Are There U Haul AAA Discount Available for All Category of Moving Trucks?

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The AAA (American Automobile Association) is probably the most popular motor club in the world.

What many people do not know about the association is that it is not just a single club but a collection of regional motor clubs across the United States and Canada. The association has over 60 million members.

The members get a variety of benefits including roadside assistance and moving discounts. 

In this post, you will learn whether AAA members get discounts when using U-Haul to move.

What is AAA Discount Moving?

As mentioned above, AAA is a motor club and its club members get discounts when purchasing various things or using various services.

However, it should be noted that most discounts apply to regional branches of the AAA.

For example, members of a certain AAA regional branch can get discounts when purchasing things at the UPS store, while members of another regional branch can get discounts on Penske truck rentals and Atlas Van Lines. 

From the above paragraph, you should be able to easily tell that AAA discount moving truck is simply any discount that you get on moving as an AAA member.

The discount will depend on your regional AAA branch. Some branches have no discounts on moving but most do.

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Does Uhaul Have a AAA Discount Program?

Unfortunately, Uhaul do not have a AAA discount program or partnership, so you cannot get a U-Haul discount with AAA.

This is because U-Haul does not offer any discounts to any group of people be it active servicemen/women, veterans, seniors, students, or AAA members.

Nevertheless, you can sometimes get a minimal discount in certain locations if you get a manager who is in a good mood.

What other moving specials are available from U-Haul and Penske?

When compared to other moving companies, U-Haul is not big on discounts. The company does not have standard discounts for students, veterans, military, seniors, or AAA members.

It does occasionally have discounts, specials, and coupons. But they are not always available. 

In contrast, Penske is big on discounts. The company offers discounts to military personnel (10 percent), AAA members (12 percent), and newbies (20 percent).

Simply put, you are more likely to get a discount or a special from Penske than you are to get one from a U-Haul.

What moving companies offer AAA discounts?

The best moving companies that have AAA discounts are Penske and Atlas Van Lines. Penske is probably the best known national moving services company that offers AAA members discounts. 

The discounts include a discount on one-way moving, a discount on local moving, and a discount on various moving supplies. So as an AAA member, you will get a discount any time you want to work with Penske. 

Atlas Van Lines is not as popular as Penske but it also offers moving services. You can also get discounts with them as an AAA member.

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AAA Uhaul Discount

Where to Find AAA Discounts on Moving Services

The AAA is a collection of regional motor clubs across North America. It has tens of millions of members and charges a small membership fee per annum.

Its members get benefits such as roadside assistance, help in getting car rentals, and moving discounts. It is the roadside assistance that has made many motorists sign up as members with AAA.

Because AAA has tens of millions of members, it is an exciting association for companies, hotels, insurance providers, and car dealers to work with.

For this reason, its members enjoy many discounts from many different companies across the country. Among the many discounts AAA members enjoy are discounts on moving services. 

To enable its members to quickly find discounts on moving services and other discounts they can enjoy, AAA has a website where you can find all the discounts near you. As mentioned previously in this post, discounts vary regionally. 

Therefore, to find moving discounts that you can enjoy in your region, you need to find the AAA website for your region.

So go to the AAA website and enter your zip code to find all the discounts that apply to your area. Check for moving and storage discounts to find discounts on moving services.

FAQ about AAA Discount Moving Truck

Does Uhaul offer AAA or AARP discounts?

No, U-Haul does not offer discounts to members of the AARP or AAA organisations. Neither does the moving company offer any discounts to military, veterans, students, or seniors.

How can I get my Uhaul cheaper?

There are several ways you can pay less when moving with a U-Haul truck. First, you can pay less by moving during the off-peak season. Most people choose to move during summer.

Unfortunately, U-Haul truck rental rates are higher in summer. The rates are cheapest when the demand is low in the off-peak season. Therefore, you will pay less when you move with a U-Haul truck in the off-peak season.

Second, you pay less when using a U-Haul truck when you return the vehicle before the deadline. If you return it late, as many people do, you will be charged a late fee.

You could also be subject to additional penalties. The money will be deducted from your deposit. So if you want to pay less for your U-Haul truck, avoid returning it late.

Lastly, you can pay less by returning the van with the same amount of fuel it had when you were picking it.

If you return it with less fuel than what it had, you will be charged both the cost of the fuel plus the cost of the labor to go and fuel the vehicle.

What happens to my AAA membership if I move?

It moves with you. The AAA is a national club with multiple regional branches. When you move, you move with your membership.

You simply start paying your membership fee to your new regional AAA branch and you will continue receiving AAA services whenever you need them. 

Does AAA have discounts for moving trucks?

Yes, it does. The organisation has discounts on moving services. For example, if you are an AAA member, you can qualify for a discount as big as 20% on Penske moving trucks.

You also qualify for discounts on local and one-way Penske truck rentals. Moreover, you also get discounts on moving supplies you purchase from the company. Penske is a nationwide moving company.  

As an AAA member, you also get discounts when moving with Atlas Van Lines – a company involved in both local and international moving.

What other moving specials are available from U-Haul and Penske?

Good news: Penske have at least 20% AAA discount moving truck for customer!

What moving deals are available right now for lift gate trucks?

Budget Truck has trucks with a lift gate. On the company’s current deals and promotions page, you will find many moving deals.

If you are a military person, you can get a 20 percent discount on your next moving trip.

There are also significant deals on the Budget truck website for AARP members,  students, motor club members, and police officers. So if you want a deal on a truck with a lift gate you should strongly consider Budget truck rental.

Does U-Haul offer any discounts?

U-Haul does not offer any standard discounts for any group of people as of now. Nevertheless, the company sometimes has special offers or seasonal promos.

Which discount moving companies offer the cheapest moving rates?

A number of moving companies have relatively low moving rates. They include: All My Sons Moving Storage, Two Men And A Truck, Black Tie Moving, Covan Worldwide Moving, and National Van Lines. 

All My Sons Moving Storage is a business that is several decades old. It offers services such as packing services, commercial moving, corporate moving, long distance moving, and local moving. It is also involved in storage. The company has some of the cheapest rental rates.

Two Men and A Truck is a business that is more than three decades old. It has a presence in nearly all states across the length and breadth of the USA.

It also has a presence in the UK, Canada, and Ireland. It offers cheap local moving, long distance moving, and packing services.

Black Tie Moving offers bespoke moving services.The company is best known for having some of the best trained movers. It also offers storage facilities. 

Which discount moving companies offer the cheapest moving rates?Covan Worldwide Moving is a company that is family owned and that has been in business for over a century.

It offers some of the best quality moving services and storage facilities to both corporate and individual clients.

Lastly, we’ve got the National Van Lines. This company offers among the cheapest relocation rates in the states.

It is particularly involved in long-distance moving and has a very high CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). Therefore, if you want great but affordable moving services, it is the company you should approach.

Does U-Haul have a student discount?

No. U-Haul does not offer a continuous discount for students.

The company also has no continuous discount for any other group.

Nevertheless, it does sometimes have special offers or seasonal offers for anyone interested in renting their trucks.


U-Haul does not offer continuous discounts to any group of people. However, it does offer seasonal discounts and special promos from time to time. 

While U-Haul does not offer discounts, AAA members can enjoy discounts on moving services in various companies including Penske and Atlas Van Lines.