U-Haul Rental – Why You Should Trust Your Moving, Storage, Trailers Hire to Uhaul Rentals

U Haul International Inc is a household name when it comes to moving and storage.

The company has locations in all 50 states, so you can rent a truck or trailer in one state and drop it off in another. Because there are so many U-Haul Rentals, it’s easy to find the exact truck or trailer you need to move your belongings. 

In United States/ cities/ counties, there are U haul rentals Charlotte NC, Seattle, NYC, Greenville SC, Columbus Ohio, Wilmington, Nashville TN, Brooklyn, Phoenix AZ, Charleston SC, Raleigh NC, Philadelphia, Columbia SC, Vancouver WA, Colorado Springs.

Also Uhaul rentals Tampa, San Diego, Durham NC, Tucson, Wichita KS, Omaha, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Henderson NV, Denver CO, Los Angeles, Jacksonville FL, Chicago, Austin Texas, Athens GA, Washington DC, Boston, Edmonton and many more!

In Canada, locations are in Kitchener, Toronto, Calgary, Oshawa, Kelowna, Kingston Ontario, Victoria BC.

Several Sizes (Moving Vans, Trailer, Pickup Truck) to Meet Your Needs

U Haul rentals come in various sizes and shapes for everything, from individual items like outdoor grills to entire households full of furniture. U-haul rents cargo trailers and utility trailers that are as small as 4’ x 8’ and as large as 6’ x 12’ with ramps. 

The moving and storage company also rents vehicles like pickup trucks, cargo vans, and moving trucks up to 26 feet in length. All U-Haul rentals have automatic transmissions so that they are easy to drive. 

Less Expensive than Full-Service Moving

When you rent a full-service moving company, you have to pay for the moving van and the employees. Usually, the cost of moving includes the driver.

The price also includes the time that the movers spend packing your things and loading and unloading them. Moving companies also add extra fees if your move is across state lines. 

Rental rate for container moving is also more expensive than renting U-Haul. With container moving, a company brings a moving container to your home and drops it off in your driveway.

You fill it, and then the company returns to store your belongings until you are ready to move. Then, they drop off the container at your new home so you can unload everything. 

The cost of container moving is in the employees who drive back and forth to your old home and new home. It also comes from storing the container in a warehouse until you are ready to move into your new home. 

When you move with U-Haul, you only pay for the truck. You drive it. You load and unload it. You put gas in it. Everything is your responsibility, but if you are looking to save money, this is the way to do it and this great company also offer coupons, discounts even for round trip rental, local and one way rentals. 

U Haul Offers Insurance

Accidents happen, but Uhaul has you covered. They offer three insurance benefits for people who rent their trailers or vehicles.

  • Safemove:

If you face an accident while moving, your items in the truck, your passengers, and you are all covered with insurance. 

  • Safemove Plus:

With this coverage, you get the insurance that adds $1 million in coverage for losses and protects you against more accidents in the future. 

  • Safetow:

If you tow a vehicle behind your U-Haul rentals, this insurance covers the towed vehicle if there is any damage.

You should read your rental policy to be sure that you have the coverage you need. It is also essential to read the policy so you know if you have unnecessary coverage. The plans are customizable, so you can get what you need for your trip. 

U haul Rental

Durable and Spacious

U-Haul rentals are large and durable. The rental interiors have slates that allow you to tie your belongings inside the truck, so they don’t slide around in the moving van.

When you rent with U-Haul, you don’t take the chance of damaging the interior of your vehicle. Because of the interior design, you won’t damage the inside of the U-Haul truck or van you rent

Convenient and Expedient

It is quick and easy to rent a U-Haul because there are so many of them. Hiring U-Haul rentals means you don’t have to ask your friends if you can borrow their trucks or vans and cut down on many extra costs. 

You simply pick up the rental and move when it is convenient for you. To make matters even better, U-Haul offers storage solutions if you need to temporarily store items in their rental and storage centers. The other reason U-Haul rentals are so convenient is that you can reserve your rental truck or trailer online. 

Pick Up Packing Supplies

U-Haul offers a one-stop-shop for vehicles and for packing supplies. They sell durable boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other necessities.

You can also rent furniture blankets, so you don’t have to use your bedding to protect your furniture during the move. Instead of scrounging around for a bunch of boxes, you can buy everything you need in one location. 

Excellent Service

U-Haul rentals come with high-quality customer service. If you need help with anything, you can call for help, even if you drive across the country with your rental. U-Haul is quite dedicated to their customers as they offer an app for both Android and Apple phone users. 

Affordable Self Storage

If you need storage space, U-Haul has you covered. You can reserve the room online and fill it when you are ready. Before you choose your storage space, U-Haul shows you the sizes and features.

UHaul also allows you to change your rental if you need to extend or shorten it. 

Protecting Your Items in Storage

When you rent space with U-Haul, you can trust that your belongings will be safe. U-Haul has strict indications about what you cannot store. U-Haul does not allow renters to store

  • Hazardous, explosive materials
  • Empty bottles that could be under pressure
  • Dangerous chemicals, liquids, and acids
  • Perishable items like food
  • Plants or animals
  • Fuel

Helping You Choose the Right Size

When you reserve a storage space or moving truck or trailer, U-Haul offers advice to help you pick the right size for your needs. You don’t want a vehicle or space that is too small, and you don’t want to waste your money on space you won’t use. 

U-Haul rentals explain how to choose a moving truck based on the number of bedrooms you have. Once you decide the pick up date, they also explain how to select a U Haul rental based on its cubic feet and the number of your belongings that need to fit inside of it.

Therefore, UHaul stands out as one of the most trusted and reliable rental services you can opt for while you’re planning to move out.

Finally we feel you should be served with few more locations in United States. There are U haul rental Indianapolis, Miami FL, Waldorf MD, Arlington TX, Vacaville CA, Cape Coral, Nashville, Sterling VA, Portland, Castle Rock CO, Conway AR, Salt Lake City, Bronx, Bayonne NJ, Brooklyn, Queens NY, Boston MA, Sacramento CA, Flint MI, Tyler TX, Stoughton MA, Cloud MN, Hartford CT, Riverview FL.

And, U Haul Rental NYC, Colorado Springs, Kansas City MO, Los Angeles!