Truck Rental Guide

What is Truck Rental?

Thousands of people relocate every year for one reason or the other.

While some hire moving companies to help them relocate, many usually simply rent a truck and do the job themselves. This is because truck rental is usually much cheaper than getting the services of a moving company.

Truck rental is simply the hiring of a truck for short term use. When you rent a truck, you will generally need to go get it.

And you will need to return it to an agreed location after the agreed hours or days of use. If you do not do so, you will most likely need to pay a fine.

Truck rental is very popular in the moving industry. However, apart from hiring trucks to move, many people also hire different types of trucks for business.

This is the reason why bucket truck rental, dump truck rental, flatbed truck rental, semi-truck rental, refrigerated truck rental, ice cream truck rental, water truck rental, lift gate truck rental, and tow truck rental are popular types of truck rental services.

More on all these types of truck rentals later on this guide!

Why People Use Truck Rental Companies?

People use truck rental companies for various reasons. Below are some of the most popular reasons why:

  1. To Relocate 

Most people use truck rental companies to relocate. If you want to move down the block, move across the city, or move from one city to another, you will a vehicle to conveniently carry everything you own.

Most people in the U.S. own sedans, SUVs, and small trucks. Therefore, they cannot easily carry all their stuff using their vehicles in one trip. This is the reason why such people rent trucks.

Truck rental companies have all types of vehicles, which means that individuals can easily choose one that can carry all their belongings safely in one trip.

  1. To Do Business

Many businesses require trucks to transport their commercial loads.

And while established businesses can easily purchase trucks, small businesses or businesses that are just starting out cannot. This is the reason why many businesses use truck rental companies to get trucks to do their businesses.

For example, small construction companies often hire dump trucks to carry loose building materials or demolition/ renovation waste. They also frequently hire flatbeds to carry construction materials.

Small window or glass cleaning companies also usually hire bucket trucks to clean windows or glass surfaces better.

U-Haul Rental Truck

  1. Because it is Cheap To Rent

Many people usually use truck rental companies because it is generally cheap to rent than to buy trucks or to hire people to do work for you.

For example, a small window cleaning business will find it more convenient and logical to rent a bucket truck than to buy one. This is because buying is generally more expensive than renting a truck.

A new bucket truck often costs anything between $40,000 and $100,000. While renting a bucket truck can cost as little as $150 a day.

  1. To Protect Their Trucks 

Many people own trucks that they can easily use to carry or tow heavy objects such as construction material, ATVs, boats, and campers. However, while trucks are generally powerful, not all trucks are the same.

Most people own trucks that are not built for carrying or hauling objects or equipment that are really heavy. Therefore, carrying or hauling such objects or equipment can damage their truck engines.

So to protect their engines, they simply hire trucks that are powerful enough to do the job from truck rental businesses.

  1. To Get Access To Moving Tools 

Sometimes people hire trucks from truck rental businesses to get moving accessories. For instance, some trucks have lift gate machines while most do not.

So to avoid lifting heavy objects, many people simply contact lift gate truck rental businesses to get lift gate trucks to do the heavy lifting for them.

Types of Truck Rentals

  1. Bucket Truck Rental

Telecom, electric utility, construction, window cleaning, and exterior painting contractors all need bucket trucks to professionally handle aspects of their jobs.

A bucket truck is a special truck with a bucket/ platform and a lifting machine in its truck bed. When a bucket truck is stationary, one or two people can get into its bucket to be lifted up next to whatever structure they need to work on.

There are many types of bucket trucks on the market. Most of them are either expensive or very expensive to buy especially when they are new.

However, if you need to use a bucket truck you actually do not need to buy one. You can simply rent one when you need to use it.

There are many bucket truck rental companies in the United States and Canada. Many of them offer quality bucket trucks at very competitive prices.

So if you are a small contractor anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, you simply need to search online for “bucket truck rental near me” to find a truck rental company from which you can hire a bucket truck.

When you contact a bucket truck rental company to hire a bucket truck, there are several important things you should consider.

First, you should consider the type of bucket truck available (articulated bucket trucks have more maneuverability than telescopic bucket trucks).

Second, you should consider your needs (consider the weight you need the platform to carry). You should also consider the rental fee, the body type, the fuel type, and the accessories available.

There are many bucket truck rental businesses across the United States.

You can find a bucket truck rental in FloridaIllinois, New Hampshire, Long Island, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Denver, New Jersey, Connecticut, Miami, and Massachusetts.

To find one close to you, you need to search online for “bucket truck rental near me” and you will find many results. Click to read bucket truck rental reviews!

  1. Dump Truck Rental 

Dump Truck Rental USA

Dump trucks are perfect for carrying loose materials such as sand, gravel, and demolition waste. They are perfect for construction companies, building companies, and renovation companies.

Big construction, building, and renovation companies can easily afford to purchase their own dump trucks because they have the money to do it or they can easily get long term financing to do it.

In contrast, it usually does not make financial sense for small companies or contractors to purchase dump trucks especially when they are just starting out.

Nevertheless, if such small companies or contractors get projects, they do not have to partner with big companies to carry out such projects.

