Discover UHaul 15 Foot Truck Gas Mileage (Importance of Gas MPG for 15ft Trucks)

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Before you rent a 15″ ft U-haul truck, you must know exact truck fuel economy, the gas tank size, how many gallons it holds, number of miles and how much it will cost to fuel the trucks.

And seeing as MPG is the globally accepted way of measuring fuel efficiency for truck and car, it helps prepare you for what you can expect gas wise.

What’s more, it also allows you to be more responsible and careful while driving U-haul truck or any vehicle types. 

As a result, you should seriously consider U haul gas mileage whenever you have to rent a rental truck, especially now that the average price of gasoline nationwide is somewhere between $3.8 and $4 so the miles covered is important.

Uhaul 15 Foot Truck Dimensions

What is Uhaul 15ft Trucks Gas Mileage?

The U-haul’s 15-foot truck gives an average of 10 miles per gallon, which is decent for box trucks. But why is it essential to check the different miles per gallon, before renting a U-haul 15 ft truck?

The U-haul gas mileage gives you a quick insight into the gas price and the truck performance.

The more miles the truck covers in one gallon, the more efficient it is! Factors like vehicle type, fuel type, gas rating, and driving condition directly impact the truck gas mileage, so knowing the MPG can help you save some hard earned money on the gas cost!

15 foot moving Uhaul

What is U haul 15ft Truck Fuel Tank Size?

The U-haul 15-foot truck gas reservoir can hold up to 40 gallons of fuel. But why does it matter? Knowing the truck gas reservoir size helps the driver to:

  • Plan the miles accordingly
  • Make refueling stops at the right time
  • Get an estimated idea of the total fuel cost

A larger vehicle tank lets you cover more miles before stopping for refueling but do not expect it to influence the trucks gas mileage.

Additionally, the bigger the tank is, the heavier it will be to haul. This gets the truck engine to work harder, affecting the overall fuel efficiency of the U-haul 15-foot truck and so remember to plan accordingly as money is involve!

15ft truck

How to Calculate 15′ Uhaul Truck MPG?

Many of the modern-day vehicle come fitted with digital screens that display real-time gas mileage numbers. 

This is really state-of-the-art and helpful, but most vehicles, especially trucks, don’t have it. For these vehicles, you will have to manually calculate them.

Using the 15-foot U-Haul cargo van, in addition to information on their official website, here’s a step by step guide on how to calculate U-haul: 

  • Fill up the truck 40-gallon tank. 
  • Drive the truck for, let’s say, 100 miles. 
  • At the end of the drive, refill the used-up gas. The refill quantity is the amount of fuel used, let’s say 10 gallons. 
  • Now, divide the number of miles traveled (100 miles) by the amount of gas used for the drive (10). The truck fuel mileage will be 10 MPG.


How Many Gallons Does a 15 ft Uhaul Hold?

The 15 ft U-haul truck can hold up to 40 gallons of gas. The larger capacity allows the truck renter to cover more miles without stopping for a refuel too soon.

The average cost of filling 15ft U-haul trucks to the fullest can cost up to $154 in the USA, so plan your budget likewise when renting a truck!

What is 15″-ft U haul Gas Type?

All of the 40-gallon gas reservoir capacity of U-haul moving truck runs on unleaded fuel. If the vehicle must function at maximum capacity, especially when fully loaded with moving boxes, the fuel tank must be filled with the required gas type. 

How much does it cost to fill up a U-Haul?

The average gallon of gas in the country sells for $3.85 and a 15-foot U-Haul truck packs a 40-gallon tank. 

Doing the maths of multiplying the average fuel cost ($3.85) by the gas storage capacity of the moving truck (40 gallons), the cost of filling up your truck tank will come up to about $154. 

The gas mileage of 15foot U-Haul

Packing an impressive 40-gallon fuel tank capacity, the 15-foot U-Haul moving truck has an average fuel mileage of 10 MPG. A truck full tank will typically take you for 400 miles. 

How much can you fit in a 10 by 10 storage unit?

Estimating MPG for a 15ft U-Haul

A 15-foot U-Haul moving truck has a gas storage size capacity of 40 gallons. To estimate it, drive the truck for 100 miles on a full tank. Then, take note of the amount of gas used when refilling the tank. 

Then divide the miles traveled (100 miles) by the amount of fuel used, which will be around 10 gallons. The gas mileage should come to about 10 MPG. 

The importance of GM to renters

Before you rent a 15 foot moving truck from U-Haul, you must know just what price to fuel it.

And seeing as MPG is the globally accepted way of measuring truck fuel efficiency, it helps prepare you for what you can expect fuel-wise. What’s more, it also allows you to be more responsible and careful while driving trucks. 

FAQ about 15ft uhaul gas mileage

Why does towing a vehicle increase fuel consumption?

Using Uhaul’s truck to tow another vehicle or a trailer requires force. The truck engine provides this force. The more the force, the more fuel trucks consume. 

How much money would I spend on fuel, driving a 15foot U-Haul truck for 1300 miles?

Before you can get the price of gas for traveling 1,300 miles, you will first of all have to calculate how much fuel your truck would need. 

And going by the calculation already established in this article, 40 gallons of gas will take your moving truck for 400 miles.

Fetching from this figure, it will take 130 gallons of fuel for your truck to drive for 1,300 miles. 

To get the cost, simply multiply the amount of gas needed (130 gallons) by the average cost of fuel ($3.85). You will be spending $500.5 to drive a 15-foot U-haul truck for 1,300 miles.

fuel diesel

Summary of Uhaul 15foot fuel gas mileage!

There you go, everything you need to know about U-haul 15 foot truck gas calculator as well what it costs to fill the gas storage to help you make more informed decision and factors to help you save on your budget before you embark on your trip with rented trucks.


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