What are Uhaul 26 Foot Truck MPG and 26 ft Trucks Fuel Tank Capacity?

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What is box truck MPG and why it is important? Different vehicles have different fuel mileage.

Heavy-duty vehicles like trucks tend to have lower miles per gallon than medium- or light-duty vehicles like cars. 

Gas mileage is a critical factor to consider when you are looking to rent a moving truck from U-Haul or any other rental company for that matter. 

This article will cover everything there is to know about 26ft U-haul trucks MPG. Plus, how much it will cost you to fill up U-Haul 26ft trucks and its 60-gallon tank.

Some frequently asked questions about U-Haul’s largest truck will also be answered.

What is Box Truck Mileage Per Gallon?

A box van is a large, heavy-duty commercial vehicle with a cuboid-shaped container used to transport non-perishable goods safely. 

MPG is the measure of fuel efficiency, and it varies according to the size.

Factors like weather and the trucks condition also influence it. Is there a way to calculate the gasoline mileage? Certainly. 

To calculate gasoline mileage of box trucks of different sizes (10 foot, 15 foot, 20 foot, and U-haul 26 foot), the formula remains the same:

Divide the total unit of miles driven by fuel used/burned.

Generally speaking, here is what you should expect the answers to your calculations to be:

  • 10 ft box-truck– The numbers should lie anywhere between 8-10 Mileage
  • 15″ – Your calculations should show 6-8 Mileage range numbers.
  • 20″ and 26″– It should be anywhere between 4-6 Mileage

Remember, the higher the MPG, the more efficient your U-haul truck is in consumption.

Fuel gauge meter

What is Uhaul 26″ foot Vehicle MPG?

What is 26″ U-haul gas mileage? U-haul 26-foot gets 10MPG and has a 57-gallon gas tank.

That is, with a full tank of unleaded fuel, the 26ft trucks can travel up to 570 miles. In other words, a full 26ft U-haul tank should cover almost 600 miles. 

The 26-foot rental from U-Haul is the company’s largest vehicle for residential moves. Hence, it’s ideal for moving four or more bed room apartment, and inside specs can hold up to 7,500 pounds.

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How Big Is 26 Foot Uhaul Gas Tank Size?

What is 26ft fuel tank capacity? The size is complemented by its tank capacity. The tank capacity of the 26-foot U-Haul vehicle is 57 gallons.

Which means a full 26ft Uhaul tank can run up to 570 miles at the rate of 10 mileage.

How Much Does it Cost to Fill Up A 26ft Box Truck?

How much does it cost to fill up a U-haul box-truck as big as 26ft? To get the estimated cost, we will need to first get a few details, including: 

  • The average cost of a gallon of gas ($3.85)
  • The tank size of a 26-foot vehicle (60-gallons)

With that done, multiply the average cost by the tank size. The answer, which is $231, is the amount it will cost to fill up a U-haul 26-footer.

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uhaul 26 foot truck mpg

How Many Gallons of Gas Does A 26-Foot Trucks Hold?

If you are wondering how many gallons a 26 foot truck in terms of gas can hold, then know that it varies. The maximum gas capacity of a U-haul truck is up to 60 gallons, but it surely varies from model to model.

On the contrary, how many gallons does a U-haul 26ft hold? Is the gas capacity any different than similar size vehicles from competition like Penske trucks? Not really. 

A 26-ft can hold up to 50 gallons of gas, but of course, the numbers may as well vary according to the size.

So, is there a way to save gas while driving? Since gas prices fluctuate, by practicing a few hands-on tips, you can cut on the expense without compromising on the performance of your truck.

  • Accelerate Smoothly

When you have the urge to press the accelerator as hard as possible just because you’re getting late for the delivery, know that you’d be burning more fuel.

The harder you press the accelerator, the more gas is consumed, and so, by being gentle on the paddle, you can save a few liquid unit in the tank for the next trip.

Couple watch home movers work

  • Maintain Speed

It is best to maintain a steady speed of U-haul to avoid burning gas more than you would want to. Quick bursts and dips in the speed may affect fuel consumption.

Moreover, avoid driving Uhaul truck at high speed no matter if the highway is clear from traffic because although you may reach the destination on time, you’ll consume more.

