Truck Rental Houston

Houston is one of the biggest cities in Texas and the Southern United States.

It is home to big companies and mega oil companies. People and businesses in Houston regularly rent trucks for use within the Harris County area where the city is located and for cross country use.

Many businesses rent trucks in Houston.

In this post, you will learn about these businesses, their most popular truck rentals, and their average prices.

Let’s begin.

The Most Popular Truck Rental Businesses In Houston

  1. PENSKE Truck Rental Houston

PENSKE is a massive national truck rental and leasing business that has been around for ages.

The company operates hundreds of thousands of vehicles and has tens of thousands of employees.

It is one of the most reputable truck rental businesses in the United States and it is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The company has 2,500 locations in North America including dozens in Houston.

The types of trucks you can rent from PENSKE include light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, semi trailers, penske bucket truck rental, and one-way trucks.

You can also rent vans from this great company.

The average PENSKE truck rental Houston prices are quite competitive because the company is massive.

  1. Enterprise Truck Rental Houston

Enterprise is one of the most renowned truck rental businesses in the entire world. The company has a massive fleet of rental vehicles that can be rented from its thousands of locations across North America.

Clients can rent trucks from Enterprise truck rental Houston locations online.

They can also rent them by visiting the physical locations.

The types of vehicles available for renting include 24-foot box trucks, 26-foot box trucks, half-a-ton pickup trucks, 1-ton pickup trucks, heavy-duty cargo vans, compact cargo vans, and high-roof cargo vans.

The company also rents cabover trucks.

The rental prices depend on the type of vehicle you are renting, the duration, and other factors.

  1. U-Haul Truck Rental Houston, TX

Everybody knows U-HAUL. The company is probably the most popular moving company in the United States and the world!

U-HAUL has been in business for decades and it is one of America’s top corporations in terms of employee numbers and revenues.

The thing you will love about U-HAUL truck rental Houston, TX is the fact that the company’s vehicles are modified for moving house.

The types of vehicles you can rent from U-HAUL Houston include 26’ trucks, 20’ trucks, 17’ trucks, 15’ trucks, 10’ trucks, cargo vans, and pickups.

Rental prices start from $20 and the company offers the best rates guarantee for extended hires.

  1. Budget Truck Rental Houston

Budget Truck Rental is one of the biggest truck rental companies in the entire United States.

It operates from nearly 3,000 locations countrywide and has thousands of trucks from Isuzu, Navistar, GMC, and Ford.

The trucks are specially made for personal and commercial use.

The company is best known for its affordable rental prices. This is the reason why it is called budget trucks.

The business has many locations in Texas and the Houston/ Harris County metro area.

The company’s moving truck sizes include cargo vans, 12’ small trucks, and 16’ medium trucks.

  1. Home Depot Truck Rental

Home Depot, the home improvement tools, and equipment chain store, offers truck rentals in many locations across the United States including Houston.

You can easily rent a Home Depot truck from a Home Depot location for use within your locality or for one-way use.

This business rents several types of trucks including box trucks, cargo vans, and flatbed pickups.

Home Depot rental truck prices start from $20.


There are many truck rental businesses in the Houston metro area from which you can affordably rent a truck for personal or commercial use.

They include PENSKE, Enterprise, U-HAUL, Budget Truck, and Home Depot truck rental businesses.