What Does Uhaul 20 Foot Moving Truck Offers in Terms of Dimension, Spacing and Fees?

How To Rent Uhaul 20 Foot Truck - Prices and Conditions!

The Uhaul 20 foot truck is a van-like cab that can accommodate two or three-bedroom apartments.

The truck is mostly suitable for people who intend to drive a long distance.

It can comfortably seat 3 people which make it extra-functional.

So if you need something to accommodate all of your belongings and make your travel distance comfortable, the 20″ truck is one of the best options you have.

U-haul 20 Foot Truck Dimensions

The dimension of a truck is crucial in determining what can or cannot fit into the truck.

Different U-haul trucks have their unique dimensions. The dimensions of the 20 foot truck are:

Inside Dimensions: 19’6″ L, 7’8″ W, 7’2″ H

Mom’s Attic: 2’6″ L x 7’8″ W x 2’7″ H 

Deck Height from Ground: 2’11”

Door opening: 7’3” W, 6’5″ H

Loading Ramp: 2’2″ W.

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Complete 20 Foot Moving Truck Features

The 20 foot moving truck has a “Mom Attic,” useful for keeping fragile items or extra light-weighted/small-sized items.

This truck has the shortest and widest ramp of all Uhaul trucks and also has disc brakes, automatic transmission, a fuel economy gauge, and gentle ride suspension.

The interior of the van-like truck includes three adult seats, air conditioning, airbags, and an AM/FM Stereo.

Asides from these, the truck has disc brakes. Some of the other core features include:

Empty Weight: 8,800 lbs.

Towing Capacity: 7,500 lbs.

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 14,500 lbs.

Max Load Capacity: 5,700 lbs.

Volume: 1,026 cu. ft. 

Gas tank capacity: 40 gals.

Gas Mileage: 10 MPG.

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U-haul 20 Foot Truck Price

There is no fixed price for renting a 20 foot U-haul truck. However, there are flat rates you can work with, but before that, here are some details you should know:

Requirements and Reservations

For any rental, drivers are required to be at least 16 years old and also have a valid driver’s license.

Asides from this, reservations for U-haul trucks require that you have a credit card.

However, cash or your debit card can be used to pay at pick-up.

Payment Options

U-haul has a wide range of payment options. For reservation, only your credit card can be used.

At pick up, payment can be made with a credit card, cash, or debit card.

In the case of cash payment, U-haul would still demand either your credit or debit card.

The purpose of this is to be able to charge you in case you rack up extra fees.

Rental Options and Prices

U-haul has two rental options. The first option is for a one-way move.

This refers to people renting a truck to travel to another state or country.

In this plan, U-haul charges according to the distance you intend to cover, truck size, and date of your move.

This option involves you picking up the truck in one state, but returning to a different U-haul location in your destination state.

The rental base price for this option is about $789 per 1,000 miles.

The second option is for in-town moves. This option is for those who are only using the truck to transport items within the same city or state.

U-haul charges a base price of $39.95 for in-town moves and also charges based on miles covered. 

For extra mileage, U-haul charges $0.40 per mile or $40 per day.

Additional costs include environmental fees, taxes, gas costs, and insurance fees. View more facts here!

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U-Haul 20 Foot Truck Dimensions and Interior

How to Rent

To rent a 20 foot U-haul, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to U Haul’s website and select the option for a 20 foot truck.
  • Enter the required details such as your location, name, etc. 
  • Choose an option for how you want to pick up your truck and follow the consequent instructions on the website.
  • Pick any dollies, pads, or supplies if you need them.
  • Confirm your order and checkout. 
  • Enter your credit card information to complete the order.

Discounts and Deals

Uhaul has a couple of deals that you could also take advantage of.

They have a feature on their website that connects you to other customers who have some boxes or kits that you can get, instead of spending money to buy another.

Uhaul also offers discounted rates to eligible customers who rent trucks for long-distance or a long period.

There is no fixed price or percentage for this, however. We answer your queries about AAA discounts!

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How Does it Stack Up Vs Penske 22″ Foot, Budget 16″, Enterprise 24″ Box and Home Depot 16″

Uhaul is not the only truck company that exists, although Uhaul has the highest number of truck options and locations.

Check out the comparison between Uhaul 20 ft. truck and similar movers.