They simply need to find dump truck rental companies near them from which they can hire one or more dump trucks for use. It makes more financial sense for small contractors to rent than to purchase dump trucks.

Most national dump truck rental companies rent Freightliner M2 106, Hino 268A, Ford F-750, and Ford F-550 dump trucks.

Considering these trucks have different sizes and weight load capacities, it means you have to find out what type of dump truck is best for your needs before deciding to hire one.

Generally, types of dump truck rentals include small dump truck rentals, 1-ton dump truck rentals, 3-yard dump truck rental, and mini dump truck rentals.

There are many dump truck rental businesses across the United States.

You can find a dump truck rental in Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Dallas, Portland, Cleveland Ohio, Houston, Minnesota, Denver, Cincinnati, San Diego, Los Angeles, Columbus Ohio, Utah, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.

To find one close to you, you need to search online for “dump truck rental near me” and you will find many results. Click to read full dump truck rental reviews!

  1. Flatbed Truck Rental

Flatbed Trucking

Do you need to cheaply move materials or equipment from Point A to point? Are the materials or equipment heavy and awkwardly-shaped?

If you have said yes to these two questions then you should strongly consider flatbed tow truck rental.

Flatbed trucks are special trucks that are stronger than pickups and have an open and flat truck bed for easily carrying different materials and equipment.

They are perfect for carrying building materials such as bricks, steel beams, and lumber.

They are also perfect for removing scrap metals and other stuff from one site to a dumping site.

Lastly, they are perfect and strong enough for hauling stuff such as building equipment, tractors, ATVs, boats, and vehicles.

Most flatbed tow truck rental companies have flatbed trucks with a payload capacity of between 1 and 3 tons. And the trucks are usually big enough with cabins that can accommodate up to six workers.

This makes such trucks perfect for small contractors to rent and use. Some truck rental companies have flatbed trucks with 20 to 30-ton load capacities.

There are many flatbed tow truck rental businesses across the United States.

You can find a flatbed truck rental in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las, Raleigh NC, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and NJ.

To find one close to you, you need to search online for “flatbed truck rental near me” and you will find many results.

If you are in California, there are particularly many cheap flatbed truck rental San Diego businesses you can get a tow truck from. Click to view flatbed truck rental guide!

  1. Semi Truck Rental 

Semi Truck Rental

Semi-trucks are perfect for contractors who have plenty of heavy equipment or materials to haul; stuff that cannot be conveniently or safely hauled using a pickup or a truck.

There are many types of semi-trucks that semi-truck rental companies such as Penske allow individuals and companies to rent.

They include tandem-axle day cab tractors, single-axle day cab tractors, and premium semi-truck sleeper cabs. The aforementioned semi-truck types are heavy-duty and can haul massive

Most semi-trucks rented by rental companies come with power-steering, engine brakes, CB radios, air conditioning, and collision prevention systems.

The companies usually either lease or rent them to customers. Leasing is usually cheaper but requires more money upfront while renting is also cheap but generally does not require more money upfront.

Plenty of semi truck rental businesses are spread across the United States.

You can find a semi-truck rental in Illinois, Kansas City, Edmonton, Michigan, Dallas, Denver, Cheyenne, Madison, and Phoenix.

To find one close to you, you need to search online for “semitruck rental near me” and you will find many results.

If you are in Utah, there are particularly many semi-truck rental Salt Lake City businesses you can rent a truck from for business. View semi truck rental reviews!

  1. Refrigerated Truck Rental 

Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated truck renting is becoming more and more popular across the United States and Canada. It is also becoming increasingly popular in many places across the world.

A refrigerated truck is simply a truck with a refrigerated cargo carrier that allows you to transport temperature-sensitive commercial loads from one point to another.

There are several types of refrigerated trucks that refrigerated truck rental companies have available for rent. They differ chiefly in terms of their cargo capacity and refrigeration equipment.

Some are large, while others are small. And some have chillers, while others have freezers. So it is up to you to decide what is best for you before finding a refrigerated truck rental company near you from which to hire one.

If you are in Florida, there are many refrigerated truck rental Miami businesses you can rent a refrigerated truck from.

There is also thriving refrigerated truck rental NYC as well as Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Colorado, Rhodes Island, North Miami, Brooklyn, Baton Rouge, Phoenix, and Mayfield.

Read full refrigerated truck rental review here!

  1. Ice Cream Truck Rental 

Ice Cream Truck Rental 

There are many ice cream truck rental companies in Canada and the United States. It is from these companies that churches, schools, nonprofits, foundations, banks, and unions regularly hire ice cream trucks for events.

An ice cream truck is simply a truck designed to sell ice cream. Most ice cream trucks have a freezer for holding ice creams and they are rented by ice cream companies such as CK Corp.

To rent an ice cream truck, you simply need to contact an ice cream rental company and to give them the date and time you need them.

They will ask you to choose the types of ice cream you need to be packed and on the given date someone will drive an ice cream truck to your event and set everything up to sell or give ice cream to students, staff, clients, or community.

In most cases, ice cream truck rental companies do not allow clients to drive their trucks because of insurance issues. So clients have to pay for the ice cream, the truck and the driver.

