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What are lock for Uhaul truck? Basically, locks for Uhaul trucks are those been promoted and sold by U-Haul to lock a storage box, a U-Haul trailer or a U-Haul box truck.  

Types of Security Lock for Uhaul Truck? 

U-Haul sells different types of locks including a disc lock, a combination lock, a truck lock, a padlock, and a storage lock. A good example of a security lock sold by U-Haul is the U-Fortify Heavy Duty Disc Padlock. It is a disc-type padlock sold at $6.45. 

Another good example is the U-Haul 2” Aluminum Value Home Lock. It is sold at $5.95. U-Haul also sells U-Fortify Laminated Steel Padlocks, which are known to be some of the toughest steel padlocks.

Stainless steel padlock

FAQ About Uhaul Locking System

What kind of lock does a U-Haul truck use?

You can use any type of lock to lock a U-Haul truck as long as it fits. You do not need a special U-Haul truck lock from U-Haul to lock your rental truck.

If you do not want to use your own lock for any reason, you can purchase a security lock from U-Haul. 

A good example of a security lock sold by U-Haul is the 80mm WordLock Discus Lock. It can fit the U-Haul truck hasp perfectly and ensure no one opens your rental truck without one of its keys.  The product was declared by U-Haul as one of the best for its trucks around two years ago.

Does U-Haul give you a lock?

No, U-Haul does not give you a lock. In other words, U-Haul does not hand over a truck with locks to you. You have to use your own lock or buy your own lock to use to lock the vehicle.

You can buy your lock from the U-Haul store where you will be picking the vehicle. Most U-Haul locations usually have locks for sale. You can purchase one when renting a U-Haul to lock your rented moving truck.

What are different types of U haul storage locks?

You can lock your U-Haul storage with just about any security lock that can fit. However, U-Haul does sell security storage locks.

One of the most popular storage locks sold by the moving company is the 2-¾ Discus Security Lock.

This lock is a steel storage lock perfect for U-Haul storage units and also for multiple home uses. It is a premium quality lock that provides high security for your storage unit.

The lock has a lifetime guarantee, is laser welded, comes with two keys, and can fit on all Uhaul trucks.

So you can use it for your storage unit as well as to lock any U Haul moving truck you want to rent now or that you may rent in the future. 

Padlocked door

What ways to unlock my rented truck without calling a locksmith?

You can unlock your rented truck by calling the company location where you rented it from. They will most likely send someone with a spare key to unlock your truck for you.

If you do not want to call the rental company, get some powerful tape and stick it on one window and then pull it downwards.

The window will open and you should be able to access your truck keys if you left them in the truck. Alternatively, you can try to unlock your truck door using a slim jim.

Is it more difficult to unlock a 10ft U-Haul than bigger models?

Not exactly. In theory and in practice, all U-Haul moving trucks have the same door design. The door design allows the door to roll up to open and to roll down to close.

Therefore, they should all have the same level of difficulty when being opened or closed.

How do I lock my U-Haul trailer to my truck?

You can lock your U-Haul trailer to your truck utilizing a padlock. You can do this by locking the 2 safety chains together.

This will prevent anyone without the key to the padlock from detaching the trailer from your truck. U-Haul has a video explaining this on YouTube.

So if you need to see exactly how you can lock a U-Haul trailer to your truck in a video, check the U-Haul channel on YouTube. 

Powerful chain lock

Where can I get a U-Haul padlock at the cheapest price?

The place to get a U-Haul padlock at the cheapest price is at your nearest U-Haul location. U-Haul locations tend to have stocks of U-Haul padlocks for sale.

You can buy one when getting your U-Haul moving truck. Alternatively, you can buy one on the official U-Haul website.

How do you slim jim a U-Haul?

A slim jim is a small flat thin piece of metal that you can use to unlock many vehicles without using keys. It is not an easy skill to learn how to unlock a vehicle using a slim jim. Locksmiths often undergo a lot of training to learn exactly how to do it quickly without causing damage.