Features U Haul 20” truck Penske 22” Budget 16” Enterprise 24” Home Depot 16”
Interior Dimensions 19’6″ L, 7’8″ W, 7’2″ H 21”11’L, 8”1’ H, 8”1’ W 16”0’ (L), 6”3’ (W), 6”7’ (H) 24” (L), 102” (H), 102” (W) 16” (L), 7”7’(W), 7”2’ (H)
Volume 1,026 cu. ft. 1,200 cu. ft. 658 cu. ft. 1,500 cu. ft. 515 cu. ft.
Maximum Load 5,700 lbs. 10,000 lbs. 4,460 lbs. 10,000 lbs. 3,850 lbs.
Fuel Type Gasoline Diesel Gasoline Diesel Gasoline
Gas Tank Capacity 40 gals. 50 gals. 33 gals. 25 gals.
MPG 10 13 6-10 13 12
Towing Capability Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 14,500 lbs. 17,000 lbs. 12,500 lbs. 25,999 lbs.   9,950 lbs.
Car Seaters 3 3 2 3 2
No of Bedroom(s) 2-3 3-5 1 5 1-2

Uhaul 20Ft MPG Costs and Calculation

Each vehicle has a maximum distance that can be covered per fuel gallon.

This is referred to as the gas mileage of a vehicle.

The gas mileage is usually provided by the manufacturer somewhere on the body of the truck.

In the case of the 20 ft. truck, the gas mileage is 10 mpg, with a gas tank size that can take up to 40 gallons.

This means a 20 ft. truck can cover a distance of 400 miles on a full tank. 

If you have no idea what your MPG is, you can estimate it by dividing the total number of miles covered by the number of gallons used.

You can also estimate how much fuel you’d need for your move so you can plan ahead.

To calculate this, you need to divide the entire miles you intend to cover by the MPG of the truck. To calculate your cost, simply use this formula:

Fuel cost for a move = (Estimated distance in miles/10) x average cost of unleaded gasoline

Uhaul requires that the truck is returned with the fuel fully topped up, however, for long-distance moves, you would be required to fuel the vehicle yourself.

That does not have to be difficult anymore though. With the formula above, you can easily figure out the cost of gas for your move. 

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Frequent Queries and Answers!

What can fit in a 20 foot U-Haul?

The 20 foot U-Haul truck can take household items for a two or three-bedroom apartment.

The truck can conveniently accommodate two king-size beds, a six-seater dining table, a coffee table, one wardrobe, a sofa, and a couple of end-tables.

The mom attic of the truck also gives extra room to put in smaller or fragile items.

How much is a 20 ft U Haul truck in Canada?

The price of renting a 20 ft. U Haul truck varies according to the terms of rental.

The minimum cost, however, is $39.95 for local moves and about $789 per 1,000 miles for long-distance moves.

The price is not dependent on location, so Canadian prices are equally based on the same rental terms.

Is a 20 foot moving truck big enough?

If you are transporting items from a two or three-bedroom apartment, then the 20 foot truck will be big enough, but if you are transporting more than that, then you might need a different truck size, such as the 26 ft. truck.

How much is a Uhaul truck per day?

A Uhaul truck costs about $40 per day.

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How much can a 20 ft U Haul hold?

The volume of a 20 ft U Haul truck is 1,016 lbs. and the maximum added weight that can be accommodated by the truck is 8,800 lbs. The truck cannot hold any items beyond this.

How do you load a 20 foot U-Haul truck?

When loading your U-Haul truck, it is very important that the load is distributed evenly.

Load should be distributed from one side to another, from the front to the back, and from the floor to the ceiling.

Start by placing the heaviest items, such as machines or heavy appliances, into the truck first and spreading them evenly, then load up lighter boxes placing them on the heavy ones.

You can keep loading up and create as many tiers as possible. While loading your items into the truck, you can make use of pads to keep them safe and protected as well.

What gas mileage does a 20 foot U-Haul truck get?

How Much Is A 20 Ft U Haul Truck In Canada?The 20 foot U-Haul truck gets 10 miles per gallon.

The truck has a gas tank capacity of 40 gallons which means the truck can travel 400 miles on a full tank.

Does a 20 foot U Haul truck have a ramp?

Yes, a 20 foot U Haul truck has a ramp. The ramp is wide, short, and provides extra convenience in loading items into the truck.

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How wide is a 20 ft box truck from U Haul?

U Haul 20 ft box truck is 7 feet and 8 inches wide.


Have a long distance to cover or plenty of items to pack? The 20 feet truck is good enough for you.

All you need to do now is follow everything discussed in this article, get any extra supplies you might need

Go carefully through your rental agreements to be able to enjoy a smooth move with Uhaul’s 20 ft. truck.