The Best Free CDL Training Companies Vs Paid CDL Training Companies!

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Across United States, there are companies that train you for CDL – that is, free CDL training companies with quality instructors and top drivers designed to help you pass CDL exam.

So if you want to get trained to become a professional truck driver, and you cannot afford the course, you should opt for company’s paid CDL training, or free CDL training programs.

There are trucking companies will pay for cdl training and even hire you as a professional driver. In this guide from our site (read time: 2 mins), you will discover the best free CDL trucking companies, or even sponsored program orientation in reputable truck driving school that may be the best fit for you.

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Best Free CDL Training Companies that Offer You a Job!

Now let’s talk about free cdl training companies that train you for CDL. The companies are listed below in no particular order, and some are among the best paid CDL training companies.

  • Schneider Trucking
  • XPO Logistics
  • Estes 
  • Roehl Transport 
  • Pam Transport
  • Carter Express
  • TMC Transportation
  • USA Truck
  • Millis Transfer
  • Swift transportation
  • Werner Enterprises
  • Maverick Transportation 
  • Wilson Logistics Training
  • Swift Transportation 
  • KLLM Trucking
  • Knight Transportation
  • CRST Trucking School.

Are there free cdl training companies?

The Best Paid CDL Training Companies?

Schneider Trucking’s paid CDL training program is widely regarded as the best paid CDL training program. They provide a wide range of “CDL A OTR” and “CDL A HOS” pay-to-fly training to help trainees achieve their career goals after completing their program.

Not only can new truck drivers receive their education directly, but they can also begin working for the company once their education and training are completed.

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What Trucking Companies Will Pay for CDL Training?

Looking for the trucking companies that pay for training? Roehl, Schneider, Swift, and PGT Trucking pay the most to trainees upon completion of their truck driver training compared to other CDL-paying training companies. 

They have the most competitive starting salary, incentive, and sign-on bonus. They also have additional opportunities to earn money in addition to their base pay, such as overtime, local deliveries, and weekend hauls. 

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Free CDL Training in Texas and NJ

CDL training in Texas and New Jersey comprises classroom instruction, hands-on training with a qualified instructor, and field experience to help individuals learn the basic skills for a successful truck driving career.

It can range from four weeks to several months, depending on the program chosen and the applicant’s level of experience. During the training, students may earn a routine wage and receive benefits such as health insurance or vacation time.

There are several companies that offer free CDL training in Texas and New Jersey, such as Prime Inc., Werner Enterprises, Swift Transportation, and more.

But these opportunities may come with a few strings attached, such as a contractual agreement to stay and work for the company after the training program is completed.

Free CDL Training for Unemployed?

These programs offer the opportunity to obtain the necessary qualifications for a career in the trucking industry.

The best way an unemployed person can secure this program is through a local trucking company that provides a scholarship for tuition and/or on-the-job training.

Other viable options include state grants, Pell grants, WIOA funding, and nonprofit organizations. To make the most informed decision, it is essential to thoroughly research all potential options and inquire about any eligibility requirements.

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Benefits of Paid CDL Training with Housing?

Paid CDL training with Housing is one of the most convenient ways to become a licensed truck driver. This training program provides a comprehensive training experience while removing the need to be concerned about the daily costs of being away from home.

You will also benefit from a consistent schedule and meals, which will keep you focused on learning to be a professional driver and help reduce stress levels during the learning process.

How Good is Schneider CDL Training?

Schneider CDL training is an excellent option for those interested in becoming a professional driver in a good working environment with decent pay.

They have a fair review score from those who have completed their program, with many claiming that it has equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills for the job.

Although some people felt that the program was too intensive and difficult to find a work-life balance. Overall, it is a good option for anyone interested in trucking.

What Trucking Companies Will Pay for CDL Training in Georgia?

Knight Transportation, PAM Transport, Roehl Transport, and Scheider are some of the most popular trucking companies in Georgia that offer paid CDL training programs.

These companies provide their students with comprehensive, in-depth training, preparing them for a long and successful career in trucking.

Depending on your experience and performance levels, you can earn up to $500-$1,800 per week while receiving CDL training from these companies.

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Pros and Cons of Company’s Truck Driving School Training

Now, let’s discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of company sponsored CDL training for new drivers:


  • Free training for a commercial driver’s license from a well grounded truck driving school and instructors,
  • Guaranteed hire or paid job at the end of training with full benefits, sign on bonus, spouse benefits, 
  • Plenty of practical experience,
  • Real work experience that can get you employed elsewhere.
  • You may receive full medical & health insurance. Dental, vision insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, savings plan among other benefits.


  • Low salary in the first year,
  • Contract obligation to work for a certain minimum period.

FAQ About Top Companies That Pay For Your CDL Training!

How Does Paid Training For a CDL License Work?

Paid training for a CDL license for the trucking industry, is exactly what it sounds like. A trucking company will pay for you to get the training for your CDL license, in a truck driving school they are affiliated with or proven as reputable trainers churning out quality new drivers and advanced pros.

Once you get the license, you will get employed by the sponsoring company and be obligated to work for them for a period, as a professional truck driver. Now your trucking career has now taken off!

During this time, you will be essentially paying your debt. There are many American trucking companies that pay for CDL training and CDL exam. 

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What You Need To Be Eligible For Paid or Company Sponsored CDL Training Orientation

Most company sponsored CDL training programs or CDL orientation are reserved for US citizens. So if you are not a US citizen, you might find it difficult to get enrolled in legally approved truck driving school.

Most programs will also only take on those with a clean criminal record, a fine work history and a clean driving record.

Some might allow you to explain your driving record or criminal record but most will not do this and will even insist on clean work history record.

One more thing is that most paid CDL training programs require minimum age requirements, you must pass a physical test or health test and drug testing protocols.

This is important because you cannot be a CDL holder if you are not fit enough or healthy enough to drive a big rig like 53 foot semi rig.

Are there paid cdl training Florida and Miami?

Florida, particularly Miami, has some of the best truck driver training institutes in the country, such as the Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College program.

They provide a wide range of facilities to meet your training needs and in-training paid policies. Enrollment in an independent CDL school in Florida will cost between $3,000 and $7,000.

If this is too much for you, consider community colleges like the Miami Lakes Educational Center, which charges less for CDL instruction than most private institutions. The 13-week truck driver training program at Miami Lakes Educational Center costs around $1,800.

Which states have most affordable truck training school institutes?

Fees for truck training school institutes vary across different states in America. Truck training costs as much as $12,000 in Texas and as little as $1,800 in Arizona, making Arizona one of the most affordable states for truck training.

Alabama and Virginia are other states with affordable truck training institutes, with the major states and their truck training fees highlighted in the table below.


Average truck training fee ($)



Alabama 4,000
Alaska 5,400
Florida 5,000
Kentucky 3,380
Kansas 3,150
Maryland 5,250
Massachusetts 7,000
Missouri 3,800
Texas 11,000
Virginia 4,700
Washington 4,000
Wisconsin 3,850

NB: Although the nationwide average is $5,000, it is important to note that the high costs can be offset by scholarship programs and financial aid CDL training. 

Summary of free CDL training companies!

There are many companies that offer both free cdl training companies and paid training to start a successful career in trucking to drive both medium equipment like small tractor trailers and large rigs such as semis and flatbed rigs.

The best ones that saves you much out of pocket training costs include Schneider, XPO logistics, TMC Transportation, Swift transportation, Werner Enterprises, Roehl Transport, and Estes. 

Salary payment varies for new truckers, as some may pay aggregated monthly salary, some pay per load weekly, etc.

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