentals in most cities across the United States.

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How much does it cost to lease a refrigerated truck?

To lease a refrigerated truck in the United States, you have to be prepared to pay about $900 weekly.

In fact, you may be asked to pay even $1,000 weekly depending on your location, the truck size you want, and the duration of your lease.

It is important to note that when leasing a truck, you should do it at a small local company.

The reason why is that it is easier to negotiate your weekly or monthly leasing fee downward when dealing with a small company than when dealing with a corporate.

How much for 18 to 26 foot refrigerated truck rental?

To rent a big 18-foot refrigerated truck in big cities, you should be prepared to pay about $270 a day. The weekly amount is about $1,600.

To rent an even bigger 26-foot refrigerated truck in big cities will cost you even more. You should be prepared to pay about $350 daily. The weekly rental amount for a 26-foot refrigerated amount is about $2,000.

Best Truck Freezer Rental Service

  • Mobile Freezer Rental

This is one of the leading truck freezer rental companies in the United States. The company rents both freezer trucks and portable freezer containers.

According to the company, it has the best prices for freezer containers and trucks in the country.

The company is best known for its relatively modern freezer trucks and portable trailers.

The company serves 500 cities in states such as California, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Kentucky, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

  • Penske Truck Rental

Penske is a renowned truck rental company and popular leasing programs.

The company rentals 18 and 26ft refrigerated trucks. Both trucks do not require drivers to have a CDL to drive them.

Both trucks also come with a lift gate that makes it easy to load or unload heavy crates into or out of them. As usual, all Penske trucks have cargo lighting and they are pretty reliable.

Penske trucks are available in many locations countrywide. Simply call your local Penske for directions.

  • Ryder Truck Rental

Just like Penske, Ryder has many locations countrywide. The company rents both normal trucks and refrigerated trucks. You can rent a refrigerated van, a refrigerated box truck or even a refrigerated trailer from this company.

If you do not want to rent, you can lease a refrigerated vehicle from this company.

You can get a Ryder truck in just about any city across the US including NY, LA, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and so on.

  • Refrigerated Rental Vans

This company offers both frozen and refrigerated vans for rent. Its trucks can be rented daily, weekly or monthly. And they offer a drop-off and pickup service which is extremely convenient.

The vans rented by this company have a capacity of 2,500 pounds and can be plugged in to a power supply for extended refrigeration.

This company mainly operates in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

  • California Rent A Car

This company offers refrigerated vans and freezer vans for rent in Los Angeles. All the company’s vehicles have a Thermo King refrigeration unit. This makes them superior to other mobile refrigeration units across the country.

Truck Freezer Rental Service Locations
Mobile Freezer Rental Nationwide
Penske Truck Rental Nationwide
Ryder Truck Rental Nationwide
Refrigerated Rental Vans Las Vegas and Los Angeles
California Rent A Car California


Non-CDL 18 to 26 Foot Refrigerated Truck

If you want to rent or hire a refrigerated truck and you do not have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), you should not despair.

You should simply rent a refrigerated truck that does not require you to have a CDL. There are many companies that rent such trucks.

A very good example is Penske that rents 18 to 26ft refrigerated trucks. The trucks do not reach the weight that requires a CDL. This is despite the fact that they are big and can accommodate a good number of pallets.

What is truck freezer rentals?

Small and Portable Refrigerated Trailers Vs Bigger Trucks

Small and portable refrigerated trailers are perfect for individuals who have relatively few items to store e.g. retailers.

In contrast, bigger refrigerated trucks are perfect for individuals who have many items to store e.g. manufacturers, wholesalers, and so on.

One more thing about bigger trucks is that they are more suitable for long distance bulk transport when compared to small and portable refrigerated trailers.

Popular FAQs

Does Penske rent refrigerated trucks?

Yes, it does. Penske rents refrigerated trucks. The company rents 18 to 26-foot long refrigerated trucks. All its trucks do not need a CDL (commercial driving license) to drive.

This is because they are below the federal weight limit for a CDL. Only drivers of vehicles that exceed the weight limit are required to have a CDL.

Penske refrigeration trucks come with a roll-up door, a curbside door, and a big capacity lift-gate. The lift gate makes it very easy to load cargo into the trucks. Read about either liftgate vs tailgate here!