If you are in New Jersey, there are many ice cream truck rental nj businesses you can rent an ice cream truck from.

Other places where you can get an ice cream truck rental in the US include Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Michigan, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Long Island, Boston, San Diego, and Cleveland.

Google “Ice Cream Truck Rental” near me to find the nearest ice cream truck rental business. Here’s full Ice Cream truck rental guide!

  1. Water Truck Rental

Water Tanker Truck Rental

Water trucks have many uses. They can be used to fill swimming pools, to water farmlands, to prevent or extinguish fires, to water landscapes, for construction, and for mining.

The companies that use water trucks the most are construction companies. Water truck rental companies allow such companies to rent water trucks for daily use.

It is usually cheaper and more logical for small construction companies to rent rather than buy or lease water trucks.

Most water trucks can hold between 600 and 6,000 gallons of water and have various water dispensing equipment. Some even have pumps.

Therefore, you should strongly consider your needs before renting a water truck to ensure what you get will work perfectly for you.

If you are in Arizona, there are many water truck rental Peoria businesses you can rent a water truck from.

There is also thriving water truck rental Seattle and in Fresno, Nevada, Texas, Florida etc.

Google “Water Truck Rental near me to find the nearest water truck rental business. Read detailed trucking rental guide!

  1. Lift Gate Truck Rental

Lift Gate Truck Rental

A lift gate truck is a truck with a lifting machine. In other words, it is a truck that allows you to carry equipment, appliances, furniture, heavy boxes, and other materials onto its truck bed without breaking your back.

To use a lift gate machine, you simply need to push a button.

Many moving companies provide lift gate truck rental services.

These services allow people to rent lift gate trucks to move stuff from one point to another.

The types of lift gate trucks most truck rental businesses have include 26-foot box and 16-foot box trucks.

These trucks can easily carry plenty of large furniture pieces and handle up to 4,000 pounds of weight.

If you are in Colorado, there are many lift gate truck rental Denver businesses you can rent a lift gate truck from.

Other places where you can get a lift gate truck rental in the US include Denver, Sacramento, Seattle, Chicago, and NJ.

Search online for “Lift Gate Truck Rental near me” to find the nearest lift gate truck rental business. View life gate truck rental reviews!

  1. Tow Truck Rental

Tow Truck Rental

Tow trucks are trucks that are specifically designed to tow vehicles. They are great for towing companies and for towing totaled or dead vehicles over long distances.

There are many types of tow trucks including danco bed and wrecker bed trucks.

To hire a tow truck, you simply need to find a tow truck rental near you and then to choose the right type of tow truck for you. The tow truck rental business will tell you the rest including their fees and their terms and conditions.

Some tow truck rental companies allow leasing. This means you can lease one or two trucks from them and use them to efficiently operate a tow truck business.

If you are in California, there are many tow truck rental Los Angeles businesses you can rent a tow truck from.

Other places where you can get a tow truck rental in the US include NY, Denver, Sacramento, Seattle, Chicago, and NJ.

Literally, every major city in the U.S. has a tow truck rental business. View full tow truck rental review!

What To Consider When Renting A Truck 

When renting a truck for moving or for business, there are several things you need to consider to ensure what you are getting will work perfectly for you.

  1. The Size of Your Payload 

When renting a truck, you should be sure that the truck you are renting is big enough and strong enough to handle your payload.

For example, if you are hiring a moving truck, you should ensure the truck can accommodate all your furniture and their weight.

And if you are moving construction equipment, you should make sure the truck you are getting is strong enough to handle the equipment.

  1. Distance

If you want to use a truck to carry your household stuff or construction equipment cross country, it is better to use a national truck rental agency.

This is because such an agency will allow you to drop off their truck at their nearest branch instead of having to drive it all the way back.

  1. Tools

If you are moving or working alone or with one or two buddies, you should make sure the truck you are getting has the right tools for what you are doing.

For example, if you are moving, it is best to get a lift gate truck to avoid having to lift things onto its bed. Or if you are getting a water truck, it is better to make sure it has a pump or the right dispensing sprays to make your work easy.

  1. Hidden Charges

Before getting a truck, it is best to ask if there are any hidden charges. Hidden charges are charges that are not clear from the onset.

Unfortunately, many truck rental companies have hidden charges for various things including late drop-offs, scratches, dents, uncleanness, and so on.

So confirm all charges before paying money for a truck.

  1. Insurance 

Will your load be covered in case of damage during transportation? This is an important question to ask yourself before renting a truck.

Depending on what you are transporting, your home insurance or auto insurance policy could cover damage to your payload during transport. If not, you need to ask about insurance from the company you are renting a truck form.

Most such companies offer insurance coverage for their trucks and for your payload at a small extra fee.

So be sure to insure both the vehicle and your shipment before starting to use a rental truck.


Truck rentals are increasingly becoming popular across the United States. People are using rented trucks to move and to do business.

Popular truck rentals include moving truck rentals, semi truck rentals, flatbed truck rentals, and dump truck rentals.

When renting a truck, you should consider your payload, the distance you are moving, the tools you need, hidden charges, and insurance.

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