What is Uhaul Gas Calculator and Uhaul MPG Fuel Calculations?

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You are about renting one of Uhaul moving services and desire to know what is average U-haul gas estimator or calculator to enable you plan your budget accordingly.

Our in-house editors not only provide you detailed answers in this super moving tips, we share a lot about U haul MPG, how to calculate gas for moving, as well how much it cost to fill up a truck and average box truck-mpg of different U-Haul moving truck.

Now you will be able to plan your moving accurately including picking the best gas stations to refill.

What is Uhaul Gas Cost Calculator and How Do You Estimate?

Most moving truck models get 10 miles per gallon on average, although mileage varies depending on U-haul’s moving truck size, towing, driving style, and the weight of your items.

You have two alternatives for refueling while renting a U-Haul moving-truck, a pick-up or a moving cargo van; you can use EZ-Fuel or refuel yourself before returning. 

When opting for the latter, you must return the moving truck with the same fuel level as when they dispatched it. Hence, you should examine the movers rental contract carefully before leaving the site.

The moving rental agreement will specify how much gas is in the truck when you pick it up. Check if the vehicle’s fuel level matches the quantity specified in the rental truck contract.

TIPS: Learn more about U Haul’s moving guides and tips here!

Importance of uhaul gas calculator

How Does Uhaul Calculate Mileage?

Here is a simple way U haul gas calculator work for moving. For a local rental, you will pay about $0.99 a mile. This is calculated when you return your U-Haul moving truck.

Therefore, the more miles you drive, the bigger your final moving cost will be. For long move, you will pay the quoted amount plus $0.4 per mile for every extra mile you will travel.

How to Use the Fuel Estimator on the Rental Contract

The fuel calculator or fuel estimator on the moving rental contract serves as a reference to assist you in adding the correct quantity of gas to return the truck’s fuel gauge to the original dispatch level.

To use the gas estimator, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Determine the vehicle’s current fuel gauge reading.
  • Compare the truck’s current reading to the fuel estimation in the contract.
  • The projected number of gallons that will need to be put into the vehicle to get the gauge back to the dispatch level is shown underneath the gauge on the contract.
  • Return to the rental site after refueling the car.

What is Uhaul MPG – the Gas Mileage?

It depends on the size of the moving truck. They have different truck size available for rent. The gas mileage of 8′ pickup is 19 miles per gallon, while U haul gas ML for 15ft-truck is 10 MPG. The U Haul moving 17’ also gets 10-miles per gallon.

Fuel gauge

How Much is Gas Prices to Fill Up A Uhaul With Gas?

So, how much gas prices to fill up a U Haul with gas? It depends on the size of its tank. Remember, different size trucks have different size gas tanks. For example, the moving 15’ has a 40 gallon tank. To fill it up, you will need to add 40 gallons if it is empty.

Considering the average cost calculator of a gallon of gas is $2.50, you will have to pay $100 ($2.50 times 40). The one with a smaller tank will cost less to fill up, while moving lorry with a bigger tank will cost more to fill with fuel. Here are 20 most fuel efficient trucks!

What Is Uhaul Gas Estimator and How to Use it?

You can easily use the estimated U haul gas mileage to know how many miles your moving on a full tank before needing to fill up. For example, the 15″ U-Haul gets 10 M per gallon.

Considering it has a tank that can hold 40 gallons, it means that it can travel approximately 400 miles on a full tank. You can use this U haul MPG information to plan your moving and to know when to fill up.

What Is U Haul Pickup Truck Gas Mileage?

U Haul pickup trucks have a gas tank size of 34 gallons and a gas ML of 19 mpg. Pickup trucks are ideal for small move and local movers.  

These pickup trucks are ideal for local movers, studio apartment relocation, and students moving into college dorm rooms. They can support up to 1,980 lbs, which is about the weight of one twin bedroom and numerous crates or boxes.

Customers prefer pickup trucks for local work because they are inexpensive. Use the pickup to haul gardening materials or wood for home repair, or move your new sofa to save on delivery fees.

Pickup aren’t simply for moving; you can use one to take your boat to the lake or your own automobile or motorbike to the mechanic.

U-Haul moving trucks

How Many Gallons Does a Uhaul Hold?

The U-Haul 26-foot features a 60-gallon fuel tank and runs on unleaded petrol, which is less expensive, cleaner, and more convenient.

The other people provide huge tanks as well as some run-on diesel. Diesel costs around 30 cents more per gallon than regular gas.

Let’s look at a table that shows you the fuel tank size, U haul miles per gallon (truck-MPG), and Miles-Per fuel tank of the major moving truck models (10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 26 ft.)

Type/ size  Unleaded Fuel Tank size M-per gallon MPG (up to) M-per fuel tank (up to)
10-foot U Haul 31 gallons 12 372
15-foot U Haul 40 gallons 10 400
20-foot moving  40 gallons 10 400
26-foot moving  60 gallons 10 600

Some Popular Questions

What is Uhaul truck fuel economy gauge?

Fuel Economy Gauge is a feature located on the dashboard within the cab. The gauge lets you know which speed gave you the most miles per gallon.

This can save you up to 25% on your gas use. In other words, it allows rental drivers to see at a glance if they are optimizing their fuel economy based on the speed of the vehicle.

How big is U haul 17 foot truck gas tank?

The gas tank of a U-Haul 17-foot can hold up to 40 gallons of fuel. This 17-foot moving is ideal for a one-way rental or a cross-town relocation. Among the unique features are a Mom’s Attic, an EZ-Load Ramp, and a dynamic chassis.

When compared to your personal vehicle, U Haul trucks have terrible fuel economy. However, considering the dimensions and weight of trucks, the gas is rather good.

What is U-haul 20 foot gas mileage and how much gas it uses?

What is 20ft Uhaul-truck gasoline mileage? The 20ft fuel mileage is 10 miles per gallon at most. Smaller vehicles (10 to 14 feet) typically get around 12 M per gallon, medium trucks (15 to 19 feet) get around 10 miles-per-gallon. And, bigger trucks (above 20 feet) get around 8 to 10 M per gallon. 

Truck gas cylinders

How much is it to fill up a Uhaul?

How much does U Haul gas cost? Small to medium-sized vehicles have a tank capacity of 30 to 40 gallons, whereas bigger trucks have a tank capacity of 50 to 60 gallons.

If you have a vehicle with a 50-gallon petrol tank and gas is now averaging $4 a gallon, you’ll have to spend $200 to fill the tank before handing over the keys.

Simply multiply the cost per gallon by the maximum number of gallons that the given U Haul can hold.

Let’s look at a table showing the amount to fill trucks with sizes 15-foot, 20ft, and 26ft, bearing in mind that this cost-per-gallon is $4. 

Type/Size per gallon Tank capacity Full tank 
15 foot moving  $4 40 gallons $140
20-foot moving  $4 40 gallons $140
26-foot moving  $4 60 gallons $240

Does U-Haul truck rental include mileage?

Yes, it does. If you exceed the maximum allowed mileage, you will pay about $0.4 for every extra mile you cover.

You often leave a deposit when you rent a automobile. The extra amount you incur for all the extra miles you will drive will be deducted from your deposit.

Summary of Uhaul gas calculator!

Now with our expert exposition on gas or fuel calculator, you are now armed with facts that U-Haul moving truck have an average gasoline mileage (average U Haul MPG) of 10 M per gallon.

This is great considering the average size of the moving truck. You need gas price of $100 to fill up an empty moving autos for a long distance move.

Check out our other post for more information on leasing or renting a car or a truck for moving.

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