Does Ryder have refrigerated trucks?

Yes, it does. You can rent a straight refrigerated truck from Ryder if you own a business. The company rents a 22-foot and a 26-foot refrigerated truck.

The trucks are perfect for towing medium-duty cargo and light-duty cargo. They have a cab-over design for easier maneuverability.

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Refrigerated trucks for rent prices from Penske Vs Ryder?

Ryder has generally cheaper refrigerated truck rental prices compared to Penske. However, Penske also has its advantages. It offers unlimited miles one way moves.

Ryder does not even offer one-way moves. Therefore, between the two, the best one for short transport jobs is Ryder and the best one for long transport jobs is Penske.

Who are the best small truck freezer rentals services in America?

There are dozens of small truck freezer rental services across America. In New York, the best ones include Fairmount Car & Truck Rental, Empire Rent A Car, CC Rental, Polar Leasing, and Ice FOX Leasing.

In Houston, the best ones include Discount Car and Penske.

How do refrigerated trucks work?

Refrigerated trucks work just like home refrigerators. The trailer part of them is airtight, insulated, and refrigerated.

A refrigeration unit continually removes the heat from the trailer ensuring it stays cool regardless of how hot it is outside or how long the trailer has to travel.

To ensure that all heat is removed from the trailer, a big fan continually circulates air in the trailer making warm air to leave the trailer via the refrigeration unit.

Who invented refrigerated trucks?

Fredrick McKinley Jones from Cincinnati, Ohio.

What is a truck reefer?

A reefer is a slang term for refrigerated. Therefore, a truck reefer is simply a refrigerated truck. A refrigerated truck is a truck that has the back part (the trailer) refrigerated. It is used to transport food, medicines, and other perishables.

Does Lowes rent trucks like Home Depot?

Yes, it does. Lowes offers truck rentals to anybody who wants one. You do not actually need to buy something a Lowes to get a rental truck from them.

If you want a Lowes truck, all you have to do is to call your local store to check if they offer trucks.

If a truck is available, you simply need to go with your license, your credit card, and a proof of insurance. With these things you can get a Lowes pickup truck at $19 per hour or $89 for the whole day.

How much do refrigerated truck drivers make?

The average monthly salary for a reefer truck driver is $5,000. The lowest earning refrigerated truck drivers make about $3,500 monthly, while the top earning drivers make about $6,700 a month.

Did a black person invent the refrigerator?

Yes. An African American by the name Fredrick Jones invented the portable refrigerator.

What are frozen trucks called?

Frozen trucks are also called refrigerated trucks or reefer trucks.

What is a reefer container used for?

Reefer containers are big refrigerators. They are used to transport perishables such as medicines, flowers, and food. Food makes up a big percentage of the cargo transported by reefer trucks across the United States.

The food types commonly stored or transported include dairy products, vegetables, seafood, fish, meat, and fruits.

Are refrigerated trucks insulated?

Yes, they are. The main purpose of insulation is to prevent heat from the exterior from getting into the refrigerated trailer.

How cold are freezer trucks?

Freezer trucks can get very cold. The best freezer trucks can get as cold as minus 65 degrees Celsius.

Do reefer loads pay more?

How much does it cost to lease a refrigerated truck?Yes. On average, reefer vehicle drivers get paid more than normal truck drivers.

Therefore, it is fair to say reefer loads pay more than normal loads.

What are the 10 largest trucking companies in the United States?

The ten largest trucking companies in the United States by fleet size are:



Knight-Swift Transportation,


YRC Worldwide,

J.B. Hunt Transport Services,

XPO Logistics,

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.,

TFI International,

Estes Express Lines.

UPS and FedEx are, of course, known for delivering online purchases, packages, and so on, across the world. This is probably the reason why they are listed among the largest trucking companies by fleet size.

What is Polar Leasing?

Polar Leasing is a large company that rents massive walk-in refrigerators and freezers throughout North America. The company is based in Fort Wayne (IN) and has relatively affordable rental rates for its outdoor refrigerators.


Refrigerated trucks and trailers are perfect for transporting or emergency storing temperature sensitive goods such as flowers, meats, seafood, cakes, fruits, vegetables, medicines, and so on.

They can be rented or leased from many businesses across the country. Penske and Ryder are among the top nationwide refrigerated truck rental companies.

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