You can slim jim a U-Haul by sliding a small and thin cardboard piece between the passenger window and the weather stripping.

This will allow you to insert the slim jim and maneuver it easily. Once you do this, you insert the slim jim leading with the hook side and push it to the door lock level. When you feel that the slim jim has touched something try to feel for the lock’s control arm.

Once you feel it, hook it and pull directly up. This should unlock your truck’s door and allow you in. Please note that if your U-Haul truck has an airbag, you risk deploying it when using a slim jim and this could cause plenty of damage. Also, there is the risk you could destroy the door’s lock or the wiring in it when using a slim jim.

Can you lock a U-Haul truck with U-lock?

Absolutely. You can lock any U-Haul truck with a U-lock (U-shaped lock). U-locks are the locks most commonly used to lock bicycles in urban areas.

They are sometimes thicker than normal locks. They can easily fit the U-Haul truck holes and provide great lock security.

Where can I order a U-Haul padlock?

You can order it online on the U-Haul website. The website has many page. The page you should focus on is the moving supplies page.

On this page you will see many types of U-locks. The locks include disc locks, truck locks, padlocks, and storage locks.

Do you need a lock for a U-Haul truck?

Yes you do for security. If you do not lock your U-Haul truck, someone can easily open it and steal something valuable from you.

Alternatively, someone can open it and damage your properties. So it is best you lock your U-Haul truck to ensure everything is safe.

How do you keep your U-Haul trailer from getting stolen?

You do this by locking it to your truck. If you do not lock it to your truck the right way, somebody could simply unhook it from your truck, attach it to their vehicle and simply drive it off.

Can you keep a U-Haul truck overnight?

Yes you can if you will not be late when you return it. Remember, if you are late, you could be charged a lateness fee.

When you can keep your U-Haul truck overnight, you should park it somewhere well-lit where the risk of it getting stolen is very minimal.

If you are out of town, park it in a hotel parking lot as close to the entry as possible and make sure you close all the doors. 

What happens if U-Haul is stolen?

If your U-Haul moving truck is stolen and you had purchased coverage, the truck will be covered by the company. You simply have to report it. While the truck will be covered, your belongings will most likely not be covered.

How do you get into a locked U-Haul?

Yes, you can. You simply need to slim jim your way into it or to try and pull a window down using a wide and strong tape.

If these methods fail, you can call a locksmith to open it for you. If you cannot find a locksmith, you should call the rental location where you got the truck from. They will most likely send someone with a spare key to let you in.

How do you cut a U-Haul lock?

You cut it using a bolt cutter. A bolt cutter is a very effective tool for cutting locks. Simply get one with long handles and grip your lock’s shackle using its blades and squeeze. Within moments you will have cut through the lock.

Can you lock the back of a U Haul?

Yes, you can. In fact, U-Haul encourages you to lock your U-Haul truck to protect your cargo from theft and damage.

While roll down doors such as the one on the back of every U-Haul provides a good sense of security, it is best if it is locked for maximum security.

Two stainless padlock with keys

Do U-Haul trucks have GPS tracking devices?

Yes, they do. However, not all U-Haul trucks have a GPS tracking device. The company is still in the process of fitting all its trucks with a GPS device.

This means if a U-Haul truck is lost or stolen, there is a high possibility that the company will recover it.

How do you cut a U-Haul lock?

You do it using a bolt cutter. You simply tilt the cutter to reach the lock’s shackle and cut it using the bolt cutter’s blades. It will take you only a few moments to cut your U-Haul lock with a sharp bolt cutter.

Summary of lock for Uhaul!

There are different types of lock for Uhaul trucks and trailers as well storage units. When you rent a U-Haul truck, you can lock it with any lock that fits or you can simply purchase a U-Haul lock that can fit it. It is always important to lock your U-Haul truck to protect your stuff from being stolen or damaged.


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