HELP! How Do I Get U Haul Door Stuck Open!

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U-Haul box trucks have a special cargo door. While the door is easy to open and secure, it can get stuck from time to time. 

In this post, you will discover all you need to know about how to get a U-Haul cargo door unstuck.

Why U-Haul Cargo Doors Get Stuck

So why do U-Haul cargo doors get stuck from time to time? Well, here is why.

When opening the cargo door of any U-Haul box truck, its latch will rotate counterclockwise and secure itself when it is fully rotated. 

When the latch is not fully rotated when being opened, it will not be secured and it can get caught resulting in the door failing to close when you attempt to close it. 

How to get a U-Haul Door Unstuck

When your U-Haul cargo door is stuck, it means its latch is stuck.

You will have to free its latch (to unclose it). Once you have unclosed it, you should be able to close your U-Haul cargo door.

In case you cannot just move the latch, you should try to force the door to shut. Pulling it down with plenty of force after freeing the latch can also result in it closing.

Alternatively, you can take the truck to an empty park, accelerate over and distance and then slam the brakes. This too could unstuck a stuck cargo door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are U-Haul lift gate doors more difficult?

No U-Haul truck has a lift gate door. This means that U-Haul lift gate doors are not any harder to open or close compared to other lift gate doors. Because they do not exist. 

Instead of providing trucks with a lift gate door, U-Haul provides a ramp.

The ramp is designed to make it easier and faster to load heavy cargo into a U-Haul truck. View liftgate tips here:

Therefore, the fact that U-Haul trucks do not come with lift gate door should not make you shy away from hiring one.

Why U-Haul Cargo Doors Get Stuck

How do I get my U-Haul door unstuck?

If you get your U-Haul sliding door stuck, you most likely did not open it properly resulting in the latch not securing itself.

An unsecured latch is the number one reason why U-Haul cargo doors get stuck.

Therefore, if the latch is stuck and your U-Haul trailer door wont open, you have to try and get it to move back to the open position from its closed position.

When you successfully do so, the door will get unstuck in the process.

 You can do it using your hands or by trying to pull the door down with as much force as possible.

Alternatively, you can try to free the latch and the door by driving at a high speed in an empty park and then slamming on the brakes.

How do I get my U-Haul ramp back in?

When your U haul ramp won’t go in, you can be very frustrated. But you need not to worry.

Getting a U-Haul ramp back into the truck is not a straightforward thing.

This makes it a bit difficult for most people when Uhaul ramp won’t go all the way in.

However, it is something that you can do by following the four-step process below.

First, you should unhook the ramp from the deck of the truck.

Second, you should use the straps near the rear end of the ramp to lift the end to the truck level and then pull it about 50% under the truck.

Third, you should push the ramp at this point and it will quickly slide back to where it belongs (under the truck).

Lastly, you should check if the ramp’s latch is secure. If it isn’t, make it secure. 

At the end of the process above, your U-Haul truck ramp will be all the way back in and you will be ready to move. 

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How much is U-Haul UBOX lock?

The U-Haul UBOX does not come with a special lock. You have to purchase a lock or use a lock you already own.

You can use a combination lock, a disc lock, a true lock, or a storage lock. You should expect to pay about $10 for a good U-Haul Box lock. 

Does the back of a U-Haul truck lock?

Yes, it does. You can lock the cargo door of any U-Haul truck with a lock. 

Do U-Haul trailers lock?

Yes, they do. 

How do I get my trailer door unstuck?

You do it by trying to pull it down with as much force as you can or driving your trailer at a high speed and then slamming on the brakes.

If you choose option 2, make sure you do it somewhere safe where the risk of harming yourself or other motorists and pedestrians is very minimal.

How do you unlock a trailer door without a key?

If your trailer door is locked and you do not have a key, the best and cheapest way to try and gain access to your trailer is to pick the lock.

It is not easy but with the use of a paper clip or bobby pin, you should be able to get inside within a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, if the trailer is rented, you could call the company that rents the trailer for assistance. Most rental companies offer 24/7 emergency assistance. They will be glad to send a person with a spare key to let you into the trailer.

Are U-Haul lift gate doors more difficult?


There is no U-Haul lift gate because no U-Haul truck has a lift gate machine.

Instead of a lift gate machine, the company’s trucks come with a U-Haul ramp and a roll-up cargo door.

The ramp makes it easy to load and unload the trucks.

Unfortunately, you can have problems with both the ramp and the door.

With the ramp, you can have a situation where the U Haul ramp won’t go back in.

The U-Haul ramp is stuck, you simply have to pull it out and try getting it in again.

Or you check if there is something blocking it under the truck.

With the door, you can have a situation where the U-Haul trailer door is stuck closed or the U-Haul door won’t open.

Luckily, you can fix both situations easily.

You can do this by trying to close your U-Haul trailer door by force, by calling for emergency assistance from U-Haul, or by driving fast and slamming on your brakes.

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