What Trucking Companies Will Pay For CDL Training?

Best Free CDL Training Companies To Help You Become a Trucker!

There are many companies across the United States that pay for CDL training. So if you want to get trained and you cannot afford, you should opt for paid CDL training.

Before we share with you the best trucking companies offering paid or even sponsored program, it is important to tell you everything you need to know about paid CDL training first.

How Does Paid Training For a CDL License Work?

Paid training for a CDL license is exactly what it sounds like. A trucking company will pay for you to get the training for your CDL license.

Once you get the license, you will get employed by the company and be obligated to work for them for a period. During this time, you will be essentially paying your debt.

There are many American trucking companies that pay for CDL training. While some will pay for your training by a third party organization, many have their own driver training program

The most important thing you need to know is that it often results in relatively low wages in the first year. This is because in the first year a fraction of your salary will be going into paying your debt.

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What You Need To Be Eligible For Paid or Sponsored CDL Training

Most company-sponsored CDL training programs are reserved for US citizens. So if you are not a US citizen, you might find it difficult to get enrolled in one.

Most programs will also only take on those with a clean criminal record and a clean driving record. Some might allow you to explain your driving record or criminal record but not all.

One more thing is that most paid CDL training programs require you to pass a physical test or health test and drug testing protocols.

This is important because you cannot be a CDL holder if you are not fit enough or healthy enough to drive a big rig like 53 foot semi rig.

Pros and cons


  • Free training for a commercial driver’s license
  • Guaranteed paid job at the end of training 
  • Plenty of practical experience
  • Real work experience that can get you employed elsewhere


  • Low salary in the first year
  • Contract obligation to work for a certain period.

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Companies that pay for your CDL training and give you a job after completion

Now that you have learned all you needed to know about paid CDL training, it is time to know the companies that offer the training. The companies are listed below in no particular order.

  • Schneider Trucking
  • XPO Logistics
  • Estes 
  • Roehl Transport 
  • Pam Transport
  • Carter Express
  • USA Truck
  • Millis Transfer
  • Werner Enterprises
  • Maverick Transportation 
  • Wilson Logistics Training
  • Swift Transportation 
  • KLLM Trucking
  • Knight Transportation
  • CRST Trucking School.

What Are The Advantages Of Paid CDL Training?

People’s Also Asked!

What are the advantages of paid CDL training?

Paid CDL training allows you to get a free CDL license, a job, and good pay to sustain yourself. It also gives you plenty of real and very useful experiences that can be very useful in your career.

What company pays the most for CDL training?

Roehl, Schneider, and USA Trucking pay trainees more compared to other companies that pay for CDL training.

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What is the best CDL to get for a liftgate trucker?

The Class A CDL license is best for any type of CDL trucking. 

Which is the best company paid CDL training?

Schneider Trucking paid CDL program is regarded as the best paid CDL training program.

Does FedEx pay for CDL training?

Yes, it does. FedEx freight pays for CDL training for qualified or eligible candidates, as well as UPS program

How can first timer access free CDL training companies in Texas?

By finding a trucking company that offers paid CDL training. A good example of such a company is Knight Transportation.

How do you get a CDL sponsorship?

By applying for one at an eligible company.

Is CDL school free?

What Is The Best CDL To Get For A Liftgate Trucker?Yes, you pay nothing. However, you may need to work for a year or two years as per your free CDL school training contract.

Who can help me get my CDL license via training aid?

Simply search online for companies that offer training aid and check their eligibility criteria. Contact the company for any questions.

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There are many companies that offer paid CDL training. The best ones among them include Schneider, XPO logistics, and Estes.