What is U haul 10 Foot Truck MPG? (How Much Does it Cost to Fill Up 10 ft Trucks)?

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Good knowledge of the MPG (miles per gallon) of any vehicle you decide to drive is fundamental, especially if it is a long-distance move rental.

The Uhaul 10 foot truck MPG has a smaller vehicle weight compared to bigger rental truck such as 20ft or 26 mover. It’s estimated at 12 miles per gallon, and it has a 31 GL tank that uses unleaded fuel.

So, a full tank of a U-Haul 10foot truck offers you 372 miles of driving. Once you ascertain the exact Uhaul 10ft miles per GL, it helps you plan your move and calculate when you will need to refill your tank.

It also allows you to plan to purchase fuel at a convenient gas station and factors in other cost-saving details.

Most significantly, the Uhaul 10ft gas mileage gives you an idea of how much you will spend during your move. 

What is Uhaul 10ft Truck MPG?

The Uhaul 10foot truck gas measurement is estimated 12 Miles Per gal, with total tank capacity is 31 gals. Students find this truck helpful for their ideal college dorm move.

This vehicle is also perfect when moving into a small apartment. A 10foot moving truck on U-Haul can carry about 2800 pounds of moving items

Small beds, mattresses, and several small boxes can fit into this moving truck, and overall smallest inside dimensions of Uhaul fleet. 

10ft Uhaul mpg cost

Why is Number of MPG Important?

MPG is an essential factor every renter should consider before choosing a moving truck because as there are different miles per gallon to different sizes so is fuel efficiency and total cost.

It gives you an insight into how much money it demands from you regarding gasoline purchase. Rental trucks have a greater gas mileage than most regular automobiles. 

Therefore, you may spend more on a Uhaul 10 ft mileage. The question, however, remains, how much is too much? That would depend on the average cost of gasoline in the United States.

An exception to the nationwide price is obtainable in states like Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Washington, where a gal of gasoline can be more expensive. Discover the best mileage truck this year!

What is 10ft Uhaul Gas Tank Size?

Now, what exactly is Uhaul 10″ft truck gas tank size? And, how big is it? The 10ft tank size is full 31 gallons to be filled with unleaded gasoline.

You get 372 miles of driving on a full tank under normal conditions, as well runs on estimated gas of 12 miles per gallon. You may visit the official website to compare!

What is uhaul 10 foot truck mpg?

What is Uhaul 10ft Truck Gas Mileage?

And what U haul 10ft gas mileage? It gets 12 miles per gal of unleaded gasoline and has a 31 gal tank. This vehicle is suitable for making short-distance movements.

A thorough understanding of the gas measurement of any car you choose to drive is essential, especially if it is a long-distance relocation rental.

Furthermore, remember that gasoline is not included in the cost of renting a truck, and the additional cost might have a considerable influence on your moving budget.

If you’re going great distances, fuel may easily quadruple the cost of your relocation, converting an inexpensive choice into something more expensive.

The table below shows you the U haul 10ft truck mileage – sizes, full tank capacity, and estimated MPGs. We also show you how far you can drive in miles with a full tank of these trucks. 

Uhaul size Full tank size Miles per gal Driving distance per tank (miles)
10ft  31  12 372
15, 17 and 22- foot 40 10 400
26-foot 60 10 600

How Much Does it Cost to Fill Up a 10ft U-haul

The cost of filling up a 10ft Uhaul tank size truck is about $100 if the tank is empty. A 10foot U-Haul truck has an average mileage of 10 miles per gallon, and its fuel tank capacity is 31 gallons.

Before any U-Haul rental payment, you must consider the cost, the best places to buy fuel, and the Uhaul ten-foot mileage you need for your move.

Considering this gives you an direction of the overall cash you will spend for your move and how often you will need a refill.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Complete guide about overnight truck stops for moving vehicles!

Is U haul 10foot Gas or Diesel?

The 10-foot moving truck on U-Haul uses unleaded fuel and not diesel. A full tank of unleaded in a 10-foot U-Haul gives you about 372 miles (that is 31-gal times 12 Mileage) of driving under normal conditions.

Factors to Calculate 10foot Uhaul Gas Mileage?

To calculate the number of gas mileage of a 10-foot U-Haul, simply multiply the miles per gallon by the full tank size.

For example, U-haul’s 10-foot has an estimated MPG of 12 and a full tank size of 31 gal. To calculate, multiply 12 by 31, which gives you 372 miles.

So, for every tank on U-haul’s 10-foot truck, you can drive approximately 372 miles. Please note that you can use the company’s gas calculator to extract latest gas save facts and moving guides.

FAQ about 10foot Uhaul gas mileage

What is the most miles per gallon a 10-foot get?

U-haul’s 10-foot truck, at most get 12 miles per gal, while the 8ft. pickup truck gets 19 mpg, and the cargo van gets 18. The table below shows small truck sizes available on U-haul and their estimated mileage. 

U-haul Small truck size  Miles per GL
10-foot 12-Mileage
8-foot 19-Mileage
Cargo truck 18-Mileage

10 ft MPG Vs Uhaul cargo van MPG

U-haul’s 10-foot truck have a lower mpg than U-haul’s cargo vans. The 10-foot racks on 12 miles per gallon while the Van gets up to 18-mpg. However, the 10-foot truck can take in a lot more items than a cargo bus, 

Summary of Uhaul 10ft MPG!

The Uhaul 10″-ft truck fuel measurement is ideal for small local moves. It has a decent fuel economy mileage of 12 MPG with a 31-GL tank capacity offering you 372 miles of driving in perfect conditions even when loaded with moving boxes.

The above Uhaul 10ft truck mileage information also gives you an insight what it will cost you fill your tank with unleaded.

2 U-Haul branded mini truck


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