  • Avoid Idling

Are you stuck in traffic? No problem. When you are en route to the destination and get stuck in traffic on the highway, avoid idling U-haul vehicle as it leads to increased consumption.

Switch off the engine and wait until the road has cleared for you to drive away steadily.

  • Refrain from Overloading

This is one of the common mistakes most rental truck drivers make! Loading the box van with more than its capacity puts extra strain on the engine. And to work efficiently, the engine needs to burn more fuel which surely is bad.

So, make sure you respect the limits of the load your truck can handle and be able to save a few bucks on the gas.

Heavy-duty truck fuel tank

What Kind of Gas Does A 26ft U Haul Take?

Do Uhauls take gas or diesel to power their truck engines? Unlike other moving services that use diesel the majority of the trucks in the U-Haul rental fleet run on unleaded gasoline.

And this includes the 26-foot moving truck on UHaul. It has a gasoline engine, and as such, it is powered by gasoline (unleaded).

How Does Weight Affect U haul Gas Mileage with Towing Car?

What is U Haul gas with towing car? With a towing capacity of up to 7,500 lbs. and an average fuel mileage of 10 MPG, the 26-foot U-Haul is bound to take some hit to its energy efficiency when it is towing a load. 

By how much will depend on the weight of the load, but it will typically be lower than 10 gasoline mileage.

Towing a car may decrease your gas mileage by 5-8% because the added vehicle weight strains the engine, so it needs more fuel to run. The harder it gets, the more it’ll affect your car’s gas mileage.

How Does Uhaul Fuel Calculator Work?

As you may already know, modern-day trucks feature digital monitors that show real-time fuel mileage.

It is a breakthrough in automobile technology, but not all trucks have it. Should you happen to be renting one of such trucks, you may have to calculate the gas mileage manually.  

Using the 26-foot as an example, here is a detailed guide:  

  • Fill up the tank’s 60-gallon tank.
  • Start the truck and drive for 100 miles.
  • At the end of the 100-mile drive, top up the tank accordingly. The refill quantity will stand as the amount of fuel used. An example may be 20 gallons.
  • To get the mileage, you will need to divide the distance covered (100 miles) by the quantity of fuel used to complete the drive. The mileage will stand at 5-MPG.

How to Calculate Diesel Costs and Estimation For Different Routes?

To do this, divide the total distance of your trip by your vehicle’s MPG. Your answer will tell you the number of gallons of gas you’ll need for your trip.

Then multiply that figure by the current gas price to get the fuel cost for your road trip.

How To Calculate The Gas Cost For a Long-distance Move?

Multiply the units of gallons required by the national average gas price. If you require 100 gallons of gas and the average cost of gasoline is $4 per gallon, you’ll pay $400 to travel 500 miles.

Remember that you must return that truck with a full tank. To get the price for a full tank (for example, 60 gallons), multiply the tank’s size by the average gas price ($4) per liquid unit.  

Important Factors When Refueling a Moving Truck?

Verify the fuel type. Most people think all moving trucks have diesel engines, but Uhaul has an entire fleet dominated by unleaded gas.

Furthermore, you should also consider the gas mileage and gas costs to help you budget properly.  You should also consider that your load capacity can affect the MPG.

U-Haul branded cooling truck

What Are The Benefits of The EZ-Fuel Service?

Cars and Trucks from 1960 till now will have their mileage improved from 10% to 30% when they use EZ Fuel Saver Auto Gas Economizer Power Plug.

This power plug works on every 12v Vehicle socket outlet, improving the fuel economy and increasing the gas mileage. It works fine on both gas and diesel engines.

FAQ about Uhaul and Penske trucks fueling costs

Uhaul cargo van MPG vs box truck – which should choose to reduce costs?

Using a cargo van instead of a box truck will significantly offer better mileage and reduce fuel cost because it weighs less, and the engine type supports less consumption.

A typically compact cargo van such as Ford Transit Connect (2.0L engine) will achieve 24MPG in the city and 27MPG on the highway. 


That’s all the important information about box van miles per gallon and moving guides, as well as answers to questions about the U-haul 26ft gas mileage